Think of Domain Traffic as Electric. Google as the Electric Company.

Morning Folks!!

Think of domain traffic as producing electric.

Google is the electric company

We have electric.

Now there is different voltages in electric including LOW VOLTAGE. As domainers we may be cranking out pure 220 volt electric in which the electric company can breakdown and distribute from there in any voltage they like.

They KNOW what they are getting and there is a constant flow with no interruptions.

On the other hand you have these INTERMEDIATES that take the 220v and do all types of bastardizing and it is no longer pure uninterrupted 220v. Now it is mixed with different voltages of electric and dead batteries and old tires and any mixture they can give to maximize their revenues at the expense of EVERYONE up and down the line.

What's the difference? If your car battery needs 12V and you can only get 8V, that means your car won't start. What you have won't do anything. It is basically worthless because it can't do what it was intended to do. On the net, it won't make the sale or get a new user. It falls short. There is only one winner and it is not Google and it is not domainers and it certainly is not the customer.

The electric company (Google suffers). The electric producer (Domainers) suffer and the worst of all is the buyer of traffic suffers and that stunts the growth of the electric company and the entire Internet all because of the intermediary who is controlling way too much of what is going on.

I mean this is simple stuff and I am just amazed how many YEARS and DOLLARS and TIME has been wasted. But this MAY be the dawn of a new day. When the Electric company figures out where the problem really is in the chain they may see things in a different light.

Domainers want to do 3 things in this life as I see it.

1. Assemble a great portfolio of domain names that can become businesses. This was time sensitive. A Unique Opportunity in time and that took precedence over everything else.

2. Park those domains on a platform that does not dilute the value until they can......

3. Develop or partner up on those domains to make them into full fledged businesses and become a direct customer to the electric company as they partner and grow their businesses.

The motive to game the system is not there for 99.99% of domainers with true type ins. The rest came to the party a little late and play catch up and have adopted every trick in the book at the expense of everyone else.

Challenges are coming and the electric company may have to deal with other electric companies. Ala Facebook, twitter, groupon, linked in, and 50 that will come tomorrow or next year.

So it really is time for a full understanding of where we are where we came from, how we got here and then FIXING it!

And while everyone keeps telling me how I don’t understand this or I am wrong on that, NONSENSE! I understand all too well and there it all is in black and white.

We are at an “Impression based advertising” moment in time. The choice is to move backwards to that model with PANTOM traffic that is WORTHLESS or looking at the reality and common sense way of growing EVERYONE’S business.

You don't have to agree with a word I write. But this is how I see things. This is what I believe and this is something I believe we can change once folks look at it in an objective manner.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz