Something for Everyone. T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Auction Has All Price Points and Variety

Morning Folks!!

Well the domain line up is all set at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Domains from $1 to $3MM and there are domains at nearly every price level and every wallet. My job is not to sit and tell you why you should bid on a particular domain. That is not my style. That is your job. My job is to give you something to think about. To tell you this is a single chance at a unique asset. Many registered a VERY long time ago and some much more recently.

I listed each domain as they were accepted. Sometimes that is like watching sausage being made. A number of factors have to happen to have a successful auction. The most important is having a domain that multiple people will walk into the auction ready to bid on because it is a bargain. That is true from 'No Reserve' to even domains at $800,000 and everything higher and lower. So agressively priced reserves have the best chance of exceeding their reserve. Plus it sets a market. It sets a floor. It's just attractive and it attracts bidders.

So the reason the TRAFFIC auction will be great is because it was built from the ground up with that always in the back of my mind. That was my base test for selection.

There are lots of opinions one way or another on the auction. I am confident that we have the right balance and that is only being backed up By Mike Berken's poll in which folks were asked: 'Which Domain(s) will sell at the TRAFFIC Auction? As of this writing with only 57 voters so far, all but 5 domains have been selected to sell at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.. So I think that demonstrates just how fluid this auction is because there are domains in there that many would LOVE to own and add to their portfolios.

When selecting I had to look at it through many different sets of eyes in order for this to come out the way I wanted it to come out. So there is a wide variety of domains, extensions and price points. Plus some 25 domains with no reserve whatsoever! Domainers that trust the market to get a fair price.

Below is the entire list and order of the auction. in Just SIX days, you will see the most exciting auction the industry has seen in years. Exciting, fun, and a boatload of sales!

Congratulations and Good Luck to all buyers, sellers and bidders! A special thanks for those that listed their domains because they believe in what we are trying to do and want to help us accomplish it! I believe about 50% of you will hit paydirt and the rest will at least get some idea of what the market deems as the value among the top domainers in the world as we start bidding at either $1, $100 or $1000 depending on the value of the domain. The bidding increments are already preset until the last few bids on each and every domain. We won't insult you by asking for a $500,000 opening bid on a domain that can't even fetch $50,000. We will start it at $1000 and together we will see where the MARKET takes it.

Rick Schwartz

View the live auction RIGHT HERE!

Lot #

1 Reserve under $25,000
2. Reserve under $10,000
5. Reserve under $50,000
6. Rice.TV Reserve under $5000
8. Reserve under $5,000
9. Reserve under $10,000
10. Reserve under $10,000
11. & Reserve under $10,000
12. Reserve under $25,000
13. Reserve under $1500
14. Reserve under $1500
15. Reserve under $10,000
16. Reserve under $200,000
17. Reserve under $10,000
18. Reserve under $30,000
19. Reserve under $50,000
20. Reserve under $10,000
22. Reserve under $10,000
23. Reserve under $10,000
25. Juicy.XXX Reserve under $15,000
26. Reserve under $650,000
28. Reserve under $50,000
30. Reserve under $50,000
31. and Reserve under $85,000
32. Trading.TV Reserve under $12,500
34.;; Reserve under $100,000
35. Reserve under $10,000
36. Chatroom.XXX Reserve under $15,000
39. Hotties.XXX Reserve under $15,000
40. Reserve under $20,000
42. Reserve under $20,000
43. Reserve under $20,000
44. Reserve under $50,000
45. and NO RESERVE
46. Reserved For a Category Killer Domain Name Reserve Under $750,000
47. Reserve under $100,000
48. Singles.XXX Reserve under $80,000
49. Reserve under $7500
51. Reserve under $40,000
52. Reserve under $10,000
53. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
*Package Reserve under $50,000
55. Blondes.XXX Reserve under $50,000
56. OUI.TV Reserve under $5000
58. Reserve under $15,000
59. Reserve under $25,000
60. Reserve under $10,000
61. Reserve $3MM
62. Reserve under $5000
63. Party.XXX Reserve under $60,000
64. Reserve under $3,000
66. Reserve under $125,000
67. Reserve under $30,000
68. Reserve under $25,000
69. Reserve under ???,000
70. Reserve under $3500
71. Virtual.XXX Reserve under $15,000
73. Reserve under $30,000
74. Reserve under $350,000
75. Reserve under $75,000
76. Reserve under $25,000
77. Reserve under $500,000
79. Reserve under $5,000
80. Reserve under $3,000
81. Reserve under $5000
82. Reserve under $5,000
83. Reserve under $10,000
84. Reserve under $10,000
85. Reserve under $10,000
86. and .net Reserve REDUCED under $275,000
87. Reserve under $30,000
88. Reserve under $50,000
89. (chinese for 'casino') NO RESERVE
91. Reserve under $10,000
92.,, Reserve under $10,000
94. Reserve under $5000
95. Reserve under $35,000
97. Orgy.XXX Reserve under $50,000
98. Wet.TV Reserve under $6000
99. Reserve under $10,000
101. and Reserve under $70,000
102. Adult Portfolio includes: /, Reserve $100,000
104. Reserve under $30,000
106. Reserve under $35,000
107. Men.Mobi NO RESERVE
108. Reserve under $250,000
109. Reserve under $800,000
110. and Reserve under $20,000
111. Reserve under $100,000
112. Stars.XXX Reserve under $100,000
113. GreatBritain.TV NO RESERVE
114. Reserve under $50,000
115. Reserve under $200,000
116. Reserve under $800,000
117. Reserve under $800,000
118. and Reserve $1.5MM
119. Reserve $1MM
120. TBA

View the live auction RIGHT HERE!


2011 Becomes the #1 Year for Domain Name Sales.

Morning Folks!!

The last 2 years I have stated that Ron Jackson will get on the stage at TRAFFIC and report a record breaking year in domain sales. I have been wrong both times. But the third is a charm. Regardless of the report, I can tell you WITHOUT DOUBT that 2011 saw more domain sales of any year in history and by a HUGE margin.

Like many of you, I have my ear to the ground. There are mega deals every day just about and seldom do any get reported. But with an economy such as it is the auction houses are busy and doing loads of transactions. I think Sedo by itself has had a number of 7 figure weeks as has a few others. That translates to big numbers over the course of a year.

I am not sure but I think that number has been hovering in the $30-$40 Milion annual range for reported domain sales. I think in 2011 that number breached $100MM. Like much more than that when you add up the deals you will never hear about. I mean more transactions in domains in ONE MONTH or less then the years 1996-2000 combined.

Domains BUST out in 2011. Mark it on your calendar. The world went bust in another direction the same year. We have new highs with great value on unique assets that circumstance forces some domainers to sell so they can pay the bills. That drives part of the market. The other part that drives the market is need and demand. Those levels are at record highs because folks and companies need to throw as much up against the wall as fast as they can because they have a ticking time bomb chasing them called debt. Once the sand runs out, game over!

So the worst of times becomes the best of times when you see through the fog of business. Domains are taking center stage in the universe. Just like real estate has for centuries. Domains are the new real estate of the 21st Century. You will NEED eReal Estate to be able to afford REAL Real Estate.

Now I can't prove any of this but I know it to be true. It will be reported in a decade from now if ever. It's an assumption based on more things that I care to list. In 1995 I did not have the money to invest in domains. Other people had much more than me. Millions and Millions and Tens of Millions of them. But I beleived then like I believe today.

As then, I still buy the future not the past. The past has its place. To show you the pitfalls to come and the parallel sucesses you can have.

With partners, Mike Berkens and Ammar Kubba, I own 1/3 of, and I think we have 1 or 2 others. In 5-10 years the same morons with different faces will say the same things they do today. So what? They completely discount that I/we had to compete with BILLIONS of other people.

Domains were no big secret. Just few saw the future of how it would all unfold. The same folks keep having a knack for finding things first. Figure out things first. See and understand things first. We bought all 3 domains at auction. We competed with all other domainers. We saw something others did not. No guarantee on success. But we have already turned down RECORD BREAKING offers for a .me extension on the domain in that group that we spent the least on. We get offers nearly every day on one of those 3 domains.

I have also bought several .me on my own. About 50 of them. I planted the seeds. It's not a bottle with a genie in it. It is an educated guess on how things will unfold in the future based on how things have unfolded in the past. Sometimes that works well, and sometimes you buy

There is the stadium full of people in the seats and there are a handful of players on the field. I would much rather be on the field recieving the cheers and jeers than in the bleachers with some jackass puking on me.

'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.' Jobs 2005

My blog, my diary, my vision with a date and timestamp. Nobody gets to rewrite history. On thre record for the record. For better or worse. Right or wrong. Succeed or fail. Some put a goal list on the wall. I just put it out there. That seems to motivate me that much more.

Did you plant any seeds today?? I lost count of how many seeds I plant each and every day of my life. Some call that luck 5-10 years after the seed is planted. And beleive me, some of it is luck. But my freinds, 'LUCK is the residue of hardwork', as Branch Rickey said.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

If you are not Making Money in Domaining YOU are doing Something Wrong. Very Wrong

Morning Folks!!

I look at Domaining and see so many ways to make BIG money that it strikes me when those, some of them good friends, are making NO money. First you have to come to the reality you are making no money. Then, as I have stated for years, then you just must STOP. If you are going the wrong way, why would you want to get FURTHER from the goal not closer? So stopping is the first thing you MUST do. There are no other ways. That is why you are frustrated. You have tried everything but the #1 thing. STOP. Stop. Take a weekend off.

I hear ya, you can’t afford to. I am telling you that you can’t afford not to. Go back to the base of the mountain. Look at it via fresh eyes. Look at it in a new way. Some of you have been doing this for many years now and that means you know more than you did when you tried the first time.

Go back to the base of the mountain. Go 1 mile away. Look at the big picture. You don’t need money in domaining to make money. You just need know how and that part you already have.

There are many paths at the base of the mountain. There is no path where you are at. Start again!! When you get to the base, you are way ahead of the others there. Just choose your path. Not the same one you were just on. Go to the other side of the mountain and start there. Do the opposite of what you did the first time.

Stop delaying. Pick your best domains, get rid of all the other crap and hit that mountain with a lighter load. The opportunities are there. They are everywhere. But you need to be on the right path to begin with to see those things. Look, I don't have to prove shit. I see what I see and I am giving you the best advice I can so that hopefully you can get a better result.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


Madison Avenue Flashback 2007. Toe to Toe….Truth to Power!

Morning Folks!!

Truth to power. Don't be too afriad to reject Bullshit. I do it right here and this clip remains one of the best most intense moments since I have been in domaining. It crystalizes the problem in a way that uncovers how laughable the answer to my question is.

Here we have corporate America bogged down in a short term budget when there are long term decisions at play. Here is how and why they fail and continue to fail. Let's have a meeting! Let's chain ourselves with a budget. Let's ignore the big picture. DEFINED! Where is the LEADER that OVERRIDES bad decisions? See's the future? Understands the future.


Click Here to Hear my 2 minute Audio with our Madison Avenue panel

Rick Schwartz


The Blogs I Like and Why I Like Them.

Morning Folks!!

When I read a blog I want a few things. I want to learn something new and I want to know how it affects the writer personally. When the writer shares and reveals themselves I get much more out of it. It can be a newbie blog or one that has been around for years. Everyone has something to share. Everyone learns new things at different times. Everyone can contribute to the knowledge base.

That was what made the adult world so compelling in the mid 1990's. Those folks did that. They shared. It sometimes was rough and tumble because 'Secrets' would come out. Business Secrets. Secrets some did not want others to know and learn about. But they were forward thinkers. Mainstream has yet to learn all their lessons allthough they have come a long way in the past few years. Thanks in part to the recession.

So new knowledge is what you look for in a blog and like medicine, sometimes you need something to sweeten a boring story. I want to see passion and humor and something that relates it to something bigger.

Have a Great Day!

Rick Schwartz

The Blame Game Defined. Are you Set to be Successful or Destined for Failure?

Morning folks!!

Everyone seems to look “Outwards” for solutions that only the individual can make. Some look to the government for all their needs. When they are not met, they get mad at the folks giving them what they have and need to begin with. Where is the logic in that?

Anytime you are not looking within yourself for solutions, you are on the wrong path. Almost every solution comes from within. Within us. WE have that power. Whether it is used or not is up to each of us.

Events can empower you or you can be paralyzed by events. You are the only one in control. Nobody else. Every shortcoming comes from within. Every achievement comes from within.

Success comes from a thought pattern and a thought process. It comes from action instead of inaction. We are wired one way when we are born and spend a lifetime trying to civilize ourselves. Every habit we are born with is almost exactly the opposite the habit we need to learn. Starting with the most basic. Figure it out.

Whether you do great things in life is solely up to you. But great things are flukes if you can’t repeat it. If you don’t understand the process that led you there. If the mechanics and foundation are not in place, then it is solely luck. But you need to only get lucky once if you follow up and understand what circumstances influenced that luck.


I don’t care who or what you are in life. What color, nationality or religion, if you don’t have those elements then life will be harder not easier. Bitter not sweeter. Unfulfilled not fulfilled. Those are the elements. Just some of them. They add up to wisdom. They add up to having a better chance of success than those that don’t think that way. It ALL comes from within. So those that lash out, you expose your failures not the failures of those you point to and blame.

I root for everyone to succeed. The point of this post is to change one person's destiny. Just one. If not, I would never use my time to write this. Some get offended, some thank me for a good swift kick in the pants.

I will be giving out a gift at TRAFFIC next week. I am hoping that there will be multiple successes from this gift. I want to change lives and the destiny of some lives. The written word is just one of my tools to accomplish that.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

Developing: One more MONSTER of a Domain Name to be Auctioned off at T.R.A.F.F.I.C.

Afternoon Folks!!

Later this afternoon I hope to report to you about 1 last domain name entry in our auction. It is a true MONSTER and when released, I think you will agree.

A true category defining domain name. Stay tuned.

Earlier today was added to the auction and and .net dropped the reserve price to under $275,000. So there is a lot of movement. We will officially have 110 domains in our auction with 25 at NO RESERVES and MANY at very attractive reserves.

The .XXX domains will probably be the most active bidding. These domains are at a fraction of what they may end up going for.

Once the folks walk in the door of the auction and we get through the first 5 names, folks will KICK THEMSELVES for not getting bargains. EVERYONE will know that the MAGIC is back! Are YOU ready to RUMBLE??

Rick Schwartz

What does a Sellout Crowd at TRAFFIC this Year Mean for You and TRAFFIC next Year?

Morning Folks!!

When we started T.R.A.F.F.I.C. in 2004 we had a capacity crowd of 135. We still have a capacity crowd in 2011, but now the crowd is much larger, more intense and much more sophisticated in what they do and how they do it. It is also much more diversified. Represented by more countries. Many more women both as spouses that support their mates and domainers in their own right.

So what does that mean to you? It means I have to sell less next year because the Ritz will not grow. They will have the same amount of space and when folks understand what we are doing, selling out the hotel will be easier next year than this year. Folks, you are going to LOVE the Ritz Carlton and you are going to LOVE the deals you make. TRAFFIC is going to be your turning point!

It’s tough out there and that is what makes things happen. If you have money you can get bargains. If you need money you can find it. People are in a deal making mood. Creative deals. Circumstance is in control.

So from here on out it is time for me to be quiet and others to take the lead. I work my ass off to make sure that everything goes PERFECTLY!! That there are life changing things going on. That anyone that isn’t at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. KNOWS they missed something very special.

The schedule is jammed packed with panels of folks that know their stuff. We are wall to wall and while we know many of you have meetings throughout the days, there are seminars that really can’t be missed. Speakers that have something to share with you.

Screw the noise. Screw those that can’t do business the right way. Screw the anons that can’t even show up at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. because they are ghosts and will always be ghosts.

We tell it like it is regardless of the fallout or agendas and regardless of how big or how small. The RIGHT WAY and every other way. We are the “Handshake” crowd. Our WORD means more than the piece of paper we sign.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. MEANS B.U.S.I.N.E.S.S. or Howard and I would just be sitting on the beach instead. Maybe that is why I am the way I am and don’t take crap from anyone anymore. Life is way too short. If your word is not your bond, I am your enemy. If you steal from me or others, I am your enemy. If you are a troll that just posts crap without ever meeting me, talking to me, doing business with me, I am you enemy.

If you are legit, I am an ally. The strongest ally you can find. Loyal to a fault. A friend to death.

Have I made mistakes? You betcha. Lots of them. It’s like being a politician up here. Every word is scrutinized and used against me when it is convenient. Twisted when it is not. But so what? I have a mission. That shit is meaningless. The folks that come to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. understand that one single element.

So going to T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is energy for ME and YOU! It is like an energizer drink that lasts all year long. I know we are bending history. I know we are accelerating the process. I know we as a group have an impact. I know the future will be brighter for us than the past and the past has been a very nice journey.

We saw a need and grabbed an oar and just started rowing. We just row. Some use their own oars to row with us and yet others use their oars to try and slow us down or divert us or to just hit us over the heads with. That part I never expected nor understood. The only thing you can do with those folks, is throw them overboard.

So a week from today the festivities begin and more history will be written and progress will be made. The worst of times for most will become the best of times for us. We are not passive. We are aggressively going after the future.

In 1995-1996 I saw one thing. I saw a unique opportunity in time. I saw a parallel between INCOME PRODUCING Real Estate and a domain name. Like you, something sparked inside of me. Consumed me. Has never let me out of her grip. It was like everything that ever happened in my life was to prepare me to understand domain names. Deeply understand domain names and what they represent.

And like you, I want to build an empire. I want to build a string of great successes. I want something that only happens to others. I want to create something that outlives me. I want what you want and THAT is what makes TRAFFIC what it is. I think they just call it PASSION! You can’t buy it. You can’t force somebody to look forward to Monday. You can’t make somebody work until they collapse unless you have PASSION.

We all have different degrees of passion and we have different ways of expressing it and how it might manifest within us. But that is a strength not a weakness. Passion means you want to be the best. The best. You give 100% and then look for another 100% to give. Few can wrap their heads around that.

So the colors here are vivid. They are not pastels. The Ritz Carlton is the #1 Hotel Chain in the world for my taste. And this specific hotel is one of my very favorites. It will soon be one of your favorites as well.

T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is about doing it all FIRST CLASS and rewarding ourselves for a job well done. And lastly, the day you leave you will have so much energy and enthusiasm that nobody can hold back. Years ago they would laugh at what we do. Today they see what we are all about. Serious business men and women working with passion to make our lives much better for us and our families.

Some of you may start your journey in the next hours and days. Howard and I wish all of you safe and prosperous travels. Our commitment to you since 2004 is not to take you away from the comfort of your homes and families unless there was a reason.

To our alumni that can't make this year's show, you will be missed and we will see you next year!!

So see you there! We are all looking forward to it and I can tell you without doubt that we have put more effort into this show than any other show we have ever done. You will be the beneficiaries of our passion.

Rick Schwartz

PS: If you need to cancel any room nights at the Ritz Carlton, please cancel through us as we have nearly a dozen domainers on a waiting list for a room and if you cancel with the hotel, the room doubles in price and goes into general circulation.


What Does the $500,000 Sale of Mean to and 11 others??

Morning folks!!

Last night I heard about the sale of for $500,000 with this Press Release that has just been issued moments ago. The first thing that came to my mind was what bargains we have at the auction at T.R.A.F.F.I.C. and I think we will blow away a few of the reserves. BIG TIME!

We don't know the future, we speculate. Some speculations pay off and others do not. You hope at the end of the day you come up with a net positive. And like Steve Jobs said.....Ignore the NOISE.

The seeds you plant now may be 5 years down the road before they pop. But it could also be 5 months. There are $$ on the sidelines looking for solid investements and speculation.

But whatever you speculate on should be, MUST BE, PRIME. Prime gives you a shot. Sure, the peanut gallery can throw in my face at every opportunity and I can cram 16 sales up their ass. They only can see one side of the ledger and have a one track mind. Losers and trolls have a way of hanging out together. But they won't be changing the world. We are all lucky if they change their underwear.

I know the real folks see through all that. The rest of us just put one foot in front of the other and miraculously we always seem to arrive in the destination we planned.

'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.' Jobs 2005

The 'Naysayers' are out in the cold and soon to be out of business. They focus on others at the expense of their own livelihoods. They can't kill success of others. They can only kill their own success.

There is a difference between having a difference of opinion and belittling folks that push the edges and trailblaze. My money, my risk, why do so may feel threatened enough that they have to yell from every bridge?

There is not one among us that can be certain how the future unfolds. We can guess, we can bet, we can speculate. And when you have nothing talk down others that are willing to guess, bet and speculate. At that point, I will from today on refer to this little gem: 'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.'

I don't know if .xxx will or will not be anything, but that does not mean I don't take some dollars and speculate. If it hits, I win. If it doesn't I look for the next OPPORTUNITY! Just remember, opportunity does not come with any guarantees. Does not come with a sign that says 'This way'. Opportunity is something you do when everyone else tells you not to.

Let me count all the folks I met in 1995 and 1996 and 1997 that said buying domain names was smart? I know they said buying was dumb. I know they said that was not a valuable domain name. I know they said was not worth it for $750,000. I know that what I may know today may mean nothing tomorrow. Things do change. All you can do is try and get your share.

I own .info, I own .tv, I own .co, I own .net, I own .org, I own .Me, I own .xxx, I own .com i own .whatever I think could have value in the future and I have the patience to let it play out, one way or another. But none have EVER been a threat to .com. The chances are that none will for a very long time. 10-20 YEARS from NOW. And even at that point it does not make .com go down in value. The .com counterpart of any domain name of any extension will have value for the rest of your life.

But forget all that. The eyes of the world are now focusing on domain names. New frontiers. New ways to win.

Rick Schwartz

5. Juicy.XXX Reserve under $15,000
6. Vrtual.XXX Reserve under $15,000
7. Hotties.XXX Reserve under $15,000
8. Chatroom.XXX Reserve under $15,000
6. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
7. Orgy.XXX Reserve under $50,000
8. Personals.XXX Reserve under $50,000
9. Blondes.XXX Reserve under $50,000
10. Singles.XXX Reserve under $80,000
11. Party.XXX Reserve under $60,000
100. Stars.XXX Reserve under $100,000101. Local.XXX NO RESERVE

Steve Job’s Place in History. A Small Tribute from a BIG Fan!

Morning Folks!!

Did you notice that the world is turning a little slower today? It is. When mankind loses the likes of Steve Jobs mankind loses something words can’t describe, When I look back, I would have to say he is as easy to replace as Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin or Isaac Newton. In other words, he is irreplaceable.

There is not a human being that is alive that has not benefitted from his visions and ideas. Talk about creating “Jobs”. Job’s created more jobs that perhaps anyone on earth and his legend will live on. What Beethoven is to music, what Shakespeare is to writing is what Steve Jobs was to progress and tech and of course computers and even more.

He may have departed but luckily for us he set a course that will keep producing innovation for more than a decade before the genius fades away.

Steve Jobs changed the world and changed our lives. Each and every one of us. I don’t know another person in my ENTIRE LIFETIME that has had more impact on more people, than Steve Jobs. Until last night......maybe John F. Kennedy.

All I can say is we are all very lucky that he was our contemporary. I admit I cried last night. I did this morning too. We lost somebody more special than words.

I still call for an “International Day of Mourning”. It will be interesting how this all unfolds today and in the days ahead.

I write this on my Macbook Pro. The last thing I set down at night before I go to sleep is the iphone and the iPad, well.....I am surrounded by them. It is part of me. All that since 2007 when the first iPhone came out and CHANGED MY LIFE! Still don't have an iPhone?? What century are you in? DINOSAUR! :-)

Here are my Blog Posts about the iPhone. I saw why it would be the #1 device in the world in my first MINUTE!


When I remember Steve Jobs, THIS will be the image I remember. LAST to market and became #1 with a bullet! A lesson to all.

'Don't let the NOISE of others opinions drown out your own inner voice.' Jobs 2005

Alexander Graham Bell and the others I mention now have a new member. What would 'Alexander' think of the phone today? Jobs did not invent the phone he just brought it to the highest level in 135 years. Commuication today? Watson is that you? Say hello to Columbus too.

Rick Schwartz