Fortune 1000 Companies: Who is your Domain Name Strategist?

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Pretty simple question to the Fortune 1000. Who is you Domain Name Strategist? I am sure some of you are laughing. I am sure some of those Fortune 1000 are laughing too. Guess what, the companies that DO have a Domain Name Strategist are laughing as well. Laughing all the way to the bank.

So let me ask again: Who is you Domain Name Strategist? Maybe it sounds a little different this time??

History and the future is going to reward some companies and going to severely punish others. Some companies working for 100 years to gain market share have watched their markets shrink and they have been helpless to do anything about it. Still think Who is you Domain Name Strategist is funny?

They all have an advertising department. I am sure they are thrilled when they can turn $1 in ads into $3 in profits. Imagine how they would feel if they could take that same dollar and get a $50 return? But sorry, they are too busy laughing at my suggestion.

When I look at Fortune 1000 companies that get it..... My hat is off to CBS. They saw the future and did something about it. Fantastic display of a company cornering the market for the future. Don't know what CBS owns? Go find out!

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Rick Schwartz


6 thoughts on “Fortune 1000 Companies: Who is your Domain Name Strategist?

  1. Scott Alliy

    I believe that products company Unilever has also”got it”, last I looked they owned about 4k domain names. Easy formula really … Wanna cut costs and rais profits? Have a dotcom domain name that truly means something then share that name using various media and let social media butterflies spread free word of mouth advertising and drive copious amounts of free traffic to your site. Or you could be like most Fortune 1000 co’s and miss the train. You could just sit back and watch as your competition blows by you because unlike you they did buy”The name” the one-of premium dotcom that uniquely identifies them as the source for the goods or services consumers want.
    Come to think of it maybe the secret success formula is too easy for most marketing pros to believe?
    America is not doing poorly because of what we are doing … We are doing poorly because of what we are not doing IMO.

  2. UFO

    Generally that comes under the title of ‘Digital strategy’ which is a new post that has evolved over the last 5 years.
    I could say how they get it all wrong and how the mix has to be better between digital and physical and the linkages. But, generally it is assumed that ‘If its IT related then it should be handled by IT’.
    I can think of a whale of a domain that I could pitch up to a serious global player and show them how they could get real value for money in advertising and brand strengthening… but unfortunately thats owned by one of the industry professionals living on an island… Which shows how perhaps should be doing JV’s with other major portfolio holders.

  3. BullS

    Box bought the dot com- what does that tell you!!!
    Dot com is KING.
    Most the CBS shows like NCIS, CSI,person of interest etc use high tech , that why they know the power of the internet.

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    The Domain Name strategist or Marketing Srategist savvy to Domain names, will be a Strategically important position as more and more Browser Type-In Traffic habits become the norm not the exception.
    Those who realize the pure play .COM type-Ins you are educating us all on are far superior Honest Search alternatives to the manufactured SEO manipulated results they are now getting on search engines. The Genie is out of the bottle and Smart Domain Srategists will definitely choose the Smart Choice found In Browser Type-in .COM direct search options you are providing.
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. IMultiscreen

    Thanx! There is a new title I can put on my resume:
    Domain or Brand Strategist
    2X I contacted major companies to alert them the dot com of their product name was available for hand reg!!!


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