Are You Selling Domains to Pay the Mortgage and Fees or Know Someone Who Is?

Morning Folks!!

The reason domain prices are down is not because of value, it is because of domainers with circumstance and mortgages to pay as well as fees that may be eating them up. So assets are being sold cheap to bridge the gap. How long will this last? That depends on domainers not the market. The market is strong. Domains are selling. But Domainers or many of them are now financially weak compared to where they were.

The big squeeze is on. A great time to buy great domains for a fraction of their current and eventual value. The biggest shift of domains since PPC came to market is currently going on. The bad news for PPC companies is that domainers start with their most trafficked domains to start new projects. And that is underway at full speed.

Read what I wrote in 2008 and 2010. I don't have to get it all right. I just have to predict the general direction and understand WHY so that I can benefit from it not be hurt by it by staying ahead. I share what I see. Is there a single domainer reading this today that believe PPC is their future? It is a great tool, but maybe I would compare it to sitting on an active run way. Imagine how those attitudes have shifted when the VC guys flew through the Industry with their FLAWED formula.

On the other side of the coin the first week of May produced the most domain unsolicited inquiries of any week in our history. Serious offers. So I expect we are in a very “Sweet spot” as far as new, large, ground breaking projects. Arrived on schedule and will only heat up as we go through the most aggressive working summer Corporate America has seen in decades.

Just remember one thing. Your asset is unique. It can not be replaced. Value comes from many areas and to this day, I would trust less than 10 people in the industry to put a true value on a domain name. And even they would have to be in a room to discuss all the aspects of the value.

Even if you are not making money today you can always start in a different direction and change things. It is amazing how much success you can find and opportunities you can seize if you look in different directions and see the world the way I do.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz