The Post with a Surprise Ending. The Story of Finding a Domain Name.

Morning Folks!!

Look back to my earliest posts and you will see that my #1 job is a miner. Like you, I look up domains all day long that pop into my mind. Or I see or hear something that could catch on. Or I just find a hole in my own inventory. A missing piece of the puzzle. That happened to me the other night.

My wife is watching a show and they have an ad for “Income Property” which is another show on that channel. I say to her I think I own that domain. I look it up, sure enough. Hand Registered in 1996 for $100.

But that is where the story starts, not ends. I think to myself that the phrase “Income Producing Property” should be a domain I own that I would have registered. I looked it up. I did not own it. SHIT!!!

But again, that is not where the story ends. There is a price. $499. BAM! Grabbed that sucker! Does it have type ins? I don’t know and not the #1 priority on this one. Because it MEANS something. It is a phrase that is used and easy to remember. Because of that, it also protects my other domain because those two are wings of a bird. One may be a stronger wing. It's a category a heading a sector.

But again, the story does not end there. The domain had to meet my tests that I described in this post. It did. That means it has VALUE! You can start a business from this one domain and NEVER look back. That is my SUPER test. That’s why I have never made a distinction between domains. Short, long, this that. None of it matters unless it means something and you can run a business from there. A Business.

But again the story does not end there. I am sure those that want to be foolish will tell me what a worthless domain this is. I could have bought for $13 and they would come here and say I overpaid. But for the rest, this is an opportunity to point something out. For those asking the way. HERE IS THE DAMN PATH!

Somebody decided this domain was only worth $499. That person was not a domainer. No domainer reading this would have done that UNLESS they did not KNOW what they were doing.

I submit that the MAJORITY of those involved in the domain industry today no longer know what they are doing. That is why we see lackluster auctions. That is why we see such puzzling sales. The majority of “Domainers” have been hired by other companies in the space and many times that was their FIRST involvement with domains and the industry. I am sure they are FINE people. But that does not make them Babe Ruth playing baseball.

So this post is a way to illustrate so many things. Everyone wants to know how. So I am taking my TIME to point it out. Tell me I am wrong. Go for it!! $499.

For $499 a guy can go out and focus on this one domain and one sector of the universe and make his fortune. Disagree at your own peril. You are wrong from the get go. Now I am not saying this is a million dollar domain. It sure as hell could be made into one!

But now let me tell you why this has more value in the future than the past. In the 10-20 years or more it has been very hard to buy an income producing property because the prices of property were going up too fast and they would do the equation and come out upside down each time. It KILLED a sector.

Now we are in opposite times. You can buy a 1 bedroom apartment for $5000 or $15,000 or $50,000. You can cover your nut. The equation works again and in a much shorter time.

But the story does not end there. There was still a hole in my inventory. I did not own the plural. But that also was out there when I looked it up for $1688. BAM! Grabbed that baby too!

But the story does not end there! The sweetest part is yet to come. I will let you folks be the “Sleuth” on this. Guess who owned

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz