Shakers and Fakers #2. Post your VERY BEST New GTLD for Sale! Today Only!!

Morning Folks!!

This is your chance to post amd expose your VERY BEST new GTLD with a price. MUST have a price or will not be listed. You can post up to 2 new GTLD's. Today Only!

Just 2 domains per post with a limit of 2 posts.

Have Fun!!

Rick Schwartz

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51 thoughts on “Shakers and Fakers #2. Post your VERY BEST New GTLD for Sale! Today Only!!

  1. RaTHeaD

    registered a .XXX i liked for $75. got close to zero hits so i contacted the owner of the matching dotcom which was a sizeable site. he offered me $75 for it. i was like ‘meh’ and just let it expire after the year was up. so goes the story of my expedition into gtld’s.

  2. Pete

    Hahaha. It’s kinda funny to me that after you lambast GTLDs as being worthless, that some people are still responding to this thread and trying to hawk their WORTHLESS “pidgeon shit” for real money. I can’t think of a worse place to hawk their wares. But desperate people, do desperate things.

  3. DVentures

    The famous name which caused a stir at the launch of xyz: $1500 $750

  4. Bul 25K, 25k. I own only 5 Gtld’s. Dropped the other 9 so i guess I am one of the losers who made some people rich. Good to see you back Rick.

  5. Michael O'Neill

    I bought these a while back with a view to developing them but never got round to it. $2,500 $2,500

    Looking at them, I still see them as possibilities.

  6. Loren Stocker

    Hello Rick,

    Trust you are well. Here’s a few package deals:

    Sex.Exchange and Porn.Exchange, together $289,000

    Marijuana.Exchange, Weed.Exchange, Edibles.Exchange, Herb.Exchange, and MaryJane.Exchange, all in $189,000. See website for overview.


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