Can You Handle the Truth? Get Ready to Hear it! No holds Barred!

Morning Folks!!

Year after year I have been told by many how wrong I am and year after year it is THEM that get proved wrong. But there are many more of THEM. They come from all corners. They get paid to be wrong. It is in their best interest to beat the truth up. But how long before folks wise up?

If you have been following my posts for the last few days and don’t get it NOW…..well you can put yourself in the “Hopeless” category or the “Agenda driven” category. 2+2=4....want to argue about it?

When you mix beef stew and shit you get shit. Pretty damn simple formula. How much shit do you have to put in the stew before it is shit and not stew? I asked that on stage in 2004 at the very first TRAFFIC and I ask it today. If you can’t wrap your head around that…you are hopeless and enjoy eating SHIT for the rest of your life. One turd in the stew and you got shit. PERIOD!

I try and point out the difference between reality and bullshit and hype and all the rest. How long does it take some of you folks to finally wise up? Why do you listen to people with no credentials? No successes? When you do that, you chase YESTERDAY! Or you chase a shadow or a ghost. That's a losing hand.

So the people that eat FOOD have chosen a new path and those that eat other stuff can continue on their path. Those sitting thinking they are helpless are 100% right. So change that! Who do you expect to change it? Me? Your mommy? Your daddy? No, it is YOU and it has always been YOU because YOU have always had the power and YOU have decided not to use it. Or use it in a negative way.

And frankly, it has nothing to do with when you got into domains. That's TOTAL BULLSHIT! It was the decisions you made along the way or the indecision that has paralyzed folks. Does it cost more to play now? Maybe. Maybe not. But if you are on the right path your earnings are increasing over the years and you are able to parlay some of your earnings into better investments. Plus there is more definition now on the net than 10 or 15 years ago. If you look into the future you can do ok. You can't be stuck on yesterday and succeed. That's like a dog chasing it's tail.

The first step is to stop eating the shit you are fed by folks that have a motive to feed you shit. And that is not a knock on them. They are doing their job and doing it well. They made FORTUNES on your back and some domainers are the most gullible followers and parrots I have ever seen. Time to think for yourself.

And at this point……”Frankly my Dear, I don’t give a damn”. But I always want to be on record so there is no confusion.

As a last thought, what would you say about the class of 1998 or 1999 or 2000 or 2001 or 2002 that said THEN what folks say NOW about the availability of great domain names? During those years I would hear 100 times from 100 folks that there were no more great domains. No more type ins. Tell those folks back then that they were all WRONG!!! The smart ones know it. The dumb ones are still in denial. I just proved it beyond a doubt. 2+2=4.

What year would you like to cut the list off??? Since Franky got in the game in 2003 or thereabouts you would have to come to the conclusion that those that believed that were VERY WRONG!! But not to worry, there are dozens of folks that would even argue that point today. That's a losing position and that is why I would call those folks 'Losers' , 'Fools' and 'Morons'. When you spit in the wind, you are gonna lose EVERY time! 2+2=4. What label would YOU put on folks that want to argue the point? How much time of your day would you WASTE with them?

Here is the reality. There is 10000000000% more opportunity TODAY in domains then there was in 1996 if you understand business and know how to think the right way. It may come in a different form or vehicle. What you lose in time you make up with progress, youth, energy, timing, vision, tools and all the rest. Nothing makes me sadder than to listen to folks bellyache about wishing they got in earlier or whatever. The KEY of life is taking the hand you are dealt with and making it the best you can. Not complaining about this and that via jealousies that crowd out the drive and vision you need to succeed.

You have your health?? Then there are NO excuses for folks not to turn things around. But you can give some folks the key to the lock and they won't just put the key in the lock and turn. They will tell you 1000 reasons why THAT KEY won't open THAT lock. I don't know whether to laugh or cry at that point.

Winners remove the negatives and focus on the positives. When you focus on the positives, you have no TIME to focus on the bullshit. When you focus on the bullshit, you have no time to focus on your success. So stop throwing good time after bad by getting over what you don’t have and focusing on what you can achieve. Pretty damn simple and I have invested a lot of time writing these thoughts trying to reach those that still think the wrong way.

What's the wrong way? Go Read Mike Berken's post yesterday. See some folks devised certain ways to play the game and when you play it on that narrow a field you can fail.They have failed. Many bought certain domains for the wrong reasons. To game and spam Google with SEO to get them to a worthless domain on a worthless page that offers very little value if any at all. They had little value then and less value now. But that has no bearing on a true commercial domain that means something and is a business. When you know the difference, you will be on the right path and I have done as much as I can do over these years to get folks I have never even met..... there. So if life is not what you want and you start off thinking I am wrong, you already are on the wrong path. A hopeless path.

There are many ways to climb the domain mountain and have a success. There are just as many or more pitfalls and cliffs along the way that will swallow up you and your money. Some don't believe that. The first thing is to recognize the difference between the two. Like shit and stew. There is a difference for about you? Some swallow it. Some taste it. Some smell it. Some just recognize it and avoid.

The domain industry has THE lowest entry bar of any business in the WORLD. Think about that. One idea, $8 and there there is NO LIMIT in what you can accomplish from there. Stop, take a deep breath, forget about what you thought you knew and look at it from a new perspective. What would you say to the kid living in a hut that buys a domain TODAY and changes his life? Would you say it can't be done? 2+2=4. Only fools believe otherwise.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz