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Morning Folks!!

Ask around, I NEVER EVER give appraisals. I get many emails every day looking for appraisals. Sorry, never have and I doubt I ever will except TODAY!

I have 6 categories of of Appraisal for domainers selling me domains.

  1. Laugh Hard!

  2. Laugh Harder

  3. Laugh Hardest

  4. I can't get off the floor

  5. I am dying to catch my breath from laughing way too hard

  6. ok, deal!

But here is a lesson. If you are foolish enough to sell your domains to other domainers always multiply the price you quote by 10. So if you are asking $200k from a domainer, make sure the domain can be turned at $2 MILLION without the above scale applying. If you don't ask what's in it for THEM, you are not going to make many sales and the ones you do will be for chump change because they will be getting the benefit, not you.

And the 10 multiple is a minimum. Don't like that, then stop selling to domainers and do the legwork REQUIRED to sell to an end user! You are not selling something liquid. So the upside for the buyer has to be tremendous or they would not buy nor be interested.

Personally I see the best bang for the buck in domains up to about $2500. I look for a domain like that, that has a value of $100k or more and snap them up when I see them.

Domainers selling to other domainers is a sign of desperation. That made a lot of us rich. But I understand it is the only game in town for so many. It's the only way to make ends meet. And when you do that, you end up selling your best for the cheapest. Not a smart equation. So you have to figure out how NOT to do that. How not to be in that position. Not saying it's easy, but it's your JOB! It's the other half of your job that so many ignore.

My best domains slipped thru the hands of those I bought them from. I don't mind sharing that with you because I said all this very early on and throughout the years. But as I buy less, I can share more and more details.

Whether you want it asked or not. Whether you are willing to be straight or not, type-in traffic is still an important qualifier. Especially when dealing with high value domains. There should be SOME traffic. Now I don't base my purchases on traffic like I did early on. That was the holy grail to pay for the renewals. Adult was ALL about traffic and I never looked to "Search" to find that traffic. There are many other methods to grow your audience.

To me, SEARCH is the extra you get and not what you depend on to grow. It's a perk not a foundation. Maybe upside down to most, but that is my strong view. Anyone only talking about search is misguided in my way of viewing the Internet and long term marketing. You can't depend on search. You can't depend on Google. You can't depend on Facebook. You can't depend on Twitter. You have to do some heavier lifting than just spending money or fooling the system for the short term.

A domains' value may be in the different ways it can be reinvented. A great location can support a gas station or a bank or a restaurant or a rental center or a host of other businesses. Other locations may be landlocked in the way it can be used. And that may not be bad. Just know the difference.

So what's the value of your domain name? Hell if I know. I only appraise the ones I buy with my wallet and the ones that make me laugh until I cry all day long!

Rick Schwartz

68 thoughts on “Rick’s FREE Domain Appraisal Service. Today ONLY!

    1. Anunt

      not worth anything…but u paid $1900.
      No one will ever approach you and ask to buy this domain.
      You can only sell to other domainers.
      There is no need, want or desire for this domain.
      You will end up holding this domain for a while, then re-selling it at an auction to another domainer.
      Good Luck!!!

  1. Rick

    Good morning Folks!

    I 100% agree with most of this blog. The top domain people have deep pockets and can afford to buy and wait.

    I do not buy many domains these days but when I do, like Rick, I would not usually sell for less than 10 or more times what I paid.

    There is no liquid wholesale market. Most domains are not worth much. Look at Rick’s, ChinaTours.com, and TokyoHotels.com. None of us, at least me, would pay 10K for each of these. But when someone wants it that is a different story. Many if not most businesses are dumb.

    Here is an example. GolfLessons.com. Best domain for what it is. Golf is huge. I asked the PGA 100K. They should buy it even if they do not have a use for it. 100K is a nice car these days, nothing! Not even a reply!

    Rick and I were in at the beginning and basically thought the same way! We still do.
    Last week I purchased WeBuyUsedCars.com and WeBuyUsedTrucks.com for 6500 for the pair. I have no interest in cars. It seemed that this was a cheap price so I took a shot. If I were to sell I would want at least 100K for the pair. Will I ever get that? Will anyone be interested? Who knows? I don’t care. Of course if you are not making decent sales or have the funds and are willing to be patient you cannot take chances like this.

    However if you are smart, the upside is good and you only have to sell one in ten or twenty to break even. Also, I would rather put the 6500 I spent into these domains than stocks or something else.

    It would be interesting for Rick to post decent domains that he is offered today with the asking price. If someone reads it and wants it, Rick deserves a commission.

    Have a nice day!
    KDD (formerly National)

      1. Will

        Anon, who asked for your an opinion? (even you might be right)

        Start your own blog and try to get some attention there.

  2. JTW

    Hi Rick,

    We have DearDiary.com (developed), any guide on its value would be great and thanks for your help Rick.



  3. TJ murray

    Hi Rick can you please appraise?

    Thank you Rick.

  4. Rick

    Why are these people sending junk to appraise?
    No offense people but, to you what does “appraise mean”.
    Does it refer to the value domaineers would pay?
    I would not want ANY of them for any price.
    YOT as an LLL is probably worth 25K, but I am no expert of those.

  5. Mark Thorpe

    I agree with Rick, search engines and Social Media are not the foundation for domains, they’re just perks.

    I still remember domainers buying and selling domains based on Googles page rank. How is that working for you right now?

  6. Jim Donohue


    I’d appreciate your thoughts on:



    1. John

      Jim, I’m scanning down the page and that’s the first batch of really good domains. The two .com’s are worth millions, and as .net’s go that’s a nice one. Don’t waste time on the .net though (unless you use it), as it’s a flea on a dog compared to your coms.

      You are aware PrivateJet.com sold for $30 million and is one of the top few highest reported domain sales, right?

      1. Jim Donohue

        Thanks for the reply. I was not aware of the PrivateJet.Com sale, but will be sure to look into it.

        1. John

          I had a feeling you weren’t, but now I expect you will like what you find. ;)

  7. platey

    I tend to buy

    Two word. coms as a rule

    I have tech venture concept ideas etc and I have to use the self explanatory two keyword. com of my ideas etc









    Dashcamattorney.com just about to expire lol

    Sportstockist.com just about to expire

    Stillagerental.com & stillage.rentals gtld




    I haven’t got a clue what these are worth

    I buy legal sector in. com and. uk as a third of the world’s biggest legal firms are based in the uk etc

    I own surname in. com which is more valuable to. me than any financial value etc


  8. Jason

    I’d love an appraisal for both HRISsoftware.com and TalentManagementSoftware.com Not looking to sell to domainers but I am having trouble coming up with a price to start quoting to end users. Both names have high cpc on google and both exist in a very competitive industry and these two are the ones I plan on selling next. Any expert advice is welcome.

  9. Matt

    Doesn’t anyone read? Rick ain’t appraising domains in this thread. The title is a “grab”.

    “So what’s the value of your domain name? Hell if I know. I only appraise the ones I buy with my wallet”

    1. Vito

      Rick is appraising domains.
      You might want to re-read his opening paragraph…

      “Ask around, I NEVER EVER give appraisals. I get many emails every day looking for appraisals. Sorry, never have and I doubt I ever will except TODAY!”

      1. Matt

        Omg. It was meant tongue in cheek.

        I have 6 categories of of Appraisal for domainers selling me domains.

        Laugh Hard!
        Laugh Harder
        Laugh Hardest
        I can’t get off the floor
        I am dying to catch my breath from laughing way too hard
        ok, deal!

  10. Aditya

    Hi Rick, I am a total newbie in domain investing. Have absolutely 0 .com domains, but own several .app domains. I very well understand that .com’s are the most valuable and gold standard in domain business, but was interested to know how much do you think .app’s are worth relative to .com’s …. assuming the domain names are suitable for apps. Are .app’s worth 1/10th or 1/5th relative to .com’s? Appreciate your advice!

    1. Mark Segal


      The .com will be worth at least 10 X the .app. (in my opinion)
      I’ve sold several ___app.com domains, mostly to end-users, with the highest being 50 K USD and the lowest 2500 USD.
      Recent app.com sales – parkingapp.com over 5 K
      Parking.app – maybe 500 USD
      Familyapp.com over 8 K
      Family.app – maybe 800
      Socialapp.com 50 K
      Social.app maybe 2500
      Of course you need key words.
      Officeapps.com is for sale at 90 K at Michael Mann’s marketplace
      Cloudapp.com was purchased by Microsoft for over 20 K
      The .com is worth at least 10 X the value of the .app, IMO

  11. Farha Nahdi

    Guys, he isn’t appraising domains. He is making fun of the concept of domain appraisals. Just understand, he is asking domainers not to be bogged down by selling your domains for cheap to the resellers, while focussing on the concept to hunt for end users that can get you much more the amount you are willing to sell it for in the first place. Somebody, please pinch me if I am wrong in interpreting Rick.

  12. Tyger Gilbert

    I suspect Rick couldn’t reply with an appraisal even if he wanted to right now. He’s probably out cold on the floor from laughing too hard.

    Can’t anyone asking for an appraisal here even READ? Or, what part of “I NEVER EVER give appraisals” do you NOT understand? First paragraph.

  13. Jose

    Hi Rick, I am one of those who send you emails with offers, now and to stop, I think I should be brave in the adventure of giving value to my domains although some say by email that they are bad.

    I never write to a domainer that his domains are bad, I think that in the criticism there may also be the envy of not having any of the domains that the other domainer does not like.

    Never my mentor say how to do to value their domains, learn based on slaps, punching, and reading of each other’s post in the end you come to a conclusion if he always writes that he buys domains up to $ 500 and I do an offer of 4 characters like Sedo $ 450 or respond to my email, this now I sell it for $ 9K to realize that you must dare and negotiate with interested buyers, now a Broker in US for negotiation and auction and in EU for domains expired and flipping domain, the rest distributed for parking domains.

    These are the ones that I would like from you opinion ..

    fortnite.ws, admeteorite.com, iallu.com, encryptionbooks.com, 4l3d.com

    Happy day.

  14. SFU

    Rick’s last post was:

    Is the Domain Industry Brain Dead or just Stupid and Foolish?

    Perhaps this post was meant to help prove that point.

  15. Kevin

    Rick has not appraised ‘one’ domain on this post written almost 7 hours ago, with 37 (approved) replies so far, and why is that? This – “”He’s probably out cold on the floor from laughing too hard.””

    But keep asking for them peeps, because yours will be ‘the one’ he will appraise!! (good grief.)

  16. CasinosVR

    Hi Rick,
    could you please appraise my 2 domins:

    ParametricInsurance from 2018 february I had 4 inquiries – one from broker, two from startups and one and last from big european insurance company.

    OnDemandInsurance one inquiry, 1 month ago.

  17. Vito

    Just got my reply from Rick in an email. I was wrong here. This post was all sarcasm. I really believed it based on the title and opening paragraph. I know Rick does not appraise domains but thought this was the one time he would based on the headings here.

    I had a tweet up directing domainers here for appraisals and I just took it down now knowing it WAS tongue in cheek.

    Those last couple lines pretty much negated the title and opening paragraph.

    A few months back, Page Howe did a bunch of live appraisals in the NamePros chat room live and I was amazed at the outcome of domainers that were asking for appraisals. There were new domainers and old school domainers hanging on every word he wrote. It was going so fast he almost couldn’t keep up. I was thinking this was kindof a big deal if Rick was offering this today.

    So, just to let everyone here know, the post here is only sarcasm.

    Bring your pigeon shit and gold somewhere else if you need affirmation and/or valuation.

  18. Joaris

    Rick is playing you all for the fools. His disdain for the entire industry, including other domainers, registries and registrars is astounding. “Wise up, dopes” is what Rick is saying here. But you all lap it up like good little puppies.

  19. Jeff

    I have a domain.

    Asking 50 million usd. Escrow. I will cover fees.

    Valid for 48 hours.


  20. Auction.fyi

    Hi Rick,

    Here’s my best old-school domain:

    United-States.org – Is it worth anything?!

    Similar name: united-states.net was sold for 760 USD in 2009-04-25 on NameJet

    Thank you.

  21. Cindy Hart

    Hello Rick,

    What do you think about fball101.com, buymarij.com and snagcbd.com?


  22. Mike

    Excellent advice as always! I never sell to other domainers. Dont like that 10 multiple thing. End users always pay much more but yes, its more difficult work. The nut is much greater however.

    1. John

      I trust you are fully aware of the kind of sales that have taken place for numeric domains with the Chinese market. Rick himself sold 899.com for $801,000 alone.

  23. DrKeenan Cofield

    Hey are .apps worth anything? I purchased some 1200 mostly apps and a few .coms when they came out in April. I have too many hot names but don’t know where to actually post them for sale. I put out a Press Release have gotten some hits or inquiries. But who can I contact to post hundreds of my domains at a time? Like the Pope, Trumps, New York Stock Exchange, cities, banks, AIG, state farm insurance. apps. I have them.


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