Domain Pioneer Marc Ostrofsky to be on the View June 9th!

Afternoon Folks!!

Long time Domainer and Best Selling author Marc Ostrofsky to be on 'The View' June 9th!

This is what I just wrote to Marc O a few minutes ago after he told me the great news:

Congratulations!!! You have a chance to change the course of history. The biggest audience EVER to hear about domain names in depth.

Keep it SIMPLE!! :-)

Good luck!!


This is very good news and while some may not recognize the importance, what's new? But this is big and I am sure that Marc will rise to the occasion. Just remember that 'Over night success' generally takes about 20 years.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Schilling: I sincerely hope will act as a co-operative which rewards those who generate the traffic.

Morning Folks!!

This note is just for folks with real type in traffic. Not manufactured traffic. Not search traffic. Nothing but PURE type in traffic.

Most folks are tuned in but many of you are busy building empires and may not have heard that Frank Schilling is making domainers a BOAT LOAD of extra payouts with his no frills but effective parking company.

“I sincerely hope will act as a co-operative which rewards those who generate the traffic. I would like to rekindle a team loyalty that exists between most of us, but which has begun to fade in recent years as the industry has grown. I would like us to rise together and prosper together. It may sound trite but I think it can be done.

Frank Schilling

The difference in payouts is stunning. Most are reporting 40%-50% increases and I have experienced much better than that. DOUBLE! This program is not for everyone. If you need hand holding, this ain’t the place. This is for serious professional domainers that have watched their pure type in traffic mixed with MUD in order for some folks to make more money at YOUR EXPENSE!

Since the first TRAFFIC event in 2004 I have been talking about this exact thing. Mixing potent traffic with garbage traffic. Having a 'Co-operative' to represent REAL domainers. And yes there are REAL domainers and those that SCREW the system USING domains and giving US a bad name. Them days are over!!!!!!!!

I am not getting paid to do this nor would I want to get paid. Frank did not ask me to do this and he does not have to ask. But my posts and TRAFFIC are all about making more money with OUR traffic and THAT is why the show exists to begin with. So when I see this dramatic a shift, nobody has to ask me. Nobody has to pay me. I just do what I do! Time to pay yourselves.

This is also an opportunity for other parking companies to start innovating again. The landing page is your report card. If 100 people land on that page they vote by clicking on a link or not. If no links are clicked that means no votes were cast and the page failed the surfer, the parking company and the domainer. A negative result for everyone.

On the other hand if all 100 click than they all voted in a positive manner. When I hear about 2%, 5%, 10% or even 25% click thru’s, I am stunned. 5%??? Are you kidding? Should be 50% as a minimum and much higher. It should even exceed 100% if you have a great page to match the traffic.

So between better click throughs in which ALL parking companies can compete and bigger payouts that no other parking company can match.......we have a domain earthquake now in progress.

Now here is a secret. Like you I have done many things trying to make a spark. Developing, mini sites, lead capture sites, commission sites, you name it. But one thing always happened. It HURT the traffic. It did not grow the traffic. On the other hand, my PPC pages seem to always grow. I can’t figure it out. Maybe folks like targeted landing pages more than we think. Not sure. But the numbers tell an interesting story.

So if you don’t mind giving your income away to “Charity” not of your choosing, not non profit, then continue biz as usual. For those with PURE type in traffic, RUN, don’t walk, to getting things setup with Frank. For the first time ever we are about to see something stunning.

Type in traffic is the most potent traffic in the world. Because so few have that GOLD, that OIL, certian groups have to make things up to compete. Then they mix it our oil with their MUD to make more money because without that gold and oil, they got zip! Folks with type in traffic know this. And when folks that BUY the traffic see it, these groups can NEVER put it back in the bottle. The BS will finally be exposed for all to see and then we'll see.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz