What’s the Damn Rush? Business needs 18-36 Months to Gel. This is How I see it.

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The #1 problem people in business have is they would rather do it FAST than do it RIGHT. I have been in board meetings for some 40 years. I can tell you that almost each and every meeting had 3 flaws. The first flaw was they worked too fast and the 2nd was indecison and the 3rd was wrong decisions.

I say here is the roadmap to 'Work Smarter.'

I have said for many years that if you leave New York and you set sail to London and end up in Africa, your mistake was NOT when you landed in Africa. It was BEFORE you set sail from New York in most cases. Failure happens EARLY on.

So few seem to be able to get their heads around something as simple as that. Failure comes before you start in MOST cases. Poor planning, wrong direction, working fast. Not understanding the results of each step and why there was a result.

Decisions come with time. Not too much time, but time. Quick decisions without thinking of EVERY possible ramification is a failure in the making. A perfect recipe for failure. The FIRST thing you need to do in success is get the recipe right. Do things the right way. Failing to do that results in failure. You must exhaust all avenues.

People often want quick decisions from me. I slow that train right down. I like to sleep on things. I may need a few days and maybe not. But each decision should be made when needed and not before unless you are 100% comfortable with it. When folks rush me, I just decline whatever it was. Life is not like buying a car with a salesman pressuring you. You get to take a deep breath and KNOW that YOU are in charge, not them.

I have been involved in a number of businesses. Businesses grown from an idea. I can tell you that nothing happens overnight. It is a long marathon. As I say in the title, it takes 18-36 months to make a solid business and grow it and get it on a solid foundation. But folks are always in a rush and their time line is so much shorter than reality dictates and that leads to many disappointments. They outsmart themselves by taking shortcuts and skipping steps. It's the bullet train to failure. But the same people always say the same thing....'I will do it right NEXT TIME,' when they still have the POWER to do it right THIS TIME.

As I explain here you don't use a CLOCK in business. You don't measure by time. You measure by milestones.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “What’s the Damn Rush? Business needs 18-36 Months to Gel. This is How I see it.

  1. gpmgroup

    Excellent advice.
    There are a lot of fast talkers looking to make a fast buck by trying to use time to pressure you to into their way of thinking.

  2. luizh

    Over the several years you have created a powerful vision for overcoming problems and building solid knowledge about the domains name. So how to make the right decision for the future in a rapidly changing world? Is it possible to find the answer in your posts? After the Sean Quinn case…It might be an important question.Thanks

  3. domain guy

    you are correct and I agree with you totally.this is the western view of business.However when you take the eastern view asian side
    their biz model is get it out there quickly, review and make adjustments…even if you loose money. lets take the prius for example japan lost 10k a model for years to be the first hybrid on the road..and made numerous adjustments..now the hybrid is the market leader and the usa volt is not even in the game…however domain guy thinks and acts as you state in the article.

  4. ScottM

    The business-school term for what I think Rick is describing is”a circuit breaker”. When someone expects you to give them a quote or offers you a price and expects an immediate, on-the-spot decision, best thing to do is trip that”circuit breaker”. Tell them you will be discussing this with your marketing team and will get back to them tomorrow or the next day with an answer. This strategy has always served me and my associates well versus making an abrupt or short-sided immediate decision.


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