Why Domain Leasing? Why Now? The Down and DIRTY Story of Why!

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Let's REALLY get into it today. Let's really set the line in the sand. Let's understand why MOST businesses fail. Let's think differently and get a different result. Do you see what we see? Do you see WHY we see it? Well you will after you read this. You will understand what we see. At least you should.

BY Danny Welsh
“Why should I consider domain leasing?” seems to be a question Rick and I hear
often from companies offering to buy one of our domain names
….most of whom
simply do not have an existing “category” business or new “category” idea that
is at this time BIG ENOUGH that leasing Category.com is a better alternative
than buying any other domain name.

“What makes you think
end users will accept domain leasing?” seems to be a question Rick and I hear
often from domain name owners
…most of whom simply do not own domains that
are at this time OF THE CALIBER that leasing them is a better alternative than
buying any other domain name.

Most businesses
don’t care about due diligence
and frankly, most businesses FAIL.

Thousands upon
thousands of businesses just getting online for the first time in the next few
years will be happy to pay $8.99 for a www.domainname.crap wrong-extension
non-.com domain name from registrars
that pay upwards of $30.00 per CLICK
to Google just to get that prospect to find the registrar’s website when searching
for a “domain name” at a search engine (thereby revealing themselves as an
internet marketing “newbie”)…never
realizing that the registrar would GIVE THAT VALUE-LESS ALTERNATIVE-EXTENSION
DOMAIN NAME AWAY FOR FREE to get the lifetime customer in the door to buy all
kinds of other products and services

Thousands upon
thousands of businesses just getting online for the first time in the next few
years will be happy to pay $8.99 for a www.domainname.co from the GoDaddy
and will find out down
the road…that by doing so they’ll lose money, lose customers, and work harder
instead of just work smarter AND harder to achieve greater business success
faster (and they’ll be PISSED when they realize that GoDaddy themselves KNOWINGLY
set their customers’ .co-using company up to FAIL online)

Thousands upon
thousands of businesses just getting online for the first time in the next few
years will be happy to pay $8.99 get a completely FREE www.companyname.google (or
its equivalent) domain name along with easy free email and file hosting,
not realizing that their desire to get
“free stuff” will cause them to sign away their destiny to succeed in business
to the whim of the golden god of the 21st century that really only
wants your advertising dollars (and doesn’t lose sleep over whether or not your
business actually MAKES SALES).

The companies that make the www.wrong.choice
for their domain name will play not to lose…and not all but most of them will
EPIC FAIL, and this will just be another reason why among the myriad reasons
why in fact MOST businesses— online OR offline— fail to get off the ground and
become profitable.

So go ahead and if
you’re in that 80% according to the SBA that couldn’t be bothered to make
decisions for the future profitability of your company based on evidence, go
elsewhere than reading the hard truths here because we can’t help you.

However, if you’re here reading and learning because you
want to get the best NICHE.com domain name available for your niche
category…you’re exactly who I want to talk to directly.

You may have just heard about “domain
leasing” TODAY
yet more and more every week, business owners like you
wanting the BEST domain name they can possibly get for their
business idea or existing company are already
seeing domain leasing as a win-win.

15-20 years ago folks like you didn't know what a domain
name WAS (and unfortunately if you want a great one today…you’re realizing now
that someone else already owned it 15-20 years ago…
in most cases that
person is one of a group of folks I call “the 500” and if you didn’t realize
it, these approximately 500 or so domain investors own the majority of the
eRealEstate on the net worth building a website and company on).

10 years ago many wouldn't have believed they NEEDED a
more than an online brochure, much less a special domain name
better than their made-up company name brand.

Today, you know
differently right? Looking to make SALES? Keep reading….

5 years ago many would have laughed to hear a $1000/mo
lease price
for something where an 'alternative' would cost $8.99 outright.

In the last few years, and
increasingly each week that passes…the businessman wanting to take his company
global online with FAST RESULTS has begun educating him/herself about what
makes the internet tick and what contributes to multiplying profits.

Last year— you would have Google searched and found less
than 1000 results for a search of this simple offer proposition:

“This GREAT Domain Name May be Available for Joint Ventures or Lease”

Now you’ll find how many?


It’s because
increasingly both domain name owners not proactively developing their best
eRealEstate and the companies that want to do so…are BOTH seeing domain leasing
and lease-to-own deals for an a true WIN-WIN for both parties.

Hell, just this past month you may have read the news about
the Las Vegas tourism/visitors board leasing LasVegas.com as their brand
instead of the inferior VisitLasVegas.com domain name and internet brand they
had previously been using.

When throughout this year they roll out the humongous
international TV and ad blitz using that superior domain name as a domain name,
brand, and call-to-action for adventurous travelers worldwide to visit, do
business, and play in Las Vegas…what do you think is going to happen?

Is any “Joe Blow” not reading this blog or others like it
seeing the LasVegas.com commercials and ads going to know…or care…that the city
of Las Vegas doesn’t technically yet own the eRealEstate land upon which the
“official website of Las Vegas” is built?

How many extra bucks does the city of Las Vegas need to
bring in from tourism and conventions on top of the $100s of billions the city
is awash in each year already…to make whatever the landlord of that highly
visible property worth whatever the domain name owner quite fairly asked when
we have empirical evidence that within our lifetime the eRealEstate property
LasVegas.com WILL VERY LIKELY be worth more money than any single REAL real
estate property in the city of it’s dotcom namesake?

Did you follow that
or was it too convoluted for you?

Here’s a hint: In your lifetime and
mine, a time will come when there won’t be a single hotel/casino on the Las
Vegas Strip that is worth more than LasVegas.com.

A premium .com
category domain name for your product or service or audience equals instant
credibility and lead generation benefits
. And so much more. Who around the
world will not know EXACTLY what LasVegas.com offers without yet even
responding to those advertisements? It’s an instant brand…an incomparable word-of-mouth
shareable idea…and a bargain at whatever price the city of Las Vegas paid to
lease it.

Bravo! They are on the cutting edge again.

Love Vegas or hate the city…they know how to make money
unlike perhaps any other place on Earth, and the decision you’ve just seen made
here WILL be repeated again and again by many smart municipalities in the next
few years to get their hands on their “CityDotCom” eRealEstate.

Anyone that
seriously does their due diligence on internet marketing realizes that there is
ONE BEST DOT COM DOMAIN NAME for their business idea
, and the
LasVegas.com deal simply proves it’s not just small business, or big business,
but even within the merger of government and business where a visitors’ board

And each company in
2013 doing their due diligence on the ONE BEST DOT COM DOMAIN NAME for their
business idea is going to run smack dab into “the 500' – again, this is
simply the name of what I call the group of visionaries that as early as 1993
bought up all the premium .com “land” under the infrastructure on which the
entire INTERNET is built

Guys Like Rick Schwartz and the other domain name owners who
are my clients with JointVentures.com

If you want a GREAT .com domain name, your due diligence
will lead you right to the 500 in so many cases it is SPOOKY, as you start
researching to buy the domain names you want and find...again and again...that
someone beat you to it. Who? Maybe me. Maybe someone else reading this among
the collective brain trust of an entire industry that treats RicksBlog like a
watering hole.

Doesn't matter who you find, as the next few years unfold…you
will hear a response to a request to buy the domain name you want that “the
500” and those who aspire to be among them will know exactly why is quite fair
and reasonable: 'Not for sale,
lease only!'.

Domain owners have taken their powerful assets away from
Google and Yahoo who were paying them very poorly and put their destiny in
their own hands (WIN).

And the end user companies that covet a GREAT domain name
you feel is worth 6-7 figures can try it out for 5 figures a year (WIN).

The wind at your
back forever for the cost in many cases of a corporate car or two each month
(something many companies big and small already LEASE).

What's not to like?

WIN-WIN is key, here.

No one is trying to 'get one over' on a domain

Just like no one is taking advantage of the city of Las
Vegas. It’s called capitalism, folks. And you can invest or you can gamble. Own
the house, or play .craps. Your choice.

Everybody has to be happy with the deals we make thru
JointVentures.com, NOT just our domain name owner clients.

Of COURSE you would prefer to own the domain name you want outright
(and those are the folks that opt for a lease-to-own deal instead of a straight
domain leasing deal).

I'd prefer to have
been born with a million dollar trust fund waiting for me, but I've had to work
for every dime of mine.

You take what you can
get in life, right?

If you have your mind set on the one and only GREAT domain
name that can really make your business idea or your existing company FLY…

Then don’t jump out of a plane without a parachute and pay 6
figures to acquire it, when you can pay $xxxx per month on a test drive lease.
Don’t pay 7 figures cash now to acquire it when you can pay $xx,xxx per month
to make certain your hunch is right.
It wouldn’t be priced so high, if that hunch hadn’t worked out pretty damn well
for many companies who wanted THEIR one domain name…and got it, and never
looked back.

Way to go, Las Vegas!

Think WIN-WIN!

Think Joint Ventures.

Danny Welsh

Why I Focus on the USA and .Com?? It’s called Consumption!!

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I am often reminded by domainers that there is a world out the USA. That's fine and you may even be surprised to know that I recognize that and have visited my share of countries around the world. But what folks don't seem to recognize is how to fish! You go where the fish are! DUH! Where they are biting. Where they are hungry. Were they are big and diversified.

So here is a tidbit of PROOF of what I see and how I see it and why I focus on the USA and other ENGLISH speaking countries as it pertains to sales and domain names and the value of a domain name.

Lets look at the .Me registry. Please explain how one country in the world of 350 or so can be responsible for 53% of all their registrations when EVERYONE had the same opportunity? 53%!! That is a REAL number. Why do more than half of ALL their registrations come from the USA? Why so disproportionate? Why?

  • 53% of .Me domains are registered in the US;

  • 46% of .Me domains are registered by businesses;

  • That .Me is the most popular domain choice for startups after .com;

  • There are still 35% of three-character .me domain names available!

Interpret that into Dollars. Or Euros or Yens or whatevers.

See the problem is I see an answer where others don't. I choose to compete in the arena with the largest fish. Why the USA??? It comes down to one word.


Read it again.


The USA consumes MORE than the rest of the world combined on MANY things. Many! Many!!!! So that is why I don't dabble in IDN or country codes and only lightly in non-dotcoms. It's fine for those that do but it is not in my DNA for reasons I am about to explain. The numbers guide me.

So if you don't understand or even can't accept that one tidbit in life, then we will never see things eye to eye. We will always disagree because. We will never be on the same page. You will always tell me why your small pond is better and I will always point to the SEA with no limits! The sea of consumption! Sales!

And that is fine. I don't want to talk you out of the pond. It may be very nice. Very comfortable. Very good to you. But at least acknowledge the difference in size and VALUE of the audience. maybe not 100% of the time, but most of the time.

Yes, they consume more rice in China than the USA. So what?? They consume that rice to build things that we will consume mostly in the USA.

Maybe what is important is figuring out since nobody here is in the rice business and many here are in the domain business that facts do count. Numbers do count. This is just one tiny tidbit of an example. So why does .Me have 53% in the USA if it is not about how we consume things and that has enriched many folks around the world? Do you think .co's numbers are much different? They may support my argument even more! .com's numbers are widely known.

Sure you can come here and tell me the USA is slipping by percentage, other contries are gaining or this or that. But it does not mean much when it translates into business.

Country-wise Domains Distribution

Domain Names by Country of Purchase. USA has more domain registrations than all other countries combined! 12X the second closest. All other countries combined equal 48 million to the USA at just under 80 Million. Then add the English speaking countries to that. That would bring that number up to over 92 million and the other down to 36 million. The numbers paint a picture. Then add buying power to that equation and it further tilts.

1 United States 79,950,786
2 Germany 6,496,459
3 China 5,910,176
4 United Kingdom 4,808,723
5 Canada 3,930,427
6 France 3,472,316
7 Japan 2,821,525
8 Australia 2,337,278
9 Spain 1,688,317
10 Cayman Islands 1,665,319
11 Netherlands,The 1,416,581
12 Italy 1,329,267
13 Turkey 1,256,428
14 Korea 989,491
15 HongKong S.A.R. 795,535

If you fish, you go where the most and the biggest fish are. It is not about what you know folks. It's about how you interpret what you know. Whether you play for an audience of 600 or an audience of 600 million. Just numbers. Then add BUYING POWER and Kaboom!

And btw, how many of the .whatevers are not English words or abbreviations? Why is that? These are questions worthy of some thought. Numbers don't lie. They paint pictures. Some see different realities in their pictures. By starting off with 50% of anything you are bound to do quite well.

So .Me is 53% just in the USA. Then add the other English speaking countries. Maybe you are over 75%. The rest is fragmented. Fragmentation is costly to market to. Fragmented markets are limited markets.

Do you market to the folks with buying power? How does that factor in? Do folks in Guatemala have the same buying power as in the USA?

When I was growing up 'French' was the universal language. It then shifted to Spanish. But English dominates things from English speaking Airport Traffic controllers all over the world to New domain extensions. There is a reason. Why English? Because flight was invented in the USA and as it blossomed it blossomed in English because all the terminology was/is in English. That holds true on so many other things.

From Cars to computers to medical to DOMAIN NAMES!

Are things shifting? Sure. So what? 6000 member audience will grow to 12,000 while 600 million will grow to 1.2 billion. And even if the 600 million only grows to 610 million, it may be a lifetime or more before the 6000 grows into the first million. If ever. That has to factor in. It can't be dismissed. It has to be understood.

Some people are going to come here and beat their chest for this or that. But they all have A.D.D. because they won't focus on the point of the post. They will joust with themselves as they invent straw-men to defend their point of view and maybe their turf.

Numbers are in my DNA. Focus on numbers and money happens. Why is that? Because money is based on numbers and numbers don't lie!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Domain Flipping Tips & STOP: No more working for tips! Waiter or Owner? You Decide!

Morning Folks!!

My partner with JointVentures.com is busy working on the
scaling up priorities of the business, but provided me this pre-written post
describing a bit more of his background in business, how he came to see
eRealEstate as potentially more lucrative in growth potential than physical
real estate during the course of his lifetime…and what that means for the
hungry guy or gal looking for an opportunity TODAY to quit flipping domains and
create wealth leveraging joint ventures and doing long-term-oriented deals to
reposition assets for highest and best use, and get paid for it VERY WELL. If
you haven’t read any of my posts over the years about “Sweat Equity”, here’s
one from just 30 days ago
. If you’re looking for a solid six figure opportunity
for proven sales performers, read that now and then come back and read this
below: LINK.

Rick Schwartz

“Stop: No More
Working for Tips!”

By Danny Welsh
How did I come to the realization that what I was doing with
wholesaling real estate houses was small smack-dab in the middle of making more money in a single month than anyone in my working class family had ever
made in 2 years
? How did I later come to eRealEstate by way of
physical real estate and come to see my experiences with selling a single deal
or investment in the latter as precursor to (and in some ways preparation for)
increasing success with leasing the former?

How can someone with
great people skills and an interest in domain names looking for a GREAT
opportunity to make money in 2013 leverage what I’ve learned about business at
30 and what Rick Schwartz has learned at 60…and work with both of us to change
the way the domain game is played at the highest levels in the next 3 years?

Let’s discuss…

First, my business experience was
wholesaling properties as early as a year out of college when I realized
working for someone else just wasn’t going to work for me
. Find a motivated seller who is in over their
head with debt and wants to sell fast. Put the property under contract with
just a few dollars deposit and paperwork that gives you the right to shop it,
and use superior marketing skills to FLIP THAT HOUSE for cash to a serious
buyer. It’s a formula for fast cash,
and pretty easy in real estate doing a deal that is a WIN-WIN where no one gets
taken advantage of done correctly

There are always cash real estate buyers who want a cheap
property to fix it up and rent it out or fix it up and sell it for a big ROI,
and as a wholesaler you can get a piece of the profit spread from either with
no property acquisition money out of your pocket except for incidental
costs...just by finding the deal and putting it under contract, and using networking,
research and marketing to develop a good “list” of potential buyers you could
market each wholesale real estate deal to at the “push of a button” to get it
sold and the owner of the property out from a tough situation they couldn’t
solve themselves because they were too immobilized with fear looking at their
mounting bills on the kitchen table.

Think WIN-WIN.

If you have no idea what I’m talking about…Real Estate Wholesaling
is the “sexy” and “no money down” physical real estate equivalent of domain flippers
today in the domain world that hand register a domain name and attempt to ‘flip
it’ to an end user company 5 minutes later for more money

I can remember a time when my partners and I wholesaled 20+ real
estate properties in a single day...sound like I’m making it up? I couldn’t if
I tried. It blew my mind, to be honest with you. There I was, 24 years old and
partnering in a seminar with Bank of America in Cali bringing their loan
clients to buy properties from a young group of Florida real estate investors
offering turnkey rental condo’s for long-distance investors.

Talk about a joint venture! HINT: Which bank do you think underwrote the mortgage loans on all those
investment property sales we made? Who do you think referred all of the attendees?
Gosh almighty, when you structure a great joint venture…it’s really not
anything more than finding a way to WIN BIG and let the other parties involved
WIN BIG too. Not always easy…and there can be pitfalls, but when you do it
once, it’s time to DUPLICATE baby!

With that first event having gone successful and even doing
bus tours and property sales seminars with dozens and hundreds of investors at
times to sell investment deals in bulk as my partners and I racked up dozens
upon dozens of investment property sales in multiple cities all throughout
Florida— many times selling to investors across the United States in
California— I gotta tell you...when I did it actively, wholesaling properties
was a lot of fun.

And it felt...SEXY.Heck, after just one success like that I felt like I was the MAN!
I was hooked.

And yet, for the people I personally consider real estate
business mentors who had light-years more business seasoning than I did… what 6
maybe 7 years ago now… those mentors of mine then with DECADES of real estate
experience having done tens and hundreds of millions of dollars in deals (and
still owning a significant chunk of that invested in long-term real estate

They LAUGHED at me and made fun of my team's accomplishments wholesaling properties.

They saw me and my active business partners running around,
working 80-90 hours a week, confusing activity for accomplishment, and hustling
like madmen to wholesale investment-grade properties to anyone who'd listen...oblivious
to actually building real WEALTH

The mentor my partner and I were bragging to about our 20
deals in a day accomplishment told us that no matter how much money we made
wholesaling houses, in his opinion we were still:

“Working For Tips”

He threw that zinger
and smiled and leaned back in his leather executive chair in the 12th
floor corner office of the 17 story building he had owned in whole or in part
for decades of having sold it and bought it back… and we both seethed inside
and secretly hated that smug bastard.

But we bit our tongue and tried to be humble before this man who had taught my
partner at the time and me both a great deal about business and how to bring
real value to the marketplace in exchange for money. And my partner asked him
what he meant by that.

I don’t have a video or audio recording of that
conversation. I wish I had. If I had had it to listen to maybe my career would
have gone differently and I’d have succeeded at a higher level even faster, I
can tell you that. It took me years and one horrible month in 2008 where I
realized despite all that I had earned…I was broke again…and it took THAT to
realize he was right years before saying no matter HOW MUCH MONEY I had made I
had been “working for tips”.

I thought then what I was doing was fun and I was actually
proud of what we were doing...but when
that zinger got done popping the packing bubble wrap around my fragile ego, and
the truth of the next few years bore it out with the collapse of the nationwide
housing market, it helped me see that what I thought was 'success'....was in
actuality a GRIND
. A hamster wheel. Sure we had been making money. Sure
we had been moving deals and building a following among investors. But it was
just working for big paychecks because if you stop wholesaling...you stop

You don’t know what you don’t know until someone who knows

I'm not knocking wholesaling houses, just as I won’t knock
domain flipping...it's a fantastic way to get started in a business arena and
make some money with little money or risk.

Rick Schwartz calls these folks who flip internet real
estate domain names “waiters” when they could be the restaurant owner
. As I’ve matured over the years I came to believe that the same
is true in physical real estate. There
are waiters and there are restaurant owners.

But the barrier to entry for wholesaling is low and so with
physical real estate many start there, just as there are many domain flippers
because you can get in the game for just a couple bucks. As a newbie real
estate investor, I was no different.

Years later after first doing it myself successfully I
trained others to do wholesaling houses too through an “apprentice program”
called the MMM Challenge (how to wholesale houses among other things these
apprentices were taught), and I had a lot of fun with it helping people get
started in real estate, learning to market themselves effectively and making
some money in exchange for working for me for free. Some succeeded in business
and/or real estate since then a little, some a lot, some not at all.

But every single one of them is a changed person for the
time I spent pouring into them, and they’ll back me up on that. I’m
proud of the difference I helped make in the lives of 60 people over 2 years
But at some point as so many wanted to
learn “wholesaling”— something I started my own RE career with and by then had
graduated from to pursuing more lucrative deals— I worried that I was
perpetuating a small mindset even as my students succeeded to make money with

TANGENT: Any idea who owns/owned Property.com and
Yep. That’s a big part of why he’s one of the small group of
visionaries I call “the 500”.

How many more ways
can eRealEstate be used
and developed for profit than physical real estate?

Thinking that way is
what led me to approach Rick Schwartz at first
, and those are a stories we can talk about another day, including
my own experiences many of the old guys in domaining would call my own “newbie
entrepreneur” years— only I was flipping houses and not domains.

But I digress. To return to the meat of the matter…eventually
I found out no matter how much money I might make wholesaling houses I was
still a waiter and not the restaurant owner, to use one of Rick’s recent
analogies from his blog HERE…and with the help of a few older RE
mentors I graduated to doing deals that weren’t small one-time transactions

I realized something years ago (actually my mentors in real
estate hit me upside the head with it): You can take down a HUGE cash-now and
cash-flow-later commercial real estate deal like an office building, mobile
home park, or apartment complex and get paid for YEARS...with the SAME AMOUNT
of effort, resources and contacts as it took our team to wholesale a bunch of
residential deals and get paid once.

And so I am undertaking with Rick Schwartz’s blessing to
help THREE groups of people realize something Rick Schwartz and I believe in

If you've sold some domains for 6
figures, and have some successes under your belt...you may want to do as Rick
Schwartz is increasingly doing and graduate to getting a real piece of the
business that buys and develops your most valuable domain names. That’s what
our JointVentures.com clients are going to do starting with a domain lease in
most cases if we’re successful to bring the end user business partner.

Mission…Accomplished in 8 weeks December 1, 2012-February 1,

If you've quickly flipped some “newly
registered” domains, and have some successes under your belt...you may want to
do as our JointVentures.com Kamikaze Sales Team will be doing and graduate to
getting a real piece of a residual income stream and not just the one time
check. That’s what you now have an opportunity to do if you want to apply and
get chosen.

YOUR Mission Reading This Right NOW…should you choose to
accept it BEFORE this offer simply self-destructs.

If you’ve made some money in an offline
business that is just now wanting to get online, or you have made some money in
an online business and are seeking a superior online location…you may want to
do as our domain partners and lessees are increasingly doing and graduate to
operating your “Category” business from the one and only Category.com. That’s
the opportunity MY job with marketing for JointVentures.com will be for 400
great domain names seeking a great business to align with so each profits more
than they could alone.

MY Mission for 2013-2015.

Look…if you have some
success under your belt and you see the #2 above and are intrigued…let me offer
you a bit of advice. Now is NOT the time to hesitate.

It wasn’t until I was somewhat priggishly bragging at age 24
to one of my own real estate mentors that my partner and I had made 6 figures
in a single month wholesaling houses that I realized how SMALL wholesaling
houses really was compared to the true and intrinsic value of PROPERTY itself.

Real wealth comes
from assets and income streams, not just transactions.

If it wasn’t until you read this that you realized how SMALL
“flipping” newly registered domains really is compared to the true and
intrinsic value of the best DOMAIN PROPERTIES themselves…

Then you know what to do, don’t you? If you’re interested to join up with Rick Schwartz
and Danny Welsh as our inaugural JointVentures.com ninja sales team
then it’s time to step up and say so.

Send in your video application via posted link in the comments to the
“Armchair Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: JointVentures.com Sales Team Now
Recruiting Future MVPs” announcement post here: LINK

Catch you on the FLIP

Danny Welsh

All the inventory in the World vs. the Best Inventory in the world: Follow the Leaser

Morning Folks!!

You can’t make worthwhile money leasing shitty domains! OK.
Now we’ll let my JointVentures.com partner Danny Welsh elaborate on that, since
it’s clear to me that so many didn’t learn the lessons of 2007 and are doomed
to repeat those failures. Want to climb the domain money mountain in a brand
new way that’s going to allow a few sharp salespeople to reach the summit FAST?
Pay attention!

Rick Schwartz

All the inventory in the World vs. the Best Inventory in the world: Follow the Leaser

By Danny Welsh

A number of people in
the domain community have seen what Rick Schwartz and I have done with
JointVentures.com and have brought up this company or that company that has
“tried” domain leasing in the past and failed.

There may be many variables for that, and specific companies
could have a most important factor each for why they failed more specific to
the company than to the IDEA. I don't know, when those companies crashed and
burned I was not a domain investor, but focused only on physical property.

The biggest reason if you ask me would be TIMING. It was
premature. That has already been discussed on this blog by me and Rick both
within the last 8 weeks of posts.

The failures of 5
years ago have ZERO BEARING on our success with JointVentures.com today
likewise zero bearing on the success of ANY domain leasing firm that has
QUALITY PROPERTIES FOR LEASE today…Yep, that #2 reason those “domain leasing”
companies failed then (and many others attempting this today will too) would be

Those past companies
you see when you do search engine research on “Domain leasing” are pretty much
all out of business as of this publication in February 2013
…though that’s
changing. Maybe someone should take a screenshot of the first page search
engine results TODAY…compare it to the first page results 2 months ago (they
are already changing BIG TIME)…and compare it to the first page results in 2

I guarantee you all 3 would present a
different picture, and I’ll bet anything that in 2 years you’ll see NEWS ORGANIZATION
links on HEADLINES and not links to blogs and companies that have closed their
doors for that search. Go ahead…put it
in your calendar and come back and try to say “You’re wrong!”

Yep, those failed companies from 5 years ago mixed in “shit with
the gold” (as Rick would say) and were selling domains of zero BUYING

Don’t work like that. Someone MUST want to buy it for it to
be leasable.

Preferably, MANY SOMEONES must want to buy it!

We'll be taking golden
gooses to the market this year, and saying the eggs alone are for sale.

Total difference from what those failed companies did!

Here's a blast from the past from a company that does not
appear to be in business though if they are, that’s news to me, since all
indications appear nobody’s home:
First thing I notice when reviewing the “time capsule” of the 2007
LeaseThis.com website is this:

26415 domain names for
lease in the 'Real Estate' category alone.

- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #1: 10002realestate.com $2.00 / month
After you subtract the stamp, check cost,
handling, and all else after mailing me my monthly check as the domain name
owner, exactly how much 'commission' would be left over to make this
deal worth doing for LeaseThis.com? Waste of time and money for all parties
involved. Sorry, but anyone who didn’t see that THEN must surely see it NOW.

Automate the whole process…maybe, but why
bother? There are bigger deals to do that require less hassle and we’re not
talking about 2x but 500x.

- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #2: 2realtor.com $40.00/ month
Not sure what anyone would see in this.
Personally, I think 4Realtor.com has branding value. But I wouldn't select it
for our program. This, unfortunately does not. Not for $40 to BUY. And why
lease for $500 per year if you’re a domain name owner with something worth
leasing? If it is worth leasing it is worth leasing for “highest and best use”!
Any company that can only pay $500 per year for an instant brand is a HOBBY…not
a business.

- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #3: 4SCOTTSDALE.COM Contact us for pricing
'Yeah, I'll get right on that'
says the marketing executive or CEO....of which company exactly?

Probably none. Sorry,
no cigar.

- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #4: KansasRoommate.com Contact us
for pricing
Better than any others I've seen so far
as I scroll what Rick Schwartz would probably call “the shit list” but which
I’ll more tactfully call…shit, I can’t really think of anything nice to say.
Sorry mom! So this one is better…but the business that wanted this domain name would
do better in my opinion to use the plural (with or without the singular too).

OK, this random
skipping around isn't finding anything.
Why don't I sort
by price to find the most 'expensive' ones?
Let's do that...here's the first one I see at our standard pricing level of
$1000/mo domain leasing with JointVentures.com properties:
- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #5: Swimmingpoolslasvegas.com $1,000.00 / month
“OMG!” says your bratty little sister who
just learned about domain names a week ago and can tell that that domain name—
except in a “Bigger Fool” scenario where any company buying it would be being
taken ADVANTAGE of— ain’t worth $1000 to buy much less lease for $1000/mo.

ASIDE: Personally as a “domain
investor” I don’t have the world’s greatest portfolio for having domains that
are only 2 years old. But I let all my NOUN-ADJECTIVE oriented domain names
like this one drop this past year. I read RicksBlog and realized SlamGrand.com
is nothing and GrandSlam.com is worth millions. I made the mistake too. Sorry,
but I learned from Rick Schwartz that a domain like CityNICHE.com is valuable
but NicheCity.com is just about worthless. ADJECTIVE-NOUN has meaning in
English…NOUN-ADJECTIVE in almost every case does not. Case closed? Probably
not…so many make this mistake!

Don’t feel bad if you’re a domain
investor without much success and bought something worthless like PastesTooths.com
when guys like Rick Schwartz own the better version ToothPastes.com. I fell for
the “keyword” bullshit too. Valuating the top-end of great domain names is
about WORDS WITH MEANING, not “Google keywords”.

Which would make the still 5 years
later “for sale” Swimmingpoolslasvegas.com CRAP even while it’s surely obvious to anyone
reading this that an attempt to lease for $1000/mo in 2007 when a 2006
hand-registration was the property in questions was probably not possible even
in 2016. And certainly not a domain made up of words in the wrong ORDER.

Of course, the 100x better
LasVegasSwimmingpools.com some smarter guy registered is for sale and it WILL
sell at some point, no doubt in my mind what you’ll find when typing in that
address one day (currently owned by a domain investor with a for sale page): a
company in Las Vegas, NV that sells swimming pools.

And while
JointVentures.com is not yet opening our division for “GEO domains” just yet, I
will flatly tell you that Rick and I both believe many domains like that ARE leasable at cheaper amounts than our
standard leasing fees in the next few years

(* hint* GEOs are an exception to our own in-house criteria of what is
and we’ve seen it
PROVEN…so will you as the next few years roll by.)
- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #6: realestateinnyc.com
$1,000.00 / month
They're kidding....right? I mean GEOs
have value, sure...but this is no NYCRealEstate.com or NewYorkRealEstate.com,
both of which are 100x better.

- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #7: planningain.co.uk $1,000.00 / month
WTF is this? Did a robot pick these
domains or you could just submit whatever and put whatever the hell price you
wanted on it?

Explain how any
business would pay one DOLLAR for this to OWN, much less lease?

- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #8: plumbingfordummies.com $1,000.00 / month
TM violation waiting to happen!

For a plumber or an author to build his business or brand on
a foundation of quicksand as lease that domain name. If who I think owns it
does own it, gosh almighty I'm sorry to be rude to a leader of the domain
industry. But that domain is a liability.
- 2007 LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #9: eviltenant.com $1,000.00 /
I've met a few stupid tenants. Even ones
whose plasma television they hang on the wall in their mobile home cost them
more cash than the car I was driving the first time I made 6 figures in a year.
Haven’t had an evil tenant yet though. Suppose he collects your SOUL for rent?
Seriously…though: exactly how is this domain supposed to help a company that
uses it SELL anything to anybody? And if the domain name has no
COMMERCIAL SALES value, why in the hell would anyone lease it?

- 2007
LeaseThis.com “Domain Leasing” listing #10: 78701realestate.info $1,000.00
/ month
Sorry, no cigar. Are they serious? I
can’t look anymore. It’s too damn painful. I’m sure they had a dream that was
domain leasing, and we should applaud them for having it early…but the
nightmare this turned into was PREDICTABLE for anyone that looked at this stuff
the way Rick Schwartz does.

intelligent domain investor can be serious
that failed 2007 “domain leasing”
to 2013-onward JointVentures.com.
do you compare those crappy “Real Estate category” domain names with the real
estate related domains we are taking to market this year under a lease/JV
model, thanks to our clients that are trusting the company Rick Schwartz and I are
building to MARKET their properties and not just list them on a website?

Specifically these 10 come to mind, off the top of my head:

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#1: IncomeProperty.com

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#2: CheapLand.com

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#3: RealEstateForSale.com

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#4: CelebrityProperties.com $750

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#5: USAProperties.com $1,200/mo

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#6: UKProperty.com $2,000/mo

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#7: RefinanceLoan.com $2,200/mo

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#8: Roofs.com $4,000/mo

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#9: RealEstateLaw.com $1,500/mo

2013 JointVentures.com “Domain Leasing” listing
#10: Honduras.com $15,000/mo

You can't make any
comparison of apples to apples there, can you?

Any smart, forward-thinking real estate
company-- and I've started several, including ones doing 6 figures in a month
at one time...not big, but not tiny either—any company that had the resources
to maximize the inherent advantages in operating just ONE of those 10
JointVentures.com real estate related domain names as an integral part of their
business, would take any one of those category domain names over ten thousand LeaseThis.com
so-called real estate domain names that have no meaning and many other flaws

Quality, not quantity is our model. We’d
like to become Christie's, not open the doors to the Dollar Store. Strive to be
Studio 54, not Moe's Tavern.

Our positioning
with JointVentures.com is really no different than our domain LEASING clients
that open their digital doors from day ONE operating a superior domain name of
ours and have INSTANT credibility, and perceived market leader positioning
without saying a word

What’s that worth to a real estate law firm to be the one
and only firm in the world to communicate with their clients and prospects from
lawyer@realestatelw.com style
email addresses?
And it’s not just the 25,000+ listings in the 2007 LeaseThis.com “real estate
domains” inventory…I could go through the same exercise for every one of that
failed “domain leasing” company's categories. Try it yourself. Look in their 'vehicles and
transportation' category, scan the thousands of listings in that category
alone til your eyes start bleeding. See if you can find anything that
millionaire domain investors would agree is more valuable than
HelicopterCharters.com, MotorScooters.com, FiberglassBoats.com ETC.
I dare you.
Even if you find that needle in a haystack (which I highly doubt), as Rick
Schwartz himself has said...you do NOT mix shit with gold.
I've offended anyone, that was not my intention. If you own or owned one of the
domain names listed in 2007 with LeaseThis.com and used as an example of what
NOT to do in 2013 by yours truly…look, that's your prerogative to keep paying
registration fees until kingdom come.

Those that let most of those type domain names drop, good for you. Other than one or two I doubt you'd get
an unsolicited offer to BUY any of those in 2 decades of waiting
Domain names that work for the leasing model get unsolicited 'buy'
offers ALL THE TIME.
It's an intoxicating feeling to get paid monthly instead of a one-time sale. So
I understand why folks will jump on the “domain leasing” bandwagon. But a
word of caution: somebody's got to want to buy an asset from you, for you to
lease it. Preferably MANY somebodies!

The biggest difference between that 2007 LeaseThis.com company (and others that
have failed and will fail), as Rick Schwartz pointed out…was timing. The market wasn't ready for domain leasing in
any big way years ago even though individual domain investors were quietly
doing domain lease deals even 10 years before that. Market acceptance or
understanding as a whole was NIL on both sides.
Second biggest reason for failures of “domain leasing” companies is sacrificing
quality over choosing quantity. Listing everything on a website available for
lease with $2.00/mo prices ain’t gonna cut the mustard if the company has any
costs at all, or plans for external promotion. They’ll probably run in red ink
even if they have zero employees and a fully automated “platform” that allows
for instant hosting, instant payment transfers, and instant gratification…all
because mixing shit with gold because no human being with SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE
approved the listings is enough in and of itself to make the battle an uphill
journey I sincerely don’t even know why anyone would bother with, when the
easier path to the summit is being trail-blazed right before your very eyes,.
You'll never see shit mixed with gold with JointVentures.com while the company
is owned and operated by Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh.
Third biggest difference between then and now, them and us?
We're whale hunting.
No $2.00/month guppy deals.
And any $xxx-x,xxx per month deals for our domain names will be a 5-6 figure
per year commitment for a unique eRealEstate property that the lessee COULD exercise
an option to buy at 6-7 figures if and when they're ready.

You know…out of
increased PROFITS from earning income leveraging an asset, not throwing away
money on an expensive (or cheap) mistake.

Follow the leaser?

Yesterday, today, tomorrow.

What do YOU predict will happen next?

Danny Welsh

P.S. Oh yeah, to elaborate on Rick’s statement “Want
to climb the domain money mountain in a brand new way that’s going to allow a
few sharp salespeople to reach the summit FAST
?”…consider that your open invitation of you like our model to review
our sales sub-broker opportunity and get involved now.
Send in your video
application via posted link in the comments to the “Armchair Quarterbacks Need
Not Apply: JointVentures.com Sales Team Now Recruiting Future MVPs”
announcement post here

Armchair Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: JointVentures.com Sales Team Now Recruiting Future MVPs

Morning Folks!!

My partner with JointVentures.com sent this informal email
response about 2 hours after a pretty persistent guy sent us his third or
fourth email saying he was interested in working on our leasing and sales team.
Before we’d ever said anything publicly about leasing sales positions, we’ve
received a LOT of interest from folks assuming quite correctly that what we
plan simply cannot be accomplished by the two of us alone, and they want to get
some of the $$$ earned too. IIRC this
emailed interaction from which we modeled today’s post was 14 days ago, while
our focus was still securing our 2013 listings.

I’m not sure what surprised me more…that the guy Danny
composed the below to as an email is actually one of our 120 domain owner
clients, or that Danny replied to him so quickly with such extremely focused
vision and value exchange. Even I’m not sure how much of all this stuff he’s
had planned out for how long and how much he just creates on the fly as needed!
Either way…I must say, it’s impressive.

BTW, I’ve agreed / not yet agreed with Danny’s “3 and You’re
Free” idea for sales brokers to attend TRAFFIC free of charge for life
(sleeping on it). But we ARE
accepting video applications from applicants for the 12 available sales broker
positions…starting NOW, posted as links right here in the comments of this
blog. How’s that for “out of the box”?

Rick Schwartz

Quarterbacks Need Not Apply: JointVentures.com Sales Team Now Recruiting Future
By Danny Welsh

There are a buncha people sending us unsolicited resumes and
it's wonderful to see, but we're not quite there yet in our roll-out and
scale-up plan, Michael.

Think of building blocks or Rick's pyramid of priorities he
blogs about all the time when he's bored.
That's an extremely important building
block to exploding revenue in a company that is in need of great sales help,
giving a guy who's ready to kill and eat a chance to do just that

But first Rick has been getting the SALES GUYS and ME the
best damn domain names on the planet to take to market. I'm helping too, a
little. :)

So that was our focus til 2/1.

Sales broker opportunities? Yeah, that’s one of the next 2
things on my priorities list.

I will be getting with Rick about more details soon but
here's something tasty for a tiger before we're ready to make a formal
announcement about sales sub-broker opportunities:

You ever seen the
NFL draft? If Rick agrees with me, we're going to reverse it..

Imagine 12 players
(that's you and 11 others) doing their research to make their #1-10 draft picks
of teams (those are domains) in a live, round-robin format once our sub-brokers
are hired they'll have 7 days to prepare for.

And you are getting a head start to research our
'teams' and figure out for YOU who your #1 draft picks would be. We're
going to make this business FUN and if you're a stick in the mud or debbie
downer, they won't have a place in OUR game, Michael.

100 of Rick's domain
names will be included in the draft,
and a select # of 100 or so of our 3rd party listings.

Simple, straight forward, no bullshit.

$500 cash deal completion fee plus 5% across the board of all
lump sum and long-term money (lease fee, lease deposit, lease-option sale
buyout, straight sale, etc)

'Who else wants $500 cash plus 5% of $5000/mo for as
many as 5 years or more and then a chance for 5% of $5,000,000 buyout?'
kind of thing. This could be really nice residual money and you’re doing GOOD
by connecting two parties (domain owner and domain tenant buyer) who will both
WIN when doing business together.

Sub-broker's role
will be to use my marketing help throughout the next months and years to bring
parties to the table already willing and able to pay the amount of money per
month (or close) the domain is priced at on a lease.

Qualified, interested, saying 'yes' to the monthly
lease amount = done deal in most cases you'd get paid for, though some DO take
time to go to closing. Here’s one caveat, though, and something that we do that
might appear counter-intuitive. While
that party says 'yes' is NOT the time like in most sales to “get the
deal done” immediately…nor to let it simmer.

With a unique ASSET
when there's only one in the world, when one party is qualified and ready to
pay that's when you turn up the HEAT and bring other parties to the table too.

They compete, you win no matter what, and only ONE of them
gets to win.

Is that sneaky? Maybe. But that’s the price Corporate
America will pay for sitting on their damn hands when they should have listened
to the innovative marketing people in their OWN companies who have been saying
for years “I really think we should do
something to get the unused Category.com domain name, boss! I really think it
would increase sales”
only to be told by a moron in middle management who
knows NOTHING about internet marketing, increasing sales, or domain names
something to the effect of: “If it’s so valuable, why isn’t anyone using it?”

Time to bypass the scarcity and security-minded morons
afraid of making a mistake and break on through to the CEO who has balls with
the message that THIS is one decision he needs to make IMMEDIATELY, before his
competition strikes faster.

I’ll teach you how to reach the decision maker and if you’re
the right guy, all you need to sell is already written in the sales manual that
is JointVentures.com.

Here’s the truth, pal:
knowing what we do about how AFFORDABLE it is to lease a Rings.com quality
domain name for a $100,000 per year to the RIGHT company...when you (sales
broker) win, and we (JointVentures.com) win, then so too do our client (domain
owner) and the business who wants that domain name too.


Rick will handle all domain-specific and more creative
deal-specific questions and negotiations, lease buyout formulas etc.

Though anything goes for creative deal-making so long as the cash that
goes to our JointVentures.com client is FIRST.

If you want to do as I have done and negotiate 'Free
Food for Life' at a restaurant in exchange for a domain name...go for it

If you want to put a
WaterJetPack in your garage, then the deal should include one for us and one
for the owner of WaterJetPack.com in exchange for a reasonable reduction in the
cash fee to lease his domain name.

If you want free
lessons on flying a jet from a fighter pilot...you're going to have to fight me
for FlightInstructor.com, because I guarantee you when things slow down I WILL
be marketing that domain name for Morgan Schwartz and I have no problem at all
telling the companies that want it that the first to sign, write a check, and
put me and our client Morgan into a jet at supersonic speed just once...gets
the domain lease they all want.

You get the idea? Yeah...this is how I think. EVERYTHING is
a joint venture. :)

Protected properties and warm leads for proven producers.

Great commissions.


Bonus contests with unheard-of payouts.

So long as it’s your client you bring in that does the
domain leasing deal, then for as long as Rick and I get paid, the sales sub-broker
who finessed the other party into a deal will too, and that includes on sales
buyouts too.

As long as you can
prove you added value to the negotiation, anyway, I will trust first and verify
and you will NEVER see me take money out of a guy's pocket that he knows he
But just sending an email saying JointVentures.com ain't gonna cut
it. I can hire a 3rd world country person happy for an opportunity to send
emails all day long.

These are high level deals and while our team will use
infusionsoft affiliate tracking to give you links etc for tracking cookies,
it's up to you to stay on top of your leads as they come in, our ops team
filters them to you as they raise their hand saying 'I'm interested'
by filling out a form on our website, and your role to continue following up
until they say 'Where do I sign?'...including letting them know AFTER it's leased to someone else that it
is no longer available.

That’s called “You snooze, you lose” and almost no one in
sales does it because they don’t have a UNIQUE PRODUCT that has no viable
alternative for a discerning buyer.

We do. And if selected for our program, you will too. They
missed out on Divorcee.com? Well, offer them Divorcing.com after the first one
is gone. They hesitated too long on TabletComputer.com and it’s now leased to
their competition? Maybe they’d like to tender and offer for
TabletComputers.com before we go to market with it next and they run the risk
that their company that makes and sells tablet computers online may become
increasingly irrelevant in a sea of “me-too” competitors who do the same damn
thing and have to “build a brand” when they could have just wrote a check to
get one.

Like I said, we'll have a blast.

Hell, pick your own email address and brand identity to use
while it's unused. That way you're not calling from JointVentures.com if you
don't want to be.

Want to be the only Amy@Cutie.com in the world? John@eLandlord.com
? Jill@SellProducts.com
? Tom@MeetPartners.com
? Tina@SexyUnderwear.com
just for the shock value?

Come on, have fun with this one. I DARE someone to call
advertising agencies and Inc 500 companies and say “This is Michael with
AdvertisingCompany.com, calling for President _______ about his/her interest in
making more sales this year. Thanks in advance for putting me through.”

They'll get past
gatekeepers and thru to the CEO so often it'll make your head spin just from
the PERCEIVED LEGITIMACY of a domain name like that matched as a business. It
can still be PARKED because it won’t matter to perception during that ONE phone

Don’t believe me? Make 50 targeted phone calls and come back
and tell me I’m the only person who can do it. I guarantee you I’m NOT, pal.
I’m good…but I’m not the best sales guy out there. I just know how to be Danny@Sneaky.com
and sometimes being sneaky a little bit is what you need to get a message to
the right decision-maker at the right company at the right time to make the
right decision to seize an opportunity…before his company loses the once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to get Category.com on never-before-offered affordable leasing
terms to their “Category” industry competitor forever.

OK so you've got me off track and I have a half-dozen
contracts to process in my inbox right now...so let me just say I'm glad you
reached out again and I'm excited that YOU'RE excited.

There's one thing I want to run by Rick because it's his
business with Howard Neu, not mine...but frankly I'm going to try and twist his
arm to agree to a '3 and you're free' deal for our sales team of sub-brokers
to attend T.R.A.F.F.I.C
. So long as you have 3 monthly paying
domain lease deals, call it a perk and a chance to have some cameraderie and
build your network on our dime. Again I don't have any pull with Rick to get
people discounts or special offers to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in exchange for them
choosing to become a JointVentures.com client but I WILL ask him to make a
special exception for the guys who maybe can't afford T.R.A.F.F.I.C. but are
busting their ass to make something great happen on our sales team instead of
bitching and moaning that Rick Schwartz is somehow 'lucky'.

Frankly I don't have that kind of power, only Rick himself
and his partner with the conference. I'm optimistic he and Howard may give ME a
special deal on attending T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and being a sponsor, maybe even
speaking if the people want me to...but even that is uncertain. Have you tried negotiating with Rick
Schwartz? ;) Let's say I'd be VERY surprised if a TRAFFIC special deal for
becoming a JointVentures.com client were to happen, but I'll go to the mat with
Rick for anyone that's making he and I money in sales to get it. It's just a
different scenario, and everyone who's used to paying $1500 to come and it's no
biggie for them shouldn't complain. We'll see what Rick thinks so PLEASE don't
share that idea with anyone!

If all that intrigues you, stay in touch.

You're MY #1 pick just from the fact that you put your balls
out there and say what you say, asking for opportunity.

I told you a few weeks ago that guys like you and me are a
rare breed, pal. Well, it's time to create an INSTANT ARMY of us. I'm already
looking for the Sergeant so I can move up to Captain and prepare the way for
being the Colonel with the more leadership-oriented responsibilities I need to
be to make this all work. Rick of course is and always will be the
General...but if I could just share with you how much this guy they call the
Domain King has taught me about business and making stuff happen in the last
few months, your jaw would drop.

For the right guy or gal, with the right skills, and the
right mindset, this is the opportunity of a lifetime.

And even though I know damn well Rick and I will be training
our competition within maybe 3 years when you start getting massive success...I
just don't worry about that stuff.


Danny Welsh


P.S. Sorry, but email address danny@stud.com is going to be
taken whenever I get around to asking it to be set up. But you can have next
pick on that scenario.

Have fun with it, cuz if it ain't fun it ain't worth doing.

Orville and Wilbur’s Great Adventure: 36 Months from Fight to Flight to Future

Good Morning Folks...

My partner with JointVentures.com
wanted to title this post “Good Morning Folks...and if I Don't See or Talk to
You Much the Next 60 days: Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!'.
I changed that title because well, its RicksBlog and I felt like it. LOL.

business: As I said the other day, Danny and I only answer to about 120 people
from here on out this year as we build JointVentures.com the domain name into
JointVentures.com the business. I figure that will be a 3 year plan for most of
the initial growth, with a LOT happening this first year. Those 120 guys and
gals signed up as inaugural clients and we’re going to work tirelessly to move
mountains and do deals for them in repayment of that trust.

So I’ll be around here posting and commenting whenever I
want just like always. Danny mostly won’t unless it’s obvious/possible the
commenter is an END USER that followed the river here to the pond and is asking
buying questions…or it’s one of those 120 people wanting to ask a question in
public for some reason instead of simply calling Danny to ask. But
I DO have quite a few “pre-written” posts from Danny
I think are going to give you all even more
idea about how Danny and I work well together, despite the fact that we FIGHT
about certain things too…more of an idea about how much of all we’re doing in
2013 has a precursor in the thoughts and notes of two guys for years...and
reveal some pretty amazing opportunities for folks to do business with us
TODAY, earning money potentially for life

In the next 75-90 days as Danny puts 99% of his focus on
completing the 3 or so scaling up priorities he and I have discussed and
decided upon, I think when he comes back into the arena here daily it’ll be
obvious just what the hell he was doing that was more important than crossing
swords with folks on a blog daily (even tho it’s fun). And I do see this as an
“arena”. Maybe it’s just the “Gladiator” movie fan in me! Or that Teddy
Roosevelt quote. Whatever. To daring greatly!

Rick Schwartz

“Good Morning
Folks...and if I Don't See or Talk to You Much the Next 60 days: “Good
Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night!'

By Danny Welsh

If you haven’t heard the news, as predicted by Rick Schwartz
and brought to fruition by us both with the help of some very smart and
forward-thinking folks that took the leap with us, as of 2/1/2013 our “domain
owner” JointVentures.com client roster for the first half of 2013 is completely

Boarding doors are closed. The jet engine is warming up!

We will accept no
further domain owner clients
unless someone convinces Rick Schwartz on
a one on one email that marketing their property will provide a “headliner” for
our company that ALL of our clients will benefit from when a deal is completed
for it. I won’t even see the submissions, and I’m asking our website developer
to remove the “Submit Domains” button on our site…now.

(ASIDE: Okay so Danny P beat me to it, and yet still the
inquiries pour in from all kinds of other methods. Maybe tomorrow I’ll wake up,
walk outside on my front porch with Bailey the Service Dog Flunkie and expect
to see a carrier pigeon dropping a domain submission… *sigh* does anyone
understand that I’m just one guy? We all have our bandwidth…400 properties to
market this year is mine)

That’s right, dance
fans. Club’s closed and now for those who are IN, we are going to show you just
what you got on the INSIDE of
…and I hope you’re not disappointed. I’ve been
planning this for two years, but without Rick Schwartz’s green-light it could
not have happened. Without your all’s buy-in alongside Rick’s own, what’s going
to happen in the next 3 years could have taken many more years, or been
completely impossible.

How do we do go from plan to
ever-increasing profits?

Well, First
let me thank you for this opportunity to serve you the best way *I* know how, even as you increasingly realize
that my ideas and plans are nothing like what most people expect.

Please realize I don’t do things the way most companies do.
I admit. I’m kind of a nut. But I’m the nutty entrepreneur that’s about to
crack a lazy industry wide open
and show people on BOTH sides of the table
how doing joint ventures together will break the frame of what’s possible to
increase PROFITS FOR BOTH by a more qualified operator exploiting an
underutilized asset.

Which lazy industry am I talking about?

Is it “domaining” when thousands of Category.com value
assets are sitting UNUSED “parked” and making hundreds of millions of...nickels?
Could be…

Is it “Category” industry when a sales-increasing MVP like Category.com
is on the sidelines and not in the game at whatever price is needed to make it
work for both parties? Could be.

Is there something offensive about me saying that to either
party? Could be.

But forgive me for saying so but when I see 6, 7, and 8
figure assets earning thousands instead of millions…then it only calling a
spade a spade to say that BOTH sides of the table when it comes to the
very BEST and most valuable domain names in the world have been short-sighted,
greedy, and refusing to see what the other party sees…except in a FEW cases

My role is to increasingly bring both
parties to the table and create a
WIN-WIN where both sides make more money WITH each other
than they can make without each other.

And that’s exactly
what I’m going to do, and if you think any force on Earth can stop me then you
clearly don’t know the power of an idea infused with faith and backed by ACTION.

need to work out how we communicate (and how we don’t).

Our biggest potential problem right now is the likelihood
of “information bottleneck” unless steps are taken to avoid it FIRST
. Rick
and I have to take what’s mostly in our brains only and transfer it to a team.
And we are asking that each of our clients take what he/she wants to
communicate to me and Rick and transfer it to us using certain protocols. “File
transfer” protocol is key…that’s why I put almost one page worth of notes on
that answer/request of ours in the clients FAQ that was emailed out. Please pay
attention to it. You’ll only have to
read it once. It won’t change much, because we ANTICIPATE problems, not create

If we ever “fire” a JointVentures.com client, it will almost certainly
be for simply refusing to cooperate in this area, and jeopardizing our ability
to keep our promises to others because one person believes they can monopolize
our time and attention
. Unlike something you’ve ever heard from a
“broker” who should be (and IS, trust me) grateful to get your business? Get
used to it! Neither Rick Schwartz nor Danny Welsh are very ordinary guys, and in
an arena where people go ga-ga over 20% income increases we don’t offer
promises of ordinary results…so a few out-of-the-ordinary requests in exchange
for the possibility of extraordinary 20x and more income increase?

I think it’s a fair deal, don’t you agree?

Third, we
now need to get back to the plan I was already quietly implementing for Rick
Schwartz and getting results BEFORE he asked me to take an 8 week side trip
into taking on more clients as his partner with a new domain brokerage. I’m
already 7 days behind in the master plan, but I’m not disappointed. I was
flying a nice prop-plane but Rick summoned a Gulfstream Jet out of thin air in
8 weeks. So I won’t complain. View’s nice.
Company is pretty good, too. I’m already walking the aisles of the plane
and talking to some of the passengers in First Class (that’s you) who have
GREAT ideas on how we can fly this jet even better, more efficiently, etc. Lot
of SMART people in those seats, and I’m listening to everything you say and
incorporating what is good…what is important…and will use those great ideas
when the time is right.

Rick and I’ll be emailing (or may have already by the time
this is posted) a blast message to each of our new VIP domain clients with a
video overview of where we are at and where we are going. I think it’ll give
you a hell of a high level 50,000 foot overview, and confidence that you made
the right choice. If you didn’t get it, that’s a problem. Please email our
admin so you get your address WHITELISTED properly so any mass email
communications we send you this year GO THRU

Fourth, we
need to be ruthless about what’s important…and what can wait. We’re behind
because I made that mistake thinking it was “important” for me to respond to
everyone’s emails. It is simply not possible for a guy used to DOING great
things to keep up with thousands of people in the blogosphere that seem to love
mostly only TALKING about great things (or criticizing those that do). Sorry.
Making our clients money this year IS important. Implementing my plan the way I
know it will work IS important.

It is ALSO simply not possible for a guy used to DOING great
things to keep up with 120 new clients that seem to love sharing their ideas
about how Rick and I can market/sell their properties for them.

Thank you for the dozens of blog recommendations emailed
to me
. But forgive me if I say that being expected to read every blog in
the domaining universe = not important. Rick gave me 6 he recommended, and 6 I
have read and will continue to read. A horse that wins the Kentucky Derby has
blinders on and just runs his race, devoid of distraction. It’s GoBabyGo.com,
not StopBabyStop.com…:)
Thank you for the great past leads you’ve passed on to our admin. But
forgive me if I say that taking special time to immediately drop everything and
follow up with 5 year old referrals who were “interested” in a domain property
= not URGENT. Same goes for any company you tell us “should be interested” but
SAVED AND USED IF IT’S SENT PROPERLY TO THE RIGHT PERSON (i.e. not me)! But using it immediately is simply not urgent
when viewed in the context of our team implementing a 12 month plan including a
“domain launch” this year for that specific property of yours

I will be posting more about the domain launch formula and
sending some videos of what it looks like and how it works. I’d prefer to just
be DOING it, but Rick has changed the dynamics a little bit of what my 2012
plan was. Now it looks like in a few months I’ll be getting to do it with even
better properties to launch…with more back-end sales help from a team…and
bigger companies to be negotiating WIN-WIN deals with for each to get the ONE
unique asset they most want…with 120
clients instead of 1.

So that’s cool. In short…a domain launch is a formula of
marketing activities completed in a rapid-fire fashion from 3-14 days
start-to-finish during which anyone who should
be interested
and might be
financially qualified
WILL learn about the domain’s availability and pricing
terms because that’s what the launch is DESIGNED by me to do (penetrate
a small niche MARKET with a simple MESSAGE using multiple MEDIUMS
your older leads sent to us which have been and will be databased, for firing
once the gun is loaded.

Expect BIG things slowly…
that has been, is, and will always be
Rick and my promise to domain owner clients.

Fifth, I
am not only the business owner but also the chief marketing officer and sales
content copywriter of our little merry crew.
That means the next 60 days I have to write hundreds of pages of compelling
salescopy to create our customized “pitch pages” for 100s of unique domain
individual custom pitch pages which are designed to compel ONE
action revolving around the domain name itself (typically to trigger a “how
much” inquiry but not always)— and targeted to as many as 1000 companies or as
few as ONE person, depending on the needs of the deal.

One fun example you may have already seen is

A lot to get done, wouldn’t you agree? I wrote the content
(200+ pages) for JointVentures.com in a “vacuum” where even Rick Schwartz barely
knew what I was up to for 4 months…now I have an even MORE DIFFICULT task, and
120+ people to whom I’ve made a promise of progress and a possibility of BIG
results that want to know “what happens next?”

I don’t blame ya! So even though every minute I take
explaining what I’m going to do and am doing makes me frustrated…I understand
why you want to know. On the other hand, I will (and can) tolerate only so many
questions before I’ll have to simply say it’s probably better for us both that
I shred your listing contract and call someone in to be a client who’s on the
waiting list.

Priorities are simple. First is hundreds of custom pitch pages. I’ve given myself 8 or so weeks to complete
that next phase of our 12 month plan. Will I Succeed.com? Go ahead. Mark your
calendar for 8 weeks from today. Just do me the favor and before you criticize
me…ask yourself if YOU could do it.

Those pitch pages combined with the sales team we are hiring
and will be training in the next 90 days gives Rick and I both time for
precious little else…but when complete WILL ensure the increasing success of
our deals, our company, and our clients.
THIS thoroughbred knows the distance of the race, will not be distracted, and
knows what the Winner’s Circle looks like
. See you there? I’ll be the one
with a garland of Carnations.com draped on my shoulders (and no jockey).

Sixth, we
need to staff up and scale up certain procedures to be capable of fulfilling marketing
and sales for more domain properties and more clients.

You elected Rick the General when you signed on. And I’m
going to be the Sergeant for now. The Sergeant is extremely important for a
unit to operate, and makes sure “shit gets done” (operations).

But being the Sergeant ain’t my gifting. So I’ll be the
Sergeant until we find someone BETTER, and I’ll move up to where you really
want me to be if I’m going to make us all a lot of money.

The email Rick just sent out (or will shortly) via email
blast ONLY to our signed clients this year lays out a LOT of our plans for the
next few months. If you didn’t receive it please email the admin for a copy,
and they’ll also make sure you get your email program “whitelisted” so Rick’s
email blasts in the future get thru to you.

It’s really
important that all 120 of us are on the same page so we can turn on a dime all
year long.

The plane is built.

The passengers are on board.

The pilots have a destination.

The instruments are being checked.

The crew is about to hear the “last call” to board
immediately thru the crew only door.

The journey is almost starting.

So if you’ll allow me to extend the aviation analogies…if
you’re one of the select 120 inaugural domain owner clients of
JointVentures.com, we’re gonna GoFirstClass.com, okay?

Play it cool. Chill out. Relax. Stretch out with all that foot room.

Realize you’re in the First Class
Seats and the plane is taxiing the runway on a heading for a 3 year flight
where you already know where we’re going because Rick told you so almost over a
decade ago when he first predicted this journey...and the destination.

Here, have a mimosa.

You’ve got Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh in the pilot seats. Or as Rick calls us “Orville” (me) and
“Wilbur” (him). We may not be the original Wright Brothers but I can tell you
this: if we accomplish what we’ve talked about accomplishing in the next few
years…then everything so far ever in domaining is about to look like that first
7 second flight of that first rickety plane in Kittyhawk, NC all those years
ago compared to what is about to transpire in the future for “domainers”.

Ballsy claim? Yeah. But if we succeed at the level we’re
capable of…and I’ll admit…it IS a big IF…it’ll have been TRUE.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing with you our entire
unique asset (that’s your domain) marketing funnel and launch formula, what it
looks like, how it works, etc.

You can post the mindmaps and videos I send you on the
internet for all we care, because no one can copy ME and no one can copy Rick
Schwartz. But until TRAFFIC we MUST be “close to the vest” about a couple of
things. Whenever we email about those things, it’ll say so. Cool?

The rest, if Rick
and I know it, you get to know it too for trusting us to go on this journey
that is designed to help Rick accomplish his long-term vision
: an income stream attached to 100 growing
companies, into which he contributed only the domain name

I am grateful to YOU (clients) and Rick (my partner, and
your negotiator) for helping ME provide a WIN-WIN deal for those 100 companies.
Some will be attached to Rick’s own domains, some will be yours, but if I’m
successful then in the next few years the Candy.com style deals will become

All I’m going to be
doing starting in mid-April is putting one huge Fedex-Logo-Style “Generic”
arrow in the sky after another pointing to GENERIC.com no one in the “GENERIC”
business will be able to ignore when they “SEE IT”. (aka domain launch after
domain launch)

The domain names don’t sell themselves and you all know
that’s true. Nor will they sell themselves when paired with the right “offer”
(custom pitch page) or price (lease), but I can say this: once that RIGHT end
user company for each great domain name “SEES IT”…they WILL want it, and Rick’s
job is to work out how they can have it for the right price and terms agreeable
to both parties.

It’s called a seller’s market and right before your very
eyes you’ve all just seen Rick Schwartz mastermind gaining legitimate “listing”
control of 300+ domain name properties arguably better than many of his
own…(maybe I helped :) )and you all know how good Rick Schwartz is at “timing”,

Is there a “domain broker” on the planet who could have done
what Rick Schwartz and Danny Welsh have done in 8 weeks? In 1 year? If so,
PLEASE give them my contact info because they’re selling their work too damn

So we’re about to hit critical mass and LAUNCH unless the
folks in First Class (that’s you) are unable to to hang out, relax, drink a
mimosa or two and chat with each other instead of wandering around the cabin
asking a million questions and knocking on the cockpit door. :)

The folks in business
class seats are happy to pay you to sit on the beach just to get what you’re
not using to earn anything more than those millions of parking income nickels.
I know because I was and AM ONE of them
(you do realize that while
Rick and I co-own JointVentures.com the BUSINESS I don’t yet own JointVentures.com
the domain name, right?).

The folks in the economy class seats can make a choice:
complain or cooperate

It’s always their choice, but the www.imitation.jets that’s
$8.99 in 2013 will NEVER IN OUR LIFETIME equal www.Jets.com.

They will see proof after proof of that in the next years.
Sorry, ain’t even debatable to me or Rick. And if you believe THAT…then there
also ain’t no hurry, but we’re going to move with a purpose anyway.

In the coming days
and weeks you’ll see that we will give a LOT of $$$ opportunity to some really
sharp people who want to sell leasing the most premium Category.com style
domain names available on terms any smart “category” company is going to
recognize is a STEAL.

Before the “conversation” shifts 100% to building our sales
team and then both they and we shift again to only talking to the companies
that want to lease….

This is a last mass message
to our JointVentures.com domain clients…If we don’t talk much in the next 60
days…know that I’m working hard for you and a team is being formed to do the

So until then, you may hear Rick Schwartz say “Morning
Folks!” many times in the next 60 days…

But I won’t be able to do that so much (even if the
pre-written “post” has my name on it). ;(

From me…as Jim
Carrey’s character might say about the Rick and Danny Show…

In case I don’t see
you later:

Good afternoon, Good
evening and Good NIGHT!

Danny Welsh

P.S. See you all in May at Vegas for TRAFFIC!

readers of RicksBlog who are NOT clients of JointVentures.com this year…We are
almost ready to return you to your regularly scheduled programming…but not

If these recent weeks’ bull-rush of ideas and a FIRE HOSE of
value from a guy you’ve never heard of speaking as an authority in sales and
business bothered you simply because I’m giving value AND selling at the same
time…perhaps you should look at whose name is on the blog. Not mine. You gave
Rick permission to talk to you and share stuff he thinks is of value the moment
you visited his blog and subscribed. Recently the most newsworthy things he has
shared…it just so happens that it’s me sharing it on his behalf…and he owns
half of it. So our next pre-written posts
will mostly, with Rick’s blessing, detail our exclusive sub-broker sales
'Who else wants $500 cash plus 5% of $5000/mo for as many
as 5 years or more and then a chance for 5% of $5,000,000 buyout?' kind of

I am So Sorry to Those to Come and All those Before.

Morning Folks!!

I am sorry. Let me get it off my chest now so I don't have to address it in 2016 or 2020 or 2025 or whenever. I am sorry for something I routinely do and even tho you don't exist now you will be angry at me years later when you do show up.

So I want to apologize here and now just like I should have done in 1995 and 1996. I want to apologize for getting the jump on the masses. For seeing things before most others. For being years ahead of where you are even tho you have yet to even start your journey.

But it will be me that you blame for this or that because I was YEARS ahead of you and thus I will be enjoying the fruits and you will blame me for not leaving fruit for you. So I am sorry. So I want to say how sorry I am now so you know I was thinking about you even tho you are not even in the stadium yet. So I can at least leave you this apology and I can point folks to it in the years to come.

But I always left not only bread crumbs, but meals and feasts along the way with plenty of fruit. Did you not see those? Did you not read the directions left for you? Specifically for you? Everything but your personal name on it. Were you too busy using your energy to blame me? Walking east looking for the sunset?

I am so sorry if you missed all of that. I am even sorrier for the next stage and once again you will miss it even tho it has been no secret.

We have been called cybersquatters but have all but defeated that myth. We have been the target of many WIPO and NAF actions and now we win more than we lose. We have exposed the dirty secret of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking and now those companies are marked FOREVER and that is making that practice one that may soon be extinct.

So I want to say how sorry I am for the many that will blame me/you tomorrow, the next days and all the days after. I am so sorry you are so misguided, jealous, work hard but not smart and that the only way to fix that is turn 180 degrees and use your energy more efficiently and effectively. Or not. But if you do then life will be better and you too will get to say you are sorry someday.

Have a GREAT Day!
Rick Schwartz

Stupid, Beyond Stupid Marketing Blunders

Morning Folks!!

There have to be people that are completely brain dead that are running businesses and succeeding. What's your excuse? Below I have just a perfect example of BEYOND stupid.

So I get an item that I bought.

I want to order another one.

I get the package the item came in.

No return address. Just the address of the fulfilment center.

Luckily there is a card inside the envelope thanking me for my business.

One problem.

No contact info on the card.

No name, no phone number, no nothing.

Beyond stupid.

Certainly it is on the back of the card!!??

Here it is:

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Compelling and Brutal Posts to Come.

Morning Folks!!

You have no idea what is about to come at you! You are about to see more ideas and more ways to look at things than I can even describe. It's gonna be one of those 'You gotta see it for yourself' type of things.

All I can do is warn you that everyone in this industry is about to be brought out of their comfort zones in a very big way. I promise in the next 100 days things are going to take a dramatic shift. Ideas and action are a very powerful combination.

Transparent, on the record, stated goals, timelines, examples and then watch the show unfold.

It comes down to 'Circulation'. It starts as a seed of an idea and it circulates. And when it works, it spreads like wildfire.


So if my math is right I share this distinction with some 2 million others and not sure where on the top 2 million I might reside. But hey, it's a starting point! 1% sounded impressive, 1 in the top 2 million, not so much lol.

Rick Schwartz

Benchmarks, Time Lines and Passion.

Morning Folks!!

Business to me is about benchmarks and time lines. You set goals and then you set the time line to meet those goals. During the time line there are certain benchmarks you should hit in between and that is the key to everything. I like running slightly ahead of benchmarks. I like getting to appointments early. It's just in my DNA.

Passion is also in my DNA and as I look around I find it hard to imagine living in a world where one had NO passions. Life was just gray. Mediocre. Nothing special. Passing time.

Now there is a line where passion crosses to something else that is not so good. So you gotta be careful passion does not turn into crazy nut job. :-) But what does an army of passion look like when not mixed with mediocrity?

Success is nothing more than climbing the same mountain via different paths. You already know you can climb the mountain. But with each new climb there are new challenges and preparation is always the key as I explained in this post.

The mood of the industry is shifting and being passive is not always an option. Timing to me will always be the single biggest key. Timing, time lines, benchmarks, goals and I still LOVE Mondays!!

Each Monday is the start of a new set of benchmarks. New time lines. New goals for the week and the bigger goals that have long been set.

In the past 100 days we have changed the conversation and direction. In the next 100 days we are going to change the course of domaining history. While the army of naysayers will grow louder, stronger and wider, we will demonstrate why we are so confident in what we are about to undertake and achieve. Thousands of competing motives will try and drown out and torpedo what we are trying to do. But with each nay will be a motive linked because no real domainer is rooting against us. Domainers will rejoice as we start announcing deals. Others will become threatened.

So the question to ask as we hit another Monday is who has the most to lose in a JointVentures.com success?? Certainly not domainers. But who? Who would invest so much energy trying to discredit something that 5 others companies so far have followed our lead with?

JointVentures.com and leasing domains is a huge threat to some. What would our success do to the domain industry? It's a question many are asking because they see the writing on the wall. What happens when the very best domains are leased? The domainer is a winner because he is making much more and it is steady income. The lessee is a winner because he increased is odds dramatically in terms of a success and standing out among their competition. So where will all the noise that is to come trying to discredit domain leasing be coming from?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz