The Domain Industry has been disrupted! Pigs are Squealing.

Morning Folks!!

The Domain Industry has been disrupted! Parking companies are flipping out. Some parking companies are squealing like PIGS!! I wrote about this a few days ago but some did not heed my warning. Some parking companies are still lobbying Google and Yahoo to drop Frank. My positiion has not changed. BACK THE FUCK OFF!!

Parking companies engaging in this practice starting RIGHT NOW will NOT be allowed to attend TRAFFIC. I could give a rats ass!! We are not here to serve you, you are here to serve us!!! You provide a SERVICE. DON'T BECOME A ROAD BLOCK!

Stop hosing domainers. Stop dealing with SHIT traffic. Stop the lobbying. I WILL NAME NAMES. I am not kidding! And if not me, somebody else will surely start WHISPERING with a BULL HORN about who is doing what.

But not to worry. You will still be represented. I will go on stage and make your company FAMOUS! Some will be SHOCKED at who are whining. But they are whining for SURVIVAL!

To Domainers: Your traffic has been worth less all the time because the same people that pay you, bastardize the good traffic to blend in with the WORTHLESS SHIT they have been peddling for years. You don't have to put much BEEF in the stew and so they don't. SHIT TRAFFIC is costing EVERY DOMAINER reading this.

And for you folks that believe the ppc payouts have nothing to do with them..... you are flat out wrong and short sighted.

Next we will talk about COLLUSION!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz