RicksBlog.com Celebrates 1000th Blog Posts Today!!

Afternoon Folks!!

Don't think I ever made 5 posts in one day as I am likely not done. But this one marks #1000 in just a bit under 6 years and over $15,000 comments. That averages just one post every other day and 15-16 comments per post. Not that many when compared to most bloggers. But I think I have had some pretty good mileage and impact for those posts.

No, this was not my first 1000 posts. I made several thousand before blogs even came to be. I have had this daily routine since 1996. Thru Ynot.com, Netpond.com, Oprano.com and then to Ricks Board and finally here.

When you do something, longevity is the key. With time many things can become successful. I hope I have added some ideas and value to your lives. I hope the next 1000 posts culminate with me seeing the finish line of a 20 year plan. When attention spans are generally 20 minutes......I hope I have shown a vivid difference.

So I just want to take a moment to thank my readers and hope to add end users to my audience during the next 1000 posts. I already know you folks are out there. I know it is not in your best interest to speak out. But I assure you I know you are here and I will say to your face what I would say to anyone. That's called transparency. If my domain is not worth $1MM now, please come back when it is. Just don't expect me to talk to you in terms of past valuations. At that point we will be on the road to $2MM.

Those end users that understand sales understand the value of domain names. Those that don't will just carry on as usual and may or may not make their mark.

See you at the 20 year mark!! December 26th 2015 in case you would like to mark that baby on your calendar.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

30 thoughts on “RicksBlog.com Celebrates 1000th Blog Posts Today!!

  1. Vincent Jacques

    Congrats! That is quite a feat! I enjoy browsing your archives and reading some of your older posts, although your newer ones are just as informative and entertaining. Keep up the great work!

  2. Jeff Schneider

    H A P P Y T H O U S A N D T H !
    Now you got the first thousandth out of the way. Your Mom told you a thousand times to what??
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  3. Jeph smythe

    Congratulations Rick please keep posting!! I hope this comment is worth at least 1 $.

  4. Acro

    “…and over $15,000 comments” – Rick, I love that you see dollar signs everywhere :D Congratulations on this milestone.

  5. Ron Jackson

    Congratulations Rick – that is a major milestone(not to mention a major precursor of repetitive strain syndrome)! All of those posts have made countless others better informed domain investors and end users more aware of how much value a good domain name really has to offer. The massive amount of insightful content you have produced here and on earlier platforms is as close it gets to a domain industry version of the Library of Congress :-)

  6. Dr Domainer

    Congrats Rick every post you do gets me excited
    and I’m sure it brings sunshine to lots of other
    people’s day. Rick has given lots of people BIG BALLS
    from reading his life changing posts.
    You have bought wealth to so many people in so many different
    Thanks :)

  7. Scott Alliy

    Congrats Rick,
    On the record, for the record indeed!”What a long strange trip it’s been” Grateful Dead
    certainly applies here.
    Keep posting we’ll keep reading. learning, and sharing.
    To your continued success

  8. Uzoma

    it’s the quality of each post that is more astonishing. Congratulations Rick. When I grow up I wanna be like you, man. I wanna have your business partner at JointVentures.com. I want your condo by the beach. I want your blog. I want your salesmanship. I want your toys, all of them, and above all, I want your .coms! ;-)

  9. Jeff

    Congrats Rick and well deserved! I want to personally say thank you in what you have done here and you taught me many things about domaining.
    I wont ever forget August 3rd!

  10. Francois

    Thanks for the hard work, for your pesistance, and your enthousiasm.
    You are definitively the most influential voice of the domainers community: the one who lead the crowd, the DOMAIN KING!

  11. KW

    I am so grateful to have found this wealth of information.
    Thank You for all the effort that you have put forth to create this source.
    KW Boswell

  12. Danny Welsh

    “…and over $15,000 comments” – Rick, I love that you see dollar signs everywhere :D Congratulations on this milestone.
    I totally saw that too.
    Rick is a powerful money magnet. I am more of a magnet for allies and assholes. Luckily, allies make me money when they make money…so that’s cool. It’s like a 2 step process when Rick is more like a lodestone.
    I think I will stick a picture of Rick and Don King on my refrigerator. Just for the hell of it. Since he still hasn’t given me an answer for whether he and I will be boxing at May’s Vegas TRAFFIC event.
    What am I getting in shape for, Rick, if you’re not gonna fight me? You know you want to…else why did you get the”TRAFFIC” branded robe and silks made, hmmm?
    Come on, we’ll do it for Kiva.org and give all the gate receipts away to 3rd world entrepreneurs. Win-win-win and only one of us two has to lose.
    Danny Welsh

  13. Danny Welsh

    “Keep up the good work. DomainGang had that many last week though :) JK Acro”
    LOL…good one. I am maybe the only guy not ashamed at least a little to say I get almost all my domaining news from DomainGang.com (though I read 6 blogs recommended by Rick Schwartz for education). It was kind of an honor to be lampooned by Lucius/Acro before many folks in Domaining knew anything about me.
    His site is entertaining and a good intro to different stuff about domains and business you can read more about elsewhere if you want. Just his style of telling the story behind the facts fits my personality, frankly.
    I’m starting to see Rick’s point that there are not only many funny guys in this domaining industry…but there are a number of people extremely TALENTED in areas where I couldn’t get past first base no matter how talented I am with my big mouth.
    Maybe also some who take themselves somewhat more seriously than I do, and are offended by my earthy manner is all…
    I figure as long as we’re laughing *together* it’s all good.
    Laughing with someone + money = friends who also do business. $uper!
    Laughing at someone + no money = enemies who will never do business. $mart? Rhetorical question!
    Danny Welsh

  14. Morgan Linton

    Congrats Rick, I’ve been reading for years and will continue to read for years to come. First class blog, and first class conference, appreciate what you have done and are doing for the industry. As I like to say,”Rock On!” :)

  15. Altaf

    Congratulations Rick for the MILESTONE!!
    Today I remember the day the folks, readers and I requested you to reconsider your STOPPING the BOARD & sine die, as thousands (may be millions) were being under your thought and lesson/learning process on domains, not only from US soil, but round the globe, and got benefits out of the 1000 posts and that of expert comments.
    Had you not given it a second thought to reopen the Board your milestone and other visions would not have come into being today.Thanks a lot for the historical contributions, the generations to bookmark and get its insights that you facilitated by this blog. Never STOP! Keep it up!

  16. Steven

    I just want to take a moment to thank you too for the ideas and values you bring in my life. There is no words to describe your work Rick, in the meantime, thank you will do the job.

  17. Mike

    Congratulations, Rick!
    We are eager to prize the next 1000 ones, and more. Go ahead, conquer some new fortresses and keep making history!
    Hat off!

  18. Victor H. Pitts

    I started to say”Congrats Rick on being able to keep it up”, but that does not sound right. What I truly mean is that congratulations to you, for finding something in life that you feel passionate about enough to write 1000 blog post, and thousands of responses to comments from others on your post. Add to that the years of your contributions in domain forums, speaking at conferences, and doing interviews, you have truly found your calling. Congratulations for that!

  19. AlanR

    Congrats Rick on another milestone! Keep it going because you are changing the world, one post at a time!


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