How many Million Visitors Goes Through the Domain Industry on a Daily Basis?

Morning Folks!!

The power we have collectively is something that besides not being harnessed, is not even defined. As an industry we have tens of millions of visitors visiting OUR domain names every single day of the year. And if it is not tens of milllions daily, then it is more, not less.

But regardless of the exact number, they represent the single most potent traffic in the world. Now I refer ONLY to type in traffic. SEO traffic is not considered in this group and is really never the subject of what I see as traffic or what I write about.

How many Daily Unique Visitors go through,,,,,,,, etc. combined just for starters?

So how is your guess of how many million/tens of millions visitors as an industry do we contribute to the Internet on a daily basis?

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz