Most Expensive”Grass” EVER! sells for $4.2MM

Morning Folks!!

Can't make this stuff up. sells for $4.2MM. Let's Party!

'The executives involved obviously have a sense of humor, but General Cannabis is a serious business: it’s traded on the OTCQX market, and a year ago it acquired WeedMaps, a popular ‘Yelp for Cannabis Dispensaries‘ site with a large following. WeedMaps was topping $400,000 a month in revenues at the time of the acquisition and it’s growing nicely — the site did over $1 million in gross revenues in July, and now sees 10 million page views a month.'

Rick Schwartz

14 thoughts on “Most Expensive”Grass” EVER! sells for $4.2MM

  1. Jlo

    Unlikely, no.confirmation and the price is a”weed code”, 420. No, noone buys something for mills because its a cool looking number. I call it fake reporting.

  2. Domains, Oil, Gold, Land, and Food

    Now, time to legalize it, and all other drugs too. :)
    All drugs should be legal. Empty our prisons, save billions in prison expenditures, get these folks back to productivity of any kind, tax marijuana, use those taxes to pay down the National Debt.
    Do the same with prostitution. Use those taxes to pay down the National Debt.
    Immigration problem? Licensed immigrants that pay $500 to enter the U.S. to work and pay an additional $1500 each year while they are here. Use that money to pay down the National Debt.
    Our problems can start to be solved by starting with legalization.
    Great sale, btw. I had no idea anyone could make that amount of money legitimately in that market at this juncture. It goes to show how money gets made and nobody knows. :)

  3. BullS

    Time to step up Obama
    Legalize marijuana, gay marriage,online gambling and Open business with Cuba.
    War against Drug is a freaking JOKE
    Passing the peace pipe to you all
    MarijuanaGuy dot com and marijuanaDomain dot com
    whopeeeeeeeeee…more offers coming in

  4. Jeff Schneider

    Hello Rick,
    The Big Picture= We all have a place where money can enter domain market and walls to access are down. Took years but now we have a very vibrant market place that is closest to open market we have seen.
    Money is chasing .com channels of distribution, Seasons Greetings!
    Gratefully, Jeff Schneider (Contact Group) (Metal Tiger)

  5. Sandra @ What's Your Vape Temp

    Boom! With this just happened, I am pretty sure a lot of groups would go supporting legalization for medical marijuana. Let’s have our government legalize it in some more states! Got 23 already. Other should follow.

  6. VaporPlants

    That is one expensive website. Looking further, it was purchased by General Cannabis Inc. which owns the popular site WeedMaps. According to TechCrunch, WeedMaps did over $1 million in gross revenues in July. That is something to think about.


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