Breaking: 40% of Mobile Traffic Either Fraud or Mistake According to New Study!!

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They are starting to pay attention to sales and traffic and making money. According to this Fortune article, that just came out minutes ago, a BIG portion of Mobile traffic is worthless. Imagine that. Worthless traffic? Where have I heard about that?? Oh yes, I started writing about worthless traffic back in the 1990's and about every few days soince then. Long wait with this Pina Colada on the beach. But they are coming.

'A study by Trademob, a German mobile-marketing company, found that 40% of all mobile clicks are either accidents (buttclicks, perhaps?) or fraud. And mobile-ad click fraud is apparently growing fast, the company says. At the start of the year, fraud accounted for 10% of mobile-ad clicks. Now it accounts for 18%, according to the study'

I make money from Facebook, but Facebook does not make money from me and are still trying to figure out how to make money ON me.

But this email I got that I have plugged in with fictitious city name to protect the privacy emailed me the following and it is straight from the end user:

'I recently opened a restaurant in 'Mid Size City USA'. Wasted $6k on a social media expert to get 600 fans. Half don't live in the market.

Spent $1500 on and get 1,000 plus uniques a month from active local restaurant seekers.'

That's first hand evidence that I got just the other day. Real world testimony that trumps all the BS you hear.

It's all about 'Targeted Traffic' and SALES from here on out and the game is changing.

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Rick Schwartz

Tuesday, September 4th is”Business New Year’s Day!”

Morning Folks!!

Tuesday, September 4th is 'Business New Year's Day!' Huh? Yup. To me, one of the most important days of the year. It's the day 'Normalcy' begins to return along with it's cousin 'Routine'. It's the day the economic engine begins to transform itself as it gets ready for the all important 4th quarter. The excitement to me is like the build up to the Superbowl. Sorry, business turns me on and in the last quarter, that is when most of the years business is done decisions are made and a course is set for a new year.

What happens in the weeks ahead determines where we actually end up by the spring of next year when this ride coasts into another summer slowdown. Ever been on the 'Log Flume Ride'? Well 'Business New Year's is the day you reach the peak and just before you go on your merry way which occurs in late November. The hard work is done but these are the days that you pick the fruit from that hard work.

This is just the part of the year that really counts. That serious folks get serious. The folks that realize that the reason they enjoy their summers is because they work hard to make hay for the few weeks a year that they can make big things happen.

There are a few important cycles during the year for business. None more relevant and important than now. It all ends early in December. You heard me, it's over by the first week of December. By then the cards for the holidays are already dealt. Business will sink or swim with whatever decisions they make between 'Business New Year's' and the end of the year on the calendar.

December is a deal making, horse trading, get your books and taxes in order. So have a great weekend and when you come back in Tuesday, know we are in for a race to the finish line!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz