Words that Live, Die and then Forgotten.

Morning Folks!!

My biggest challenge in writing is patience. While I have patience for domains to ripen, I hardly have the patience to get the thoughts in my mind, on paper. I have a hard time going into detail. I think very detailed, but it is much harder to write detailed. Thinking detailed takes a split second. When writing it out, that split second could be pages long as I describe the processes I go through with almost each and every thought.

Will anyone even care about what is written here after today or next week? I know I hope the words have value after that. But oh so many words in the world and such little time to feed them all into our heads.

We do things in life faster. We travel faster. The computer allows us to move without leaving our seat. All of a sudden I feel like Andy Rooney. I better stop.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “Words that Live, Die and then Forgotten.

  1. Altaf

    Good Day!
    “My biggest challenge in writing is patience”….that split second could be pages long.”
    I do completely agree with you how difficult is writing the thoughts on paper in an organized sequence. But congratulations to you as that difficult part you already overcame as you proved it to us and everyone in domain industry. I cannot write like you! All thoughts mixed up. Don’t know where to start and where to end. So I remained scared in writing & posting to public forums with full of so many talents. Please do not STOP writing. Domains trading will make you rich (and you are already rich), the writing foot notes will make you immortal for spreading that knowledge openly to people in generations to come. We are amazed with your skills and flow of delivering the thoughts.
    “Will anyone even care about what is written here after today or next week?”
    I do care about and so many folks that follow you care about your contribution more than you could imagine. I started reading your writings on Afternic.com & then on your Board and now at this blog. I never stopped for a day. I never missed your posting, read before I retired to my bed. And please note I have made notes most of your writings. If you need any of them at any time in your life, please ask me (I am sure many smart folks here kept your postings archived), I will try to help you ascribing what and when you wrote or posted those. So a writer’s job is to write. It is we, the reader that will judge its value or if it is cared of or not.
    You may ask other folks here, I hope they will agree with me.Good Luck! Have a nice day!

  2. Jason Thompson

    “Will anyone even care about what is written here after today or next week?”
    That’s exactly why I love to write. You never know where your words will end up in the end.

  3. Richard

    Please keep on writing.
    Perhaps a page that shows an excerpt of all posts could be linked to – easy to do in WordPress, the excerpts are the first few words, or just the titles alone … an archives page as you have here isn’t really that good for skimming through all your posts and finding which ones are interesting.


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