T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App Update and Sponsoring Opportunity

Morning Folks!!

As is the way I view life and business the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. App is out there and working. Water thru the pipes. May not be the best, but water comes in and goes out. But now the work really begins. We will be refining the app and making it much more valuable, usable and address some basic issues.

Below is a list of improvements. We have things scheduled in 3 phases. The first phase will be in progress by next week. Once we do that and evaluate how much progress we have made we will prioritize things for phase 2. It is going to cost ten's of thousands if not more to get this evolved to where we want. But our deadline is not until next October, however I think it will be the spring when all 3 phases are complete.

Each phase will add value and usability. It is geared to the top tier of the domain industry but we do have plans for a parallel platform for a general domain audience with limited functionality.

  • Turn the domain list into an accordion menu and offer an ‘expand all’ button.

  • Allow users to return to the same spot when returning to the list.

  • Automatically resize uploaded images to 2 sizes, 1 thumbnail, 1 card

  • Fix appearance of pictures

  • Allow users to filter list by categories AND sort list by last name or company name

  • Add additional domain attributes (Looking for Buyer, Looking for Partner, Looking for Service)

  • Add a personal message for the domain

  • Add text search for domainer names and domain names

  • Link forgot password page to the login screen and shorten reset password

  • Add a change password page link to “Your trading card”

  • Automatically email users their name and password when signing up

  • And many more

So just a quick update about what we are doing and hope you enjoy it more and more as these basic things are addressed and major additions come.

We will also be looking for a sponsor or two. We can integrate their companies right into the app itself. We will probably price it by a bidding process that we will open in January. One slot will already be allocated to the overall sponsor of the show and that means there will only be a couple slots that are ever open to a sponsorship. Right now the platform could handle up to 4 total sponsors and be sold on an annual basis only. The sponsorship $$$ will keep going into development to make the app more and more valuable. Sponsors can even have input how their company would work inside our app. A new avenue of revenue.

So we are working on all types of enhancements and hope you enjoy as we keep adding value to the App and the Show itself.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

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