Bing Changes Search in a BIG way! Google Scrambles. Facebook Flexes Some Muscle!

Morning Folks!!

Did Bing do something that puts Google on their heals?? Youbetcha!

Bing has made an announcement that might prove to be the biggest blow ever dealt to rival Google.

'In short, search for something on Bing and, if you have activated Facebook results, you will see which pages, products and websites your friends like and recommend -- very high in results, no matter if that website routinely ranks first or dead last..'

So for those that did not believe Bing could make an impact, please read my 3 posts on Bing since their inception in 2009 and see who got what right.

Also just came out with their take on things.

Tis is just the first of many new changes and challenges to come for Google by the likes of Microsoft, Facebook, Apple, Groupon, Living Social, Twitter and a host of others. By the Fall you will make no mistake the war these folks will be waging.

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Rick Schwartz

Is This The End of the Road for Domain Industry PPC Companies? Earn More with Frank Schilling

Morning Folks!!

What happens when you are a refinery and all the oil is pumped out and all you are stuck with is mud? Well the Domain Industry may soon find out. Frank Schilling now has a new Parking Company with a direct Google feed to make you more money IF and ONLY IF you have PURE TYPE IN TRAFFIC. Oil, Gold, the best traffic. HTFJYRTZYSXW

'A no-frills domain monetization platform, for experienced type-in traffic operators.'

I think for the FIRST TIME we will see what happens when you really filter the traffic to have only the best. No domains where the traffic could be anything other than PURE type in traffic. It took the crappiest payouts ever for the BUST to really happen and now we are witnessing it in real time.

If you have that pure type in traffic we all know and love, then you will soon be going thru Frank and his new venture at I don’t even have to pitch it for him. He does not even have to pitch it. He just has to do it and he has and this is a really good thing for a lot of us.

'You WILL make significantly more money here.' Frank Schilling

Congrats to Frank for breaking away in a big way and perhaps turning the tide as this may significantly change the industry landscape in the coming months and years. The NUMBERS will tell the rest of the story and the NUMBERS may disrupt a lot of PPC companies in our space and how they do business. Especially WHEN folks find out that they have been getting hosed!

Be patient, there will be a floodgate of domainers lined up to open their accounts this week and start earning 'Significantly more money'. Each account will be pulling their traffic away from another parking company. The BEST traffic! The most profitable traffic. How much business can a parking company lose and still be viable? And remember, they won't be 'Bleeding' traffic. There will be a mass exodus and more of a rupture.

And it does not stop there. There are more options and other solutions coming our way. I know folks that are quietly working on big things. All I can say is in a few months things are going to be very different around this industry and you will finally get a BILL for your friendships when you see the difference in earnings. Then maybe folks will understand who pays for what and wise up. How much does YOUR friendship cost? I'll be your best friend too if I was making 50% or more on YOUR payouts!!! On your traffic. On your BACK!

And let's hope the takeaway from this is that Yahoo and Google finally see the difference between Mud and Oil and pay out accordingly. I think we can agree that Frank can represent the best interest of domainers and our valuable traffic better than the likes of some companies in the space that may have driven a wedge between Yahoo, Google and domainers in the past.

This is a really great day for old line domainers that have and believe in Type in Traffic. It may be a really bad day for some others that try every trick in the book to get more traffic regardless of the quality and pretend both are equal.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz