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Here’s another of Danny’s pre-written posts. I think it’s
going to make him a few enemies. Oh well, probably about time he got some
thicker skin. He’s really just too damn nice. ;-)

Brutal…but nice.

Rick Schwartz

By Danny Welsh
What happens when 1800 extensions spawn
100,000 marketing campaigns using a cutesy www.whatever.whocares that we all
know will leak traffic to www.whatever.com?

Some 'brands' extensions, some 'geo'
extensions, some 'generic' extensions...each will have DIFFERENT
consequences, but all will leak for a LONG time.

If you know that, what must happen down the line? Can you
profit from it? Sure, many newbie domainers will. Stay away from trademarks and
make some money down the road maybe. For guys that hand regged dot com's 20
years ago I personally just don't see it as a smart use of time or resources

1. They own the registry-- so they sell volume. Hey, Rick's
on record saying 'anything can be sold' and I agree.

2. They own
www.RIGHT.com matching for all www.LEFT.RIGHT's that get registered-- so they
profit from the leak.

All I'm saying is
Rick has given this more thought than any thought leader I personally know. And
I see human nature being the BIGGEST factor.

Drive.BMW is an example of a .brand extension, right? Those
marketing campaigns will send some traffic to DriveBMW.com-- for many years--
every time it's used in mass advertising. Don't be surprised when it also sends
traffic to Drive.COM

So if the big branded company marketing a domain name in the
next 3 years like 'www.LEFT.RIGHT' does their due diligence they will
own FIRST:



In the case of the brands like BMW turning their company
name into a .brand TLD, they'd of course for the most part already own

Except let's not forget about the Nissan.com's of the world.

Ladies and gentlemen… it ain't gonna
be pretty.

Whoever owns UDRPLawyer.com and DNAttorney.com and so many
more descriptive domains for an emerging service sector better be prepared for
the onslaught of interest in needing to hire anyone who can help, and who will
companies turn to but those that have credibility within the world they purport
to have (i.e. the operators of generic legal domains pertaining to domaining

Whoever has experience and a track record doing domain name
law from both sides of the table better be prepared for the onslaught of
clients you can grab in an exploding sector of law. Because you’ll be among the biggest winners in a field full of
losers as everybody gets on the 1-800--WHOCANISUE.com merry go round of real
life business in the 21st century when 1800 .crap extensions try to
create a second miracle and fail

Who will be safe from lawsuits with a precedent of decisions
where the domain owner WON against all frivolous complaints and has a generic
investing intent to point to? Who will make more money than every before? Who
will be labeled a visionary when it all shakes out and who will be labeled a

These things are all human nature. Sure, many folks are bitter that the
“500” own the very best .com domain names in the world. Hell, I was one of
them. But everybody likes an underdog story, and it’s all in who the
storyteller is and how the story is presented.

Victors write history.

Domains that look like these types -- GENERIC.com,
SOCIAL.com, PRODUCT.com, SERVICE.com, NOUN.com, VERB.com, GERUND.com,
ADJECTIVE.com, COUNTRY.com, GEOBIGNICHE.com and a few others will STAND OUT
increasingly as time rolls on.

And the guys and gals who saw the value of Hotels.com or
*any* CATEGORY.com value domain names before the masses…before the advertising
agencies…before the media…before the academics…before the ‘psychics…and before
every single “hotel” or “category” company on that planet themselves…

Will be in a position to tell the
story of struggle, frustration, patience, income, increased valuation, public
acceptance and increasingly triumph after triumph in what guys like me will
point to and say this is one of the greatest “underdog” stories ever told in
the history of capitalism.

Trademark UDRP's that increase in the next few years BECAUSE
of 1800 “.brand” and similar new domain extensions are going to hurt ONLY .com
domainers that have made money on leaks from big companies for years. Expect
the rush of .whatever to bring a huge # of '.com' decisions where the
company claimant WINS. DriveBMW.com is irrelevant to this discussion. All
trademarks are. The smart investors in domains don't buy trademarked domains
and most never have.

Every lawsuit and trademark UDRP is going to HURT ONLY .com
domainers that have made money on leaks from big companies for years. We call
those folks cybersquatters.

Expect the rush of
www.whatever.brand extensions being marketed to bring a huge # of
'whateverbrand.com' or 'brandwhatever.com' decisions where
the company claimant WINS.

DriveBMW.com is irrelevant to this discussion except as a
specific TYPE of extension (i.e. .brand) where if you think it through you can
PREDICT what is likely to happen and how they'll leak.

Many .brand companies
that have trademarks and mass market whatever.brand domain names are going to
leak to .com's that are registered by cybersquatters and never should have been
allowed to be registered in the first place.

Yeah, I said it. If you registered something like
DriveBMW.com it’s theft unless your business idea is different from the company
that matches whatever the “brand” is, and their products and services.

How many used Lamborghinis does the manufacturer sell?
Probably zero. Manufacturers can’t control the after-market sales of their
products in a resale market. So “UsedBrand.com” is going to be pretty safe
(Rick…you can remove the last two paragraphs if you disagree…leave this note in
here if you want…my research indicates these are true statements but you may
want to amend with your superior insider knowledge)

The smart investors in domains don't buy trademarked domains and
most never have.

So what happens when the media covers a growing trend over
the small cybersquatter that owns ABCBrand.com being sued and LOSING? Let them
compare that to the domain investor that time and again WINS with PRODUCT.COM
or SERVICE.COM when a greedy company tries to steal it. Give the media time and
they'll figure out the difference between generic investor VISIONARY and a cybersquatting
thief eating their fill on scraps that fall from the rightful table of a big

Follow the line of thought from beginning to end game…

If you expect that these things WILL happen…and they will…

What does that do
then to the value of every PRODUCT.com? To the value of every SERVICE.com? To
the value of every CATEGORY.com? To the value of every SOCIALGROUP.com?

Think it through. Think it all the way thru the roof. See if
you come to the same conclusions Rick and I have for what's going to happen in
the next 36 months.

I say if already successful “.com” domainer folks want to
dabble in “.whatever”, well…whatever.

( ASIDE: notice how
even the guys selling it can't help but use that 'catchy' phrase
'.whatever' which they really shouldn't because it's pretty
derogatory and positioning is the name of the game!)

(ASIDE #2: I’m not
and very likely never will but if *I* were building a company selling
“.whatever” domains I'd do it from www.leftright.com and I'd set up shop at
www.left.right). I'd educate the end user about what an extension IS (because
trust me, they don’t know…the average guy knows .com and that is IT…in his mind
“www.” and “.com” ARE the same as that thing called the ‘Internet’).

So if you want to speculatively invest and buy .whatever
domains, go for it. I don’t have time for it. It'll take the few of them that
catch on less time than it took for .com to catch on because the few of 1800
new extensions that end up surviving can leverage .com's wind for 20
years...but it's still gonna be an uphill battle! Good luck.

Maybe you as a domainer hand register a PRODUCT.whatever in
2013 and your children's children will get a chance to do with those what guys
like Rick and others in the 500 can do RIGHT NOW with .com's from registrations
20 years ago. Hey, somebody's gotta win the lottery, right? But that’s a
game for a new wave of domainers. I simply cannot see one of the top .com
domain name owners in the world caring and it’s odd to me that any would try
with the exception of only a handful that are rich enough to simply hedge their

Set all the trademarks aside and .com's that are generic will go up
in value.

Faster and faster.

The next 3 years will witness the
telling of one of the greatest underdog stories in the history of business…I
wasn’t there for the beginning of the journey with the 500, but I’m here now to
tell the story.

And tell it I will. And when I tell you that the world of
business will march to the beat of the 500’s drummers before the fat lady
sings...It’s true.

The 1800www.Left.Right Domain Name Imitations coming to market
can “Left, right, left, right, left, right” and try to create a new drum
cadence in the market all they want.

For anyone seeking a GREAT domain name to give their
business a chance to Succeed.com, who opens their eyes and ears and does their
due diligence…it will become
increasingly clear in the next few years that there is only ONE “Right” choice “Left” standing for any SERIOUS
BUSINESS that has SERIOUS AMBITION to make a name for itself globally online

Long live “.com”!

Danny Welsh

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