PPC……PAY Per Click or PIMP Per Click? Which is it??

Morning Folks!!

There are folks that loan money and there are loan sharks.

There are reps and agents and there are pimps.

There are slaves and free people.

In each case it is the PERCENTAGE that is divided up that determines and defines things.

If you are a slave, you work and your master takes more than 50% of your earnings. Slave by definition. So the question to be raised is “Are you a slave for your parking company?” I don’t know the answer in your case. You have to decide based on tests and data and NUMBERS.

I think what is most interesting is how many domainers think that it does not affect them just because they may not use Frank directly. They are just flat out wrong. What Frank is doing filters all the way down and that forces payouts up. The other rants are just domainers that still feel a need to pimp for them regardless of any new information.

I like the idea of having the best type in traffic coming from one source and all other traffic coming from another source. Most of us would be using both. The only difference is we don’t have to mix gold and shit to come out with whatever. We can segregate the two. We all have both. The key is defining them and paying accordingly.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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