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Afternoon Folks!!

As Mike Berkens article points out the sale of is now final and an investment of less than $2000 less than 3 years ago has now ripened to the tune of $450,000 CASH. Mike Berkens, Ammar Kubba and I have bought several domains together over the last few years. We don't have a contract, there are no lawyers involved. Just 3 solid guys that know how to do business on a handshake because this business is about handshakes. Together we own, and and decided we could pull out of the group without too much pain.

Make no mistake, this domain is worth much more but $450,000 is nothing to sneeze at and that becomes a building block for future sales. This domain means something and that is why it has great value. As Mike pointed out, we beleive this is a World's record for a .Me domain name.

The timing is interesting because I have been working on a post that will show the same Blah, blah, blah you hear in 2011 is eerily similar to what you heard in 2000, 2007 and every year in between. That post will be up within the next hours or maybe tomorrow.

Domaining is about speculating. It is not a religion. We don't worship extensions. We look for solid investments that have a chance of becoming valuable.

I own about 25 .me domain names plus the ones I own with Mike and Ammar.

As Mike pointed out, a few weeks back at TRAFFIC our 3 man group bought several .xxx domains. It is speculation. It is an investment. It is not about the value today, it is about how things unfold YEARS from now. It's about planting seeds now so you can look smart in the future.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


13 thoughts on “ Through my Eyes……

  1. Bill Roy

    Congratulations to you all. And yes ‘’ is memorable, does mean something, and could be an anchor of a great development – it certainly deserves to be, and when someone invest $450k then the prospects are bright that the new owner may well have appropriate development plans for it.
    Again well done to all of you, and also to the buyer.

  2. Domains, Oil, Gold, Land, and Food

    Sweet….nice goin’.
    These new extensions are like opening up the West back in the 1800’s to settlers. Anything can happen.
    It does not mean the East Coast is now worth less, it just means the plains and the West Coast(in domains), could be worth anyone’s guess.
    Fun times!

  3. Bruce Marler

    As a long time believer in .ME this is a great thing to see. Great vision by you guys and great to see a customer seeing the value in a great brand.

  4. Domain Report

    Verb and action type words work great with .me. Could you reveal what the buyer’s starting offer was, it would be interesting to know the starting bid range compared to the final price?

  5. Theo

    I don’t understand some of the bashing on
    So a ccTLD has been sold for a good price.
    It’s not the first time and it ccTLD wise it didn’t break any records.
    It did for the ccTLD .ME.
    The rich domainers discussion get the good stuff first is complete BS.
    Lets zoom in on .ME , tons of good names left. And still good domain names being dropped in this ccTLD by impatient people.
    .ME got a boost by wordpress offering .ME for blogs.
    Bottom line is if you do not look past .com you never see the oppertunity.
    I am going to repeat myself.. aslong you make the renewal fees back you can wait till the moment.
    But if you are in dire need of cash you flip , you sell for less.
    It’s called an investment for a purpose. It’s not called get rich within 2 months.

  6. SL

    Like Rick has (correctly) preached for years on this blog, it’s common knowledge that the leakage is incredibly high on an alternate TLD like .me.
    Obviously the owner of isn’t going to settle for less than the .me price. So when the buyer inevitably attempts to negotiate for it, the aggregate cost is going to be at least double what they paid for
    Nice lottery ticket winner for the 1995 registration.

  7. TD

    Great post – Determination – Vision – creates a win / win situation – the seller is happy and the buyers are happy.

  8. Adam

    Congratulations Rick! That’s great to hear that .me domains can do as well as .com domain names. Will have to check out for my domain ( – was it a domain auction or did you guys have a buyer in mind ahead of time?


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