What do you do when the .com is already registered? I’ll Tell You What I Do

Morning Folks!!

What do you do when the .com version of a domain is registered and is not for sale? Do you look for something different or do you choose another extension?


For me, it depends. If the name lends itself naturally to another extension, then I will register that. Which are my favorite default NON dotcoms? Well depending on the particular domain name I may go for .org, .tv, .me and once in a blue moon, a .co.

I have said for many years that .org is the #2 extension and it leapfrogs over the .net which has no identity. As time goes by I like .tv more and more. I own Rick.tv (a recent present) and Golfing.tv, Bloopers.tv among others.

My only objection to it 10 years ago was that there were still .com’s laying around to get registered with type in traffic that would provide the income to buy as many .tv’s as you like. Just a strategy and TIMING which is always the key.

I have a number of domains with a .me extensions. Some with other partners. Like Meet,me, Date.me, Love.me and Marry.me. Some on my own like Rick.me, Wager.me and also a few last name and first names with a .me extension.

Most extensions are worthless to me. They are a segment of a smaller and smaller pie by population. I want to cast the widest and most targeted net I can. Most extensions limit that and the groups get smaller the more .whatevers there are.

So come in 500 new extensions. While registrars may find profits, domain investors will likely find liabilities. Without massive National and International television advertising the average guy on the street will not recognize or use any of them. So they become .meaningless.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz