2 YEARS of New GTLD Gains, WIPED OUT and still Hemorrhaging!

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There is no question that the new GTLD's have been a disaster for domainers as well as most registries with too many horrible extensions to list.

After hitting nearly 30 Million total combined registrations a year ago April, the current number registered are the same as June 2016 standing at 22.7 Million. Wiping out nearly 2 years of gains. And there are still 1.25 million upcoming deletes and that is with the success of Google's .App now climbing to #17 with 250,000 registrations in just a few weeks.

8 of the top 10 extensions lost ground yesterday with .Loan leading the way shedding 73,773 domains. The #1 extension .Top added 120 domains and #6 .online registered 2 for the extensions that gained.

.App gained 2750 Yesterday making it once again the top gaining extension vs 550 others! Most of which lost ground.

The other 99 of top 100 had a COMBINED total registrations of 7793. Compared to 125,566 drops for the top 100. That's 16-1 losses over gains!! More than 16 domains DROPPED for every 1 domain registered. That's not growth, THAT STINKS! And if the majority of  top 100 are stinking I can't even describe the bottom 450. Most of which had gained or lost less than a total of 10 each. Most of those with just +/- 0- 3. That's called Dying on the vine!


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Rick Schwartz

11 thoughts on “2 YEARS of New GTLD Gains, WIPED OUT and still Hemorrhaging!

  1. Mark Thorpe

    Where is Frank (Mr nTLD) anyway? Have not heard from him in awhile.
    Oh that’s right, he is busy buying and selling his 300k+ AM radio .Com domains.

  2. Snoopy

    Only reason .app is gaining is because it is new and there is no deletions yet!

    It will get to a few million and then start the gradual slide downwards ‘a la .mobi’.

  3. wrinkle

    New gtlds was a look left while i made a right.
    To all the people that think they would have done better if they were around back in the day need to remember it was no secret. We used to talk about the value of domains and people didn’t get it.
    Most people don’t understand the value of something unless its obvious and back then it wasn’t. Even now people like rick and others tried to warn people of an inferior product (new g’s) and the same people that thought they were smarter didn’t listen. Its about vision that makes it easy for people like rick and others to understand what the smartest people don’t get. cctlds offered a huge opportunity a couple years ago but those that thought they knew better bet on new gtlds. Many of the smartest people can’t think for themselves, they need to be taught.

  4. John

    I’ll be among the first to support the value of the rare best of the best exceptions in anything new as no competition to .com, like Home.Loans for example, but it’s not rocket science: how many keywords can go well with highly specific extensions? In most cases, not many. It should be such a no-brainer.

  5. Mehtab

    Precise analysis, Rick. Few interpretations;

    1- The customer remains the king. Even “end-user” registrations of cr.app or other .horseshit hold little to no value till there is widespread awareness/acceptance/adoption/trust/demand among the real end-users, i.e., the masses, imo.

    2- People resist change, even more so when it creates more confusion/frustration. There should be only a single tld, imo. Others SERVE NO PURPOSE. Except adding confusion and difficulty. Period. It is hard not to type .com, .net or .org after .horseshit. It happens with me quite often, despite knowing all this cr.app.

    3- It defies logic. Less incentives compared to the standard/popular .com along with marginal prospects and the rates are even higher. WTF? The fundamentals are not very friendly.

    4- Cr.app is meaningful but so were/are few others too. It is a risky investment at this time and should be treated as such.

    5- All of the above would probably remain true for indefinite period unless major brands around the world change their primary .com identity to some .horse in collaboration or because of a major tech innovation.


  6. Rick Schwartz

    Danny, I don’t think those invested in GTLD’s have the stomach to watch. See what was said THEN, and see how it dovetails with NOW! That my friends is how you STUDY history and don’t RUN and HIDE from history!!!

    Let’s see if ANY watch and see how many things they predicted actually unfolded.


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