Who is in Charge of YOUR Destiny? You or Everyone Else?

Morning Folks!!

When you are free to think and go where others need permission, it removes limits of what you can achieve. How you can change things. How we as domainers have the POWER to change our own destiny.

There are some wonderful things about to happen to our industry. Why? Because domainers are taking back their own destiny. I have several cases in point.

You have to start your day with 2 things. Both are your health. The obvious one and then your financial health. If you have those, life is good. You also have future health. One you may exercise your body, the other you need to think and exercise your mind.

How to change things? By organizing and having likeminded people do something very specific that have a great impact and a goal oriented result. Read that one again because that may just end up being the focus at TRAFFIC this year. That’s the equation for those that understand what I mean by that.

Domainers are being challenged and that is a blessing in disguise. It all starts with an idea and there are many folks working on new ideas and I like them all.

Whether you want to accept it or not, income is your report card. You don’t have to compare to mine or Bill Gates or anyone but your own income. Up or down? By how much? What’s your monthly nut? When you track EVERY single monthly payout and truly know what your nut is then you know whether you are on the path. But you have to count everything. And then add 10% to cover the stuff you missed or are unexpected.

Your business plan may be challenged in times like this. But this is how you grade what you built. Built to last or is it washed away? If it is washed away like those houses along the Mississippi, then look at it as an opportunity to get a fresh start and start over with what you have learned. You can start over as soon as you do the thing I have said since the get go. “Make sure your FIRST domain purchase is a winner” Build on a winner not on a loser.

If you have 10,000 names and make no money, dump the 10,000 names for whatever and know you now have $75k or so to get that FIRST domain name. Get one that makes $8/day and start there. That’s just a starting point and a direction and that puts you ahead of 90% of the universe.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz