Freedom of Speech or Freedom of Politically Correct Speech? Do you Know the Difference?

Morning Folks!!

As you may be aware, last week I turned off the “Comments” section of my blog. Maybe I should have done that a long time ago. So you may ask why? I think I just came to the conclusion that the comments fall into several categories. The folks I would like to hear from no longer comment anywhere because they don’t always feel free to say what is on their mind without getting attacked. Welcome to my world. Plus I will no longer give a forum for those with an agenda or those that employ others to post or just do their bidding.

So I decided to get on the soapbox, take the microphone back and just say what I want to say without giving the same power to those that read it. I decided to take that power back. Some used it for good, and to those folks I know they understand. Some use it to do the opposite of what I intend and now they can do it somewhere else. I will no longer allow others to marginalize my thoughts and beliefs, To bastardize my words. To out right LIE as it is in THEIR best interest.

Over the years I showed I can take what comes. I posted more uncensored posts than anyone in the industry. Friend or foe I posted them all. You are taught “Discrimination” is a bad thing. That is TOTAL BULLSHIT!! Be as discriminating as you want to be. Surround yourself with the best of the best. Let those you discriminate against KNOW IT!! THAT my friends is free speech! DISCRIMINATE!

But don’t discriminate for the wrong reasons. Don’t do it for the obvious. For the superficial. For this group or that group. For color, religion or origin. But do it for Good and bad! For those that believe a reputation is EVERYTHING and everything else is NOTHING!

I hope I piss off all those that have bad reputations because I have NOTHING in common with you. I want a divide that would make the Grand Canyon look like a creek.

At the end of the day we will have a smaller group. Okay with me. “Domainers” is much too broad a term. It encompasses way too many people that have nothing in common with a professional domain investor or a professional domain developer or a professional ANYTHING!

There is the right way to do things in life and every other way. Who in their right mind would want to be around folks that can’t get their head around that?? Go back to 10th grade if you live your life like that. If your North Star in life is not doing things the right way, then GET OUT OF THE WAY!!

You don’t have to agree with me on almost anything. But you do have to share SOME of my values just as I have to share SOME of your values. But it should not be difficult. We should overlap 95% of the time when you deal with like minded people with like minded values. Good people! We never have to agree on anything and we can both still be good people.

So we live in an era where people DEMAND respect. Funny thing is that only HOODLUMS used to have to DEMAND respect. The rest of us did it the old fashioned way. WE EARN RESPECT!

So many have just been brainwashed because it is ok to be assholes and there are no consequences for wrong doing at any level. So morons copy other morons. I guess it has happened throughout history. But now it is an art form.

So if you don’t want to know what I think or believe or how I see things, fine. But I sure as hell am going to use my soapbox to exercise my freedoms. In time I may decide to choose responsible comments to post that are constructive and I deem meaningful. But that is for another time.

To those that don’t get it….grow the fuck up. To the others that do, I probably just said what you would have liked to for a very long time but were intimidated to do it because of peer pressure and relationships and all the rest of society’s pressures. Most are economic as you FEAR retribution. Yup, I said that too. Why? Because I believe it!! But FEAR keeps you a PRISONER! Time to be BOLD and STAND UP!

I discriminate based on what is in the heart and minds of others and I will never relinquish that RIGHT and I thank every soldier that ever served to protect that right.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz