The Next BIG Thing. How to Spot it and Where it is RIGHT NOW!

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Forget domains, forget crypto forget about all the businesses of today and focus on the businesses of tomorrow. You are not alone. Get those elbows ready. Nearly 2 BILLION searches for "The Next BIG thing" on Google alone. That represents 1 out of every 4 people on earth looking for the next big thing. Looking to get rich. Looking to find something life changing. Why do they do that? Because they see a parade of examples every day of their lives of people that have done exactly that and become filthy rich. Some at a very young and tender age. They have a GREAT NEED, WANT and DESIRE to join that group.


Many will look and will never find it.

Many will look but have no clue what to look for.

Many will chase every single shiny object.

Many will look and not recognize it if they find it.

Many will look and discount it even if they do find it.

Many will look and fail to act on it.

Many will look and say coulda, shoulda, woulda.

And a few will dare to be wrong, dare to lose time and money, dare to be criticized and laughed at, but will act on and seize what they can when they can and where they can.

Many will then laugh at their failures as they sit on the sidelines and keep searching for the next big thing but refusing to get into the game and take a risk themselves.

Whatever the "Next BIG thing" is, always look at the audience. How many, who they are and their buying power. Along with DOZENS of other questions. If you don't do that, your chances of failure are assured.

Don't talk about how many billions the industry does unless you own 1 of those billions. To me, that is the same as some idiot waving a domain appraisal in my face and thinking it has validity. Tell me how you plan to grab your market share and you do that by current and past SALES not BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!

NO NEED + NO WANT + NO DESIRE + NO VALUE = NO SALES = NOTHING =$0 If you want to run with that equation you would be a fool.

99% of finding the NEXT big thing is by discounting all the NOISE of those that want to convince you that what THEY HAVE is the next big thing. Your job is to try and find every pitfall you can find, not painting a blue sky picture. BE CRITICAL!! Try to DESTROY the idea. If it survives, it MAY be a very good idea. If not, ABANDON SHIP!!!

Domainers should have learned that FIRST HAND with the new GTLD debacle. But domainers still defending them may not be the brightest bulbs in the basket or just have a financial motive. Like they are stuck with them and still need to DUMP them to other less "sophisticated" domainers.

What's the next BIG thing? Here it is  The next BIG thing

Rick Schwartz

7 thoughts on “The Next BIG Thing. How to Spot it and Where it is RIGHT NOW!

  1. BullS

    The next BIG thing— I ain’t telling

    It is like telling you where my best fishing holes are..or where I got all my wild ginseng or Enokitake in the forest.

  2. smartwebby

    Totally agree. And there is no quick and easy formula to find the next big thing. Many flinch to put in the hardwork required and rarely have the guts too. Tell me how many will turn down offers of the type you did Rick??

    1. Michael Anthony Castello

      “The next big thing will be when the average person finally realizes that domains are digital real estate.” – Mark

      ……for their virtual reality gear. Everyone will want to dwell in their very own creation that needs an address. Then everyone will need a domain name/address. Cause and effect.

      The gaming world is the future culture that will forge virtual reality into our industry. I was dreaming of this back in 1991. The technology is only becoming a reality now.


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