350 Visitors to US are 350 Lost Customers to Somebody Else.

Morning Folks!!

If you have a domain getting 350 daily type ins for example you have a business. 350 is just a number to us. But go downtown today where ever you are and count how many customers go in a store in any given DAY. FEW stores are likely to get 350 customers in a day. MOST won't get 350 customers in a week!! Don't believe me? Then you have never been in retail. Then you have never had to work on a commission only basis. Sell nothing....eat nothing.

Yes, big box stores and McDonald's etc will get the 350 customers and then some. But go count and see how long it takes. Still a number of hours and still a number of sales in those hours.

It is unfortunate that most retailers have not been able to harness the power online. They accept 350 customers online walking in and buying nothing but would they be stupid enough to allow 350 customers to come in the store, make no sales and not ask why??

I am finally seeing the focus change to sales and profits on the Internet. Boy has this been a SLOW process. But it is finally here. Investor money is drying up and now startups are finally going to have to resort to sales. That my friends is the evolution I have been waiting for. Sales. Sales. It's all about sales and now that folks are starting to get that point, things will change fast and furiously. Fast for me anyways. 3 years is fast. We are less than that and we have already entered the 'Gravitational Pull'.

Go get 1 million likes or 1 sale. Which has more value? Which buys food? We took a huge detour and gamble with 'Social' media. But what about 'Commercial' media? What about trackable sales? What about new clients and new business and repeat business?

Social is 'Word of mouth' and it is very important. But 'Word of mouth' is a bi-product of doing things right. You don't start with 'Word of Mouth', you start off with sales that CREATE 'Word of mouth'. Most online have it ASS BACKWARDS and it is absurd!!

We are also on the verge of finding out it just may not work. Facebook now 50% of the IPO and still has yet to find the bottom. Blah blah,blah comes AFTER the sale!

So a word to all startups......SELL SOMETHING!

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Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz