Domain Investors are a MINORITY in an Industry Turning into an Octopus.

Morning Folks!!

There is a HUGE problem in the domain industry and has NOTHING to do with the value of our assets. It's the FACT that as Domain Name Investors we have gone from the majority to a SMALL minority. They have more people working at than there are full time domain investors.

The number outside of the small investor circle is growing at a rate bigger than our entire community every few days or few weeks. That is the level of expansion we are gearing up to see.

The biggest enemy for domain investors is not the value of domains. It is not seeing and not understanding what is happening around us. The oxygen is in jeopardy of being sucked out if you are now keenly aware of what is taking place. If you don't understand the different sectors with different motives. What's worse, SOME don't play by the rules. They take a short cut. They LIE and CHEAT and FOOL to get ahead.

Just yesterday I went to a restaurant that was rated #1 and had rave reviews. Alina and I went to lunch there. The place was fine. No problems. Pretty strange menu. But ok. Just ok. I would be willing to BET that those reviews were PAID for. Paid for! Bullshit! Propaganda. Hook, line sinker. We took the bait.

So we are seeing that at every level. But in the domain industry if you don't see it, then your financial future is at stake. Just look at the 'Comment Whores' that are unknowns without a real name or email addy, spewing shit all over the blogs once anyone dare say anything not liked or are not wanted. Like barking dogs. Agenda driven drivel. But you are seeing some blogs like Elliot's that are rejecting that stuff and that's a good thing. Invisible voices, fake names and emails that are agenda driven and add nothing to the conversation should never see the light of day.

There are basically 3 groups of domain names. By far the biggest and most important are those used by businesses around the world to identify themselves, brand themselves, sell things and grow. That is the BASIS for VALUE to begin with that many forget about.

The next group is you and me. The domain investor. We have a limited audience with collective value that can't even be measured. Tens of Billions, Hundreds of billions. Who knows. The ONLY reason we exist is because of the first group. Without them, we would have sand in the desert!

Then we have the 3rd class or group. They are the masses trying to do anything in their power to duplicate something that is not duplicate-able in THIS medium. They want to repeat what group number 2 did. US. But they CAN'T because they don't have group #1. We do! They would almost have to invent their #1 all over again. Good luck with that. Should be complete about the time your children's grand kids get married.

Let me prove part of that. I got in at the tale end of the 800 number business. But even then their was a path to success. I was the very last guy to come in that industry before it basically collapsed. The LAST guy. But it taught me what was to come.

Many people made tens of millions of dollars with 800 numbers. Many. Hundreds. Not to mention the big companies like AT&T who invented the 800 number and the end user that sold many tens of millions in extra new sales because of the stigma associated in those days to spend $2 a minute on a long distance phone call.

The 888 number's came out. Sure there was new opportunity and many made millions. Not many. Some. Few. But the point is many more participated only to realize it was a smaller pie. Hello!!?? See what is coming now?? They came to a dying industry. Dying because if the Internet. Not because if a new extension.

There are anywhere from 350-1000 men and women that you could truly categorize as 'Domain Investors' on the entire planet. Then you could categorize those into several groups. But for this example, we don't have to.

How many will that number grow by with 1000 new gTLD's for example? Let's see it goes to 100,000 or even 1,000,000. The point of this equation is that the gtld's will have 1000 times as many participants as we all have now, splitting a pie that will never even be 10% the size of .com. That's a damn crowded pool!!

There will always be successes. But they will be fewer, wider and not as great. The pool just is not that deep. The crowds will make it even difficult to find clear water to dive into.


The pool will be deeper, bigger and EMPTY.

Either way.....

Just an equation that gives an answer years before the event. I would even like to be proven wrong because wrong means new opportunity. So just like 800 and 888 I don't see the threat. I just see an expansion. Expansion is not a threat even tho many react that way. 888 was never a threat to 800.

.TV, .ME, .whatever even in success will never be a threat to .com. NEVER in OUR lifetimes.

But behold, that is just one leg of this Octopus. A leg that will give birth to other legs. Thousands of legs from that one.

There is no way I could even write about the other legs of this octopus in just one blog post. Lots of legs to talk about. Registrars, PPC, Lead Gen, SEO, Social Media, Fake Social Media, aftermarkets, valuations. I think I might need a blog post just to identify all the tentacles.

But guess what?? None of this matters unless you are oblivious to what is happening. Unaware of the changes and motives and propaganda to make you weaker or even to doubt yourself.

So if you are at a point you are doubting yourself.....STOP! You are just falling victim to BULLSHIT! You are listening to all types of DRIVEL as folks STRUGGLE to keep their companies in business. Allied companies.

The only thing going on is folks are selling their souls to repeat what we did and are doing! If you are a domainer that thinks your domains will be less valuable in the future, YOU ARE A VICTIM! Hook, line and sinker. Spit out the bait you fool before it is too late and you swallow it.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz