Turn Over in Your Grave. Rick on Board with gTLD’s!!

Morning Folks!!

I am very excited about an emerging niche. For the first time I am excited about gTLD domains. Very excited. I can see it clearly now. But not in the form of .whatever. I have yet to be convinced or won over yet. But I always keep an open mind.

What I am excited about is gTLDForum.com at no reserve and gTLD.org with a $1000 reserve. Both will be up for auction at TRAFFIC. What I think interesting is some folks don't think these domains have any value. Ok fine, we are all entitled to see what we see. The market will speak.

These are instant businesses. Pure and simple. A new multi-billion dollar business is coming whether it works or whether it collapses. They will still be investing and spending BILLIONS. You can make a fortune with gTLD without ever investing in a .whatever. The Last General Market before they hit the hills with their picks and shovels.

So far the ONLY thing that has excited me is the opportunity in gTLD is gtld domain names ending in .com. An emerging niche. Selling picks and shovels to the new miners. History repeats itself. Here are a couple of clear opportunities to duplicate what has already been done.

Most will disagree and they are all entitled to do that. Let's measure the degree of disagreement 5 years down the road. That is the difference in viewpoint and how far into the future we look.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz