It Starts with an Idea and Ends with an Equation. Key to Success in Domains and Beyond!

Afternoon Folks!!

An idea does not mean much unless you follow thru and the EQUATION works. Equation? What's that? What does that have to do with domain names?

Well, simply put, the equation is everything. It will prove you wrong or it will prove you right. It will give you the right direction if you use it and it may keep you lost if you ignore it. Equations are filling in the blanks. But FIRST you have to define the BLANKS!

For some I may be talking in riddles. For those that understand and know about equations, my statement is as clear as day. If you want REAL ANSWERS to things unknown, then it is the equation that will get you there. Equation is about filling in some of the blanks and then figuring out the rest of them. They fit natuarally like a puzzle. You NEVER have to force an equation. An equation will tell you if you will succeed or fail before you even try. That means it saves you a lot of time and money. But most do not employ equations. They give 100% effort and find themsealves at one dead end after another.

Ever notice that the problems and failures always happen at the begiining or before you even start? That is because everyone is in a rush to do but can never slow down to think. I talk about it HERE.

Success is a thinking pattern. Success is repeating the thinking pattern but filling in the equation with a new set of variables. What is a variable? It's the BLANKS in the equation.

2+X=4. The answer to most things is just as clear as the simplest equation when you understand and embrace them and use them as a guide. A domain equation may look like this:

(.Com) - (.Whatever) = .Com

That's just a funny and simple one.

The two biggest tools in my toolbox are equations and 'The Ben Franklin Method.' The Ben Franklin Method has been around for a couple hundred years. Take a piece of paper, list allthe positives on one side, all the negatives on another side. See which side outweighs the other. But you also have to keep your eye out for 'Deal Breakers.' It only takes one entry on the negative side that is overwhelmingly negative to sink everything. Like if someone were to get hurt. If there is too big a risk etc.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

25 thoughts on “It Starts with an Idea and Ends with an Equation. Key to Success in Domains and Beyond!

  1. MicroSourcing

    Another way of looking of equations is that need for any venture to have structure and order, so that the individual can maximize his or her efforts. This is especially true for business start-ups.

  2. Uzoma

    Absolutely true and great post! Science!
    therefore, 2+2=4!
    The variable is determined. The constants are known. That way, everything is determined going in. It cuts down the speculation, and risks. Wow, I love it.

  3. Anunt

    (.Com) – (.Whatever) = .Com
    This equation is only true if (.Whatever) does NOT EQUAL (.Com)
    If (.Whatever) = (.Com), then (.Com) – (.Whatever) = 0
    Okay, try this one…
    $Millions x (.Whatever – .Com) = $?????
    If you don’t know the answer to that one, please ask Mr. Johnson!
    “Mr. Johnson said customers responded well to the advertising, but after watching the spots,”a good portion” of those who sought out the website went to, instead of”

  4. Tall.thetalk

    Its easy to talk about it. Its easy to add things up to xyz.
    But Mr Schwartz I dont think you could do any of these things without the first movers advantage you got. And that 10 moves to domain success or whatever the post was is very unlikely (but you talk about it is as guaranteed, as if anybody can do it), so why dont you actually do it in the environment you are teaching it in (today’s environment), and actually walk the walk.

  5. Rick Schwartz

    Sorry, I don’t deal with spineless ghosts.
    The only one that needs to prove anything is you Casper!
    Prove you are not one of the other morons. lol

  6. Tall.thetalk

    Firstly, why would anyone post their real name if you edit posts?
    Secondly, what happend to”its only business, not personal?”
    Thirdly, identity has zero to do with my comment.
    Im not criticising you (or maybe i am, its arguable), but i will confirm my position re this is all talk.
    How many times in the last 12 months have you bought generic .com domain names for more than the registry fee in what you call the greatest industry in the world, domaining?

  7. Ted

    Rick your Ghost sounds like Christoper Bon. Just look at his comment about the industry on Thanksgiving. You always say they can never hide. So obvious and moronic.

  8. James

    @Anunt -“(.Com) – (.Whatever) = .Com
    This equation is only true if (.Whatever) does NOT EQUAL (.Com)”
    You’re wrong. This equation is only true if (.whatever) = zero.

  9. Tony

    How can anyone be blasting .whatever’s when:
    – just sold for $450K
    – FS paid $1.65M for 20 .xxx’s (is it not a .whatever also?)
    – MHB has publicly stated he will eventually end up with around 500 .xxx domains

  10. James

    @Anunt -“(.Whatever) = zero if and only if (.Whatever) does NOT EQUAL (.Com)”
    We know for a fact that (.whatever) does NOT equal (.com).

  11. Rick Schwartz

    I bought a number of .xxx and am partners with Mike and Ammar on some as well.
    I like branding a non .com. BUT, you MUST have the .com counterpart to be effective and sound.
    I would say the 3 extensions that COULD breakout within the years ahead are:
    But I don’t know. It’s a gamble on the future. It’s worth some diversification. But as new information comes in I always reserve my right to adjust. Only a total fool would not. New information changes the equation. Some in a tiny degree, some a huge degree.
    But ANY extension will work IF and only IF you own the .com counterpart. That is my position.
    I own, but without owning I would not invest time any money there because I would always have a gaping hole in the boat. A hole so big it will sink most ships.
    Does have value? Sure. But they are not equal and will never be equal to One is major leagues and one is minor leagues. That means there is a ceiling in the value. Does not mean you can’t hustle and make $$$. You absolutely can. But don’t compare flipping to building a business. Two different animals.
    On the other hand owning allows me the luxury of experimenting with RicksBlog.TV or RicksBlog.ME or even RicksBlog.CO.
    Building an empire on a non .com without owning the .com is akin to having a silent partner or paying a huge tax. Take your choice. 25% on the low end and 75% or more on the high end. To start a business and not own the .com is suicide in 99% of the cases. It’s just foolish. If things change, I will be the first to say so. New information is NEVER a threat for me. It either confirms what I believe or it shows me where I am wrong. Nobody has cornered the market for being right. It is all testing and discovering information.

  12. KiwiDomainer

    Why don’t you just appreciate the information Rick is giving rather than having the”you were lucky” attitude?
    You’re not in competition with Rick, me or anyone in this business.
    Make what you can of it and appreciate any help or advice Rick or any other expert is willing to give.
    I hope it all goes well for you.

  13. Rick Schwartz

    kiwi, it is called an”AGENDA” and my words don’t suit his agenda.
    It’s just a newbie with a mask or so he thinks. A”Quasi Domainer”
    I think his identity is quite obvious to anyone reading on a daily basis.

  14. Rick Schwartz

    Let’s all get to know Christopher Bon and what he thinks and says about US. HIS WORDS! I just picked out a few and only here. Have not even checked Before we even get to a single .co comment.
    “Confirmation of my theory that domainers are assholes”
    “I was reminded how shallow this industry and so many others are and how empty the lust for money is.”
    “Izaak, you are so ignorant I’m surprised you were able to barf out your thoughts onto the screen.”
    “You support the Tea Party so you are obviously a knuckle dragging bigot who doesn’t know how to think critically.”
    “Greatest industry in the world? It’s arbitrage…nothing more and nothing less.”
    What exactly does this bring to the table other than negativity?

  15. Tony

    “I like branding a non .com. BUT, you MUST have the .com counterpart to be effective and sound.
    I would say the 3 extensions that COULD breakout within the years ahead are:
    Totally agree. You need to offset your .whatever posts with this otherwise it just comes off as bashing all’s.

  16. Rick Schwartz

    Tony, I have repeated the same thing countless times. It’s all about having the .com counterpart. Nothing else matters. I am sure is getting massive traffic increased only because of .xxx.

  17. steve

    They are saying its impossible now because all the .com ‘s are gone. So they are comparing what you say to the business of buying domains cheap, gooood domains.
    Now you have to pay so much for a domain you have to be able to develop it to get your money back. Yes and that means marketing and maybe handling ecommerce like credit card and other sales processing.
    But I agree Rick can come over like a pompous ass and he even claims the right to because he speaks the truth. Kind of funny
    But if you read slowly and digest what Rick says you will buy a great domain. Rick supplies about 1/3 of the domain knowledge you must have to start an online business. But this 1/3 nobody knows and nobody would take the time to share it!!!
    So those few of you who attack Rick should readjust your viewpoint so you can see what Rick is really doing.
    If you were laying on a railraod track, injured and unable to move. Then you see a train coming down the track and you know your going to die. Then Rick comes over and instead of gently sliding you out of the way, he kicks you until you are off the tracks. So you get mad at Rick for kicking you. I don’t see Rick as doing this but this is the idea I get from many posts.
    Rick has shared secrets nobody else would ever share with people he doesn’t even know. Knowing Rick’s history I’m surprised he is such a caring person with how people have treated him.
    Just say thanks Rick or at least phrase your comments more professionally.
    I admit I was absolutely envious, jealous of Rick. I even prayed to God to take away this envy and then I went bankrupt. Right when I gave up the light went off in my head. I believe brilliant ideas are a blessing God bestows on who he wants. But with the knowledge Rick has explained to us I went further than I could ever go.
    To end, I just had a friends company go belly up for now after he spent 500k on his business. Rick could have saved him all that money.

  18. steve

    You want the real formula.
    Learn website design + learn a programming language of your choice + learn about domains + save your money + learn basic business skills + learn how to maximize money = chance to impress a big domainer to partner with you.
    Yes that is a lot of work but life isn’t easy.

  19. Tlk.thetalk

    steve stop talking rubbish
    this whole blog is to built to promote domain prices
    and a lot of it is to feed ricks ego
    there isnt one secret on this website, unless you dont understand what generic means

  20. Rick Schwartz

    Not even a ghost. Just a PIECE OF SHIT in the stew.
    Don’t even have the BALLS or the CLASS to post your REAL name even tho everyone reading this thread knows who you are.

  21. ScottM

    I’m hoping Rick Perry wins the nomination for President, he’s the most experienced and successful governor with no personal baggage and maybe he or his supporters can use If not, and you decide to run someday Rick, we’ll definitely work something out, you too have the life experience, business saavy and cahones needed to be president (and the first Jewish president). While Al Gore may have invented the Internet, you were ahead of him in figuring out how to make money with it!


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