BREAKING!! Monte Cahn Files Multi Million Dollar Suit Against Oversee

Afternoon Folks!!

Monte Cahn Files Multi Million Dollar Suit Against, Lawrence Ng, Jeff Kupietsky.

Monte Cahn

This 20 PAGE COMPLAINT and multiple Counts could be a game changer!

10 different Claims of Relief!! Including multiple Breaches of contract.

Moniker was sold to for $35 Million in 2007. The damage claimed in the suit is not specific. I would imagine it would total up to somewhere in the $13M-$20M range with possible punitive damages on top of that.

Rick Schwartz

Update 5-5-2011:

I did not get the release but it seems DNW did. As this is a 'News Story' I will not post my personal opinion of the statement here but I will in a future blog post:

'Predictably, the path Monte Cahn has chosen is needlessly confrontational and provocative. Regrettably, his perceived dispute with Oversee is a result of his own falling short of expectations. This action will do nothing to further his cause and will only result in the needless expense of time and attorneys fees. It is unfortunate that Monte’s actions will impact employees and clients of Moniker, the company he helped found.

Monte’s unfounded claims are well overstated and singularly without merit. We will vigorously defend this action and we look forward to resolving this in court at the earliest possible opportunity.'

Who are YOU Negotiating with? Do you even Know?

Morning Folks!!

Do you negotiate with ghosts? Who exactly do you negotiate with when you are approached about one of your domains? When you don’t know it is like doing business with a ghost.

Do you qualify them? Do you find out who they are? Do you know what bullshit you should just filter out and not pay attention to?

I respond to less than 5% of all inquiries. Why?? Because I don’t WASTE time. Your domain is as valuable as THEIR idea. THEIR business. THEIR end game. So do you think I am going to respond to someone that I already can see has a small idea? Their WALLET is directly linked to their idea.

I do have a few tools in my toolbox in the form of form responses. Educational responses. Fuck you responses. Just depends. But my #1 response is no response at all.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: For the word police. If you can't handle bad words you void yourself of REAL negotiations in the REAL world. Toughen up!!