Live and Now in Beta

Morning Folks!! 1.0 is now live and in Beta. The site opened Friday, 11-11-11. Like everything else, it takes time to evolve and that evolution is now in progress. joins in domains I can point to as not only both Multi-million dollar domain sales, but my original vision of selling a domain name and being able to retain a piece of the new business. I passed up a lot of deals in which this was not a component. For me it is a deal breaker on any truly category defining domain name.

A great day for all of us. What was laughed at and thought impossible not long ago is now a reality that has already been duplicated several times. The next one hopefully to launch is and a couple more behind that. A vision turns into another reality regardless of what others say or think. Those opinions can never deter you.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “ Live and Now in Beta

  1. Altaf

    Congratulations Rick!
    It will inspire all further. How many mode/source of monetization/income-stream/leads?


    Congratulations Rick!
    Love your website, simple, nice and clean and fresh looking website.
    Very professional.
    Great looking logo Like the word Proper stand apart from Property. Great!
    Well done.


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