Leverage your Buying Power. Zenscrow and T.R.A.F.F.I.C. Team Up!

Morning Folks!!

Buying TIME is a great way to make money. That is the basis for Real Estate and the great wealth it has created for centuries. Low down payment and pay an affordable amount over time. That allowed tens of millions to buy homes that they otherwise could not afford to buy.

The GREAT Real Estate 'Flippers' sign a contract to buy a piece of Real Estate and sell that piece of paper before they even get to the bank. It costs them nothing and they walk away with many thousands. So that is how you make money with NO MONEY! This is a common tactic for the most successful in any business. They deal in paper not property! We can do the same.

It's so simple. Go buy a home in your area TODAY! All are subject to financing, terms and inspection. That gives you 30 days for free in most cases. But even with a 15% downstroke and going through with the deal is leverage beyond most other things. Stocks you can get 50% margin. But real estate has always been attractive because of the numbers and the time involved to flip with improvements or just finding an interested buyer.

So do you buy a $7500 domain with your $7500 or do you buy a $50,000 name for the same dollar layout? If you know what you are doing, it can be quite a jump start as I described above. It's just one way to hit BIG without risking as much as you would normally have to risk. It really is all about buying TIME!

I am keenly aware of the mood out there and with our new partnerships with Escrow.com announced earlier this week and Zenscrow.com domain financing, we are looking to do faster after auction transactions and give you more buying power at the same time. Leverage your knowledge into DOLLARS!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz