Looking to write one ‘lone nut’ a bonus check for $100,000

Evening Folks!!

I think you'll get a kick out of watching this:


It's a lot of how Danny Welsh looks at business rolled up
into 3 or so minutes.

In a nutshell, this is what I gave Danny the green-light to
model as his “create a movement” idea for the strategic plan of rolling out
JointVentures.com the business from what was simply JointVentures.com the
domain name.

We’ll continually model this as we build our
domain leasing and JV development clients to the 100 original goal Rick set and
beyond (possibly a 3 year journey to really get rolling…a journey that Rick's
been predicting for 18 years) as we put together mini-deals and big deals both
that each can turn into a Candy.com or Punchbowl.com etc. All WIN-WIN deals
where the bulk of the upside is NOT taken by the domain name owner, but left
for the business that develops a great domain into a great business through an
equity share (start-ups typically) or marries a great domain name thru a domain
lease with a good-to-great existing
business for that business to become even greater.

We modeled this as we created only our domain
investor client base (done right according to plan from 12/1/2012 thru

We’re modeling this as we build our sales team
(happening RIGHT now and will take longer to do it RIGHT).

What does the “tipping point” for leasing top-tier domain
names look like?

It’s when not just Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh are making
things happen and making the big money in serving businesses to explain to them
the benefits of leasing a great domain name.

There’s plenty of opportunity to go around.

How about a $25,000-$100,000 bonus contest to kick things off?

Danny and I are considering a few options to motivate and add a sense of urgency to the equation.

We are looking in the next year or two to write a bonus
check for $100,000 to one talented domain sales broker. And many others that
don’t hit the goal will still make plenty of money being one of the first

Rick Schwartz of course is the lone nut in one
interpretation (RicksBlog).

Danny Welsh of course is the lone nut in another
interpretation (JointVentures)

Who's the next
lone nut?

Send in your video application via posted link in the comments to the
“Armchair Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: JointVentures.com Sales Team Now
Recruiting Future MVPs” announcement post here: LINK

Applications will close on Friday.

When the music stops…it’s stopped.

Have a GREAT day!

Rick Schwartz

4 thoughts on “Looking to write one ‘lone nut’ a bonus check for $100,000

  1. BrianF

    “A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” — Lao Tzu

  2. Cate

    Love, love Derek Sivers! Spent some time w him at a Conference in PA a few years back :)”The First Follower” is the go to place I send everyone when asked how to start a movement. He presented this first at a Ted Talk he gave and then posted on his site. Shortly afterwards I had fun relating it to my favorite mascot the Phillies”Phanatic” here a few years ago :) http://youtu.be/pD5PmdUHAfw
    “The 2nd follower is a turning point: It’s proof the first has done well. Now it’s not a lone nut, and it’s not two nuts.
    Three is a crowd and a crowd is news”. – My favorite quote/lesson here Even more so then”The first follower turns a lone nut in to a leader” because of just that – a crowd is news!!! Looking forward to being one of the twelve 2nd followers you lone nut Rick you! And you the first follower Danny :)

  3. UFO

    Here’s a similar situation
    Interestingly as someone comments
    If you started at 0:01 you’re a legend
    If you joined in at 0:40 you’re confident
    If you joined in at 1:12 you have no confidence but follow the crowd
    If you haven’t joined in you just. plain. suck.
    Which is just like the adoption processes of new products / services. Innovators -> Early Adopters -> Early Majority -> Late Majority -> Laggards.
    The barrier to entry rather than being dollar price is emotional investment price.
    Plenty of linkages between psychology, ecology and business. There’s all systems at play.


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