Killed in Pakistan. Shot in head by CIA operation.

USA has body. DNA match.

Congratulations to our men and women in uniform. They shed a lot of blood to get this prick.


BREAKING!! Ostrofsky’s”Get Rich Click” Debut’s #1 on Amazon

Afternoon Folks!

After an industry wide blitz the past few days and a mailing to the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. customer list this morning, I am Happy to report that our friend Marc Ostrofsky's book 'Get Rich Click' debut's as #1 in Business and Investing and currently #9 overall on Amazon. (Now #7) (Now #6) (Now #5) (Now #3) Congrats to Marc and congrats to all of us! Great timing for a great book with a great need. We can only hope it gets hot and is a great success!!

Rick Schwartz


My Domain Inquiries for April 2011

Morning Folks!!

This is becoming a popular post each month. None of these inquiries are anything other than folks contacting me. 2016 is when these domains will ripen. Do you really think somebody coming along is going to convince me to sell low when I have watched these rise from no value whatsoever and a liability at that to where we are today and where we are headed in the next 5 years? As the net evolves THAT will be the thing that determines value. Would anyone here say that the Internet has reached its' full potential? Case closed.

Rick Schwartz
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