Note to Parking Companies…..Back off Hounding Yahoo and Google to Drop Frank.

Morning Folks!!

The emails and phones are buzzing like mad as SOME of the parking companies lobby HARD to have Yahoo and Google drop Frank and his feeds or to try create a smoke screen like he has a special deal. No such thing. The only deal is the cut he is taking. I KNOW the numbers so please. Many KNOW the numbers.

What fee is a parking company entitled to as a middleman to provide the service they do? 10%, 15%, 20%??

Google and Yahoo have had to deal with multiple parking companies. That's redundant. I am happy to have Frank represent me because what is good for him is good for all domainers with type in traffic. We were under the impression we had folks fighting for us, but that was not the fight they were having.

So these Parking companies.....BACK OFF!! I will have more to say if this continues. You FUCKED US for years and now you want to fuck Frank???? There is a new generation of parking and monetizing and it is being led by DOMAINERS!! You made a FORTUNE off OUR BACKS. Off OUR TRAFFIC. You had a good run. Now stop whining or I will name a few names and that will make it worse.

You can't take 60% of the pie and say we are 'Partners'. The way to get OUR business back is not thru Google or Yahoo. It is taking your spreadsheets and bean counters and shoving them BOTH out the window and stop hosing us.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz