The Evolution of Domaining. Just Another Surfboard?

Morning Folks!!

The domain game has changed many times in the years I have been online. It has gone thru phases, ups and downs, booms and busts. The one constant is that even in decline, things progress. That progress prevents serious decline. Just ebb tide if you played the game well.

When you surf, conditions change rapidly and you have to react rapidly. While the same holds true in business, it is like slow motion compared to surfing. That means that you have a better chance of getting it right in business because you can be more deliberate and consider more options..

So while some freak out about the current conditions I just keep the same mindset in place knowing that will outlast whatever we go through. Whatever phase. But some things in business are predictable, foreseeable, understandable and therefore you can JUMP on opportunities when others cannot. Lions and lambs. Just a force of nature.

April was going to be a hard month with taxes due. There was no two ways about it for the masses of businesses and people. The squeeze was on and the storm clouds were hovering well before that,

Deep breath. We now come out of the tax season and enter the business season. Businesses now know where they are and can set a course. There is some clarity here and with the weak dollar it motivates folks to move those $$$ around.

Andrew has written about Bin Laden names. That is chasing yesterday’s news. That event was nearly 10 years ago. Will there be a few good domains? Probably. Maybe a dozen. Compare that with the thousands that are being registered. May as well go buy some lottery tickets. Like I said, that vein was mined a decade ago.

The next Frank Schilling is entering the business right now. Or maybe it was last year. He or she is unknown and invisible to us but that does not mean they are not there. They are. What do those in business for 5 years say when newcomers come along and find a path that works while some plow a field that will never yield a crop? Don't get angry and frustrated. Take a deep breath and try something new.

We are truly entering a new phase. It is a much more interesting and serious phase because folks are becoming more educated about marketing on the net. Slowly they figure out what works and what does not. They are all coming our way whether they know it or not. I see it. I study it. I make money from it. I love it!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz