Annie Leibovitz The Great Photographer Suggest Best Camera is the iPhone

Afternoon Folks!!

So I am watching the evening news last night and they interview Annie Leibovitz the famous photographer and when asked what camera folks should buy, I was surprised she said the iPhone. She loves her iPhone and I am still amazed how many have yet to make the leap. Here is a phenomenal photographer suggesting the camera she loves is the one so many of us love as well. She said something like I always have it, I have my wallet pictures very handy and just love it.

My wish is for all you poor lost souls that have not experienced using an iPhone nearly 5 YEARS since it was introduced need to get one for the holidays. It's time. You can thank me later. :-)

Here is the segment

Rick Schwartz


6 thoughts on “Annie Leibovitz The Great Photographer Suggest Best Camera is the iPhone

  1. Uzoma

    One of my developed sites features constant reviews on cameras and phones, and yet it covers trivial matters, such as which Hollywood actresses have the best tits. I swear! Visit!

  2. Troll 83

    As a troll, my advice is to not fall in love and get emotional about your apple stock. Not the same as a unique .com domain.
    Chances are you will lose 30-50% within 2 years. Sorry but no such thing as a $400b tech company. Well not unless the fed and ecb print another couple trillion dollars and euros in unison.
    I will follow up and let you know when I cover my aapl short (initiated @ 418), great products but law of numbers weighing on valuation
    Troll 83

  3. Sideliner

    I got an iphone a few months ago, one reason was the camera which is 7 megapixel and probably best of the cell phone cameras out there. It takes good closeups especially in natural light, but I was disappointed on larger format photography. Comparing like shots with other photographers, seems that cameras that get far superior photos fall in the range of 12 or up megapixel camera. Just my 2 cents.
    And Rick is right….iphone is amazing and worth the investment. Best of all, once set up very easy to learn to use.

  4. Adam Anomaly

    Poor lost soul here who doesn’t have an Iphone. I’ve seen it and held it and just don’t want it. I just have a Tracfone for emergencies only, because I really hate to talk and apps don’t interest me. Never owned any Apple product. I sort of like music but I don’t need an Ipod. No Mac. I use Windows. I don’t use Facebook, Twitter, My Space or upload any videos to Youtube. I rarely comment on blogs or forums so this is a pretty big thing for me to be doing. So what’s my point? I don’t know. Just to let some people know that not everyone is using or on all this stuff and I don’t feel like I’m missing anything. And I’m not an old fogey who hates progress. I’m 40 and like technology. I guess if you’re antisocial offline, your antisocial online too. I’ll admit that when I got online in 98 I used Yahoo chat because it was new and exciting but I did lose interest after a few months. I wish I would’ve found your messages boards back then instead, Rick. I didn’t know you could register domain names until 2005!

  5. Paul

    Finally moved over to an Iphone (I am on Verizon and refused to go back to AT&T’s shotty service) – and like you’ve said many times before, this device helps in many ways.
    I had a blackberry before and it was ok, but now I can actually work on my Iphone if need be – and actually get stuff done!

  6. Chuck

    Ugh, I feel like I threw out $3 on this app. PhotoGene is far better.”Best Camera” doesn’t even have sliders or let you adjust strengths of the filters.


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