Estibot Appraises my Portfolio at $44 Million Retail, $2.4 Million Wholesale. Both are Wrong!

Morning Folks!!

So Estibot came out with a tool to appraise your entire portfolio. It is very cool. I have never given a lot of credence to Estibot. Anyone that waives their appraisal in my face gets their email automatically DELETED and NEVER answered. Rookies!

To me, it is strictly an amusement tool and I am completely amused!

What is stunning is that it shows if  YOU as a domainer are selling to other domainers, you are leaving YOUR FORTUNE on the table and willing to give YOUR FORTUNE to somebody else!! That's just downright IDIOTIC and I have been saying so for 2 decades!

A FOOL would sell my portfolio and probably get less that even their $2.4 million because so many domainers are clueless when it comes to value, weak on negotiations and scared. They sell in fear instead of confidently holding what has great value and they don't even know the difference. SAD!!

In their estimate, Estibot shows a 22x difference in what ends up in your pocket if you sit around selling to other domainers. WEAK!! VERY WEAK!! In this respect, Estibot shines! It clearly shows the disparity! So PLEASE WAKE UP!! If another domainer wants YOUR domain, RUN!

They appraise both and for $5 Million EACH. Hello?? Sorry, I wish they were worth  $5 million each. They are not! If Estibot has a cashier, we can cash these 2 in right now!

On the other side they show many domains that have value under $100 that are missing 3 other Zeros! So while it is cute and maybe some of you will get your rocks off, the actual value of a domain name can not and can never be done in mass. I don't do appraisals, but a domain must be appraised individually just like a diamond, house, car or other things of great value.

The charts below show my numbers.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

13 thoughts on “Estibot Appraises my Portfolio at $44 Million Retail, $2.4 Million Wholesale. Both are Wrong!

  1. Mark White

    Hi, Mr.Schwartz

    My name is Mark white, I just wanted to say, I don’t let anyone do appraisals on my domain names, my philosophy is..” If they want the name, then pay the price to get what you want.” Now I will negotiate a price, but the way I see it is if I am afraid to think for myself, and let others tell me what’s the best prices are for my names, then I have lost control, and sight of my goals. that’ why I set all my prices at what the domain industry calls “premium” If I don’t ask for what I want(my price), I will never get what I want. I have a thread over at NamePros The title of that thread is.. “Showcase your domain names Associated with Breaking News!” if you can find the time to say a little some thing to the guys on that thread it would mean a lot. Thanks for your insight. Looking forward to your next post here.
    Sincerely, Mark White

  2. Jose

    One of the questions I always ask myself is how you value your generic domain names.

    Other domainers follow very different ways and others with only 60 days after buying an expired for a value in Estibot of 150 USD for sale 15,000 USD it is logical this way of assessing I ask this because I buy premium for 220 USD I have to sell for 50,000 USD if you can reply to my comment today I would be grateful.

    Happy day.

  3. Dave Tyrer

    Godaddy has released information about how they use robo algorithms to assist their valuations and pricing for 99 per cent of the NameFind portfolio, which contains 734,000 domains, and why they price them.

    They combine seven different data points to arrive at a final price.

    First, they use three different robots which use different methodologies, one of which is Godaddy’s appraisal tool, which is based on 100 per cent machine learning. (Presumably one of the others would be Estibot.)

    Next, with those three initial “appraisals” in hand, two human Pricing Analysts make their own appraisals. (These are Godaddy employees with at least several year’s worth of domain expertise.)

    Finally, (at least) two more humans known as Approvers examine the five appraisals so far to determine the final published price. Presumably the Approvers discuss the earlier valuations until they agree on the final Buy It Now price. One of the Approvers is invariably Paul Nicks.

    The information was released by Paul Nicks at NamesCon 2018 and thankfully has been added to YouTube (the relevant info starts aroung 5:40 but the whole video has stacks of info):

  4. Jonathan

    What we think depends on what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.”

    1. Rick Schwartz

      Most are defensive registrations and first day registrations. Doubt I have registered one since then.
      I certainly would not invest in them.
      But I do own and like,, and which may come in handy from time to time. :-)

  5. Govind Choudhary

    I just wonder why Domainers need to estibot their names. They personally knows how much a name worth. Some bs algorithms can never predict a name price.

  6. Cliff Sokolic

    Right or wrong I like using the article “How Much Is a One-Word .COM Worth?”

    as a guide since it is based on actual sales. ,when they were up to date ,were also informative. But I try to keep in mind commercial value when buying/selling domains as that is how I started domaining. I have been selling armory on the internet since 2002 and have many relatable domains , to my main site, that account for the majority of my sales, so I am a very big believer in the commercial value of keyword domains.


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