The Untold Steering Wheel Story & Picking a Loser. Do you Know how to Spot a Loser?

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So, this is a story about sales, markets and steering wheels for cars in Detroit. I did business for many years with an importer. Then one day he got this bright idea that he was going to sell steering wheels and make a fortune. I laughed at him. I said Detroit has been buying steering wheels, brakes, etc from the same vendors for decades. No way they will buy.

Well he did not listen. I asked before you buy inventory, why don't you try and sell some first? He laughed at me. Said they needed inventory first. I laughed back, first sell one and the buy. He did not listen.

So he imported 7500 steering wheels.

How did he do? Well it sat on his shelves for years. He never sold any. I mean NONE! I think he died before the steering wheels were even sold.

Point is, get your first sale, FIRST and then figure out how to fulfill it. The only way to prove something is salable is to sell it first. Have a fist full of orders and you will be on your way up and be taken seriously.

There are millions of websites that have never made a sale and never will.

I have never started a business with a physical product without sales before I opened the door. If I can't make THREE sales FIRST, I have NOTHING! And the sales can not be to anyone I know. Cold calls. NO NONSENSE! You want a REAL result? Then you have the GUTS to get NO RESULT!

So many folks waste their time with something unproven and are too scared to actually prove it first. They are scared of the RESULT?? I would be scared of wasting my TIME! I want to know and I want the info quick!

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Rick Schwartz


5 thoughts on “The Untold Steering Wheel Story & Picking a Loser. Do you Know how to Spot a Loser?


    Very funny story… He sounds like an idiot. A wise man once said, first get the orders, say yes to everything, then figure out how to deliver on it later. Without demand you have nothing…

  2. Pete

    I understand your point (to an extent). Have a business then turbo charge with the domain.

    That said, life isn’t always so linear.

    Do u not buy in 1997 because u have no sales?

    Speculation is the name of the game.

    All about doing the risk/reward calculation.

  3. Jose

    You are right, many webs are thrown into the void believing that if others sell they also do the same.

    In the year 1985 I was offered the rent of a Supermarket in a neighborhood in the city of Barcelona where there are many people of gypsy race and middle class the previous owner had not gotten to get this business had important day sales, and weekdays and Leave the business because the numbers do not go well.

    At that time I was living as a couple with a woman who had two daughters who did not work, I asked them if they wanted to work with me, it would be hard, a supermarket before it was, they are not the same as now it is all technology.

    They responded that they were interested, I did a great walk around the neighborhood seeing their way of life of my future clients and see in them that they were not rich workers, and other businesses that to pull forward as a whole was a neighborhood of men and women workers. of women, I saw what I was interested in knowing and that I could contribute in the supermarket.

    This business was new for me, I wanted to try a new experience with more people as clients.

    At the end of the first month I had 50% of sales of what the previous owner did, why? I applied the strategy of joy, sympathy, attention, listening and help to find what they wanted at a better price, free discount vouchers etc.

    I was three years that was one of the best experiences of my life, I left it because having to stand all day was detrimental to the health of my legs.

    Happy day.

  4. Danny Pryor

    This just makes too much sense for most people. I would say it’s almost kith to watching one entrepreneur after another try a new restaurant in that one location where restaurants repeatedly fail. It really makes one wonder about the species, doesn’t it? ;)

  5. Pat Kaehler

    If you were challenged to go start a new business in 2018… What would the product / service be ?? Where would it be located or available / how ??

    Everyone can answer…


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