The Thing I Admire Most About the Olympics and Olympians!

Morning Folks!!

'Mediocre' would be the word I would describe myself for the first 50% of my life. I never gave 100% of myself on about anything I was ever graded on.

Somewhere along the way that changed. I learned how to strive for excellence in everything I do. No matter how big and no matter how small. Actually the smaller stuff is just as important. Maybe more important. A grain of sand can bring the biggest machine to a grinding halt.

But I was not taught excellence in any school I attended. I was taught excellence by the Olympics. I realized the difference between winner and loser. Between champion and 2nd place. I realized that while much of the Olympics is physical, more of it is mental. I also realized that the last guy in an Olympic race is still a champion. Still has the mind of a champion and will react like a champion.

I then followed a number of Olympians throughout their lives and saw how almost all were successes in everything they did and it all came down to one word. 'Discipline'. That's the common thread. The pursuit of excellence only goes through the intersection of 'Discipline'. Training your mind not to fall victim to human nature.

Olympians are disciplined. They win in their mind and their body follows along. It is seldom the other way. Giving 100% even in a loss is more gratifying than being mediocre. 'The thrill of Victory. The agony of Defeat.' Such a powerful set of words that describes so well what it is all about.

I never feel guilty when I fail. I only feel guilty when I fail because I did not give 100%. Or I failed and did not learn something along the way. Or I failed for doing something stupid.

The only thing that makes you a loser in the Olympics is bad 'Sportsmanship'. Same in life. No excuses for that one. Badminton anyone?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

PS: The one person I thought had the most raw talent at the start of these games and had a chance to make it big, won gold last night. Way to go Gabby!