The Worst Enemy of the Domain Industry Is……

Morning Folks!!

Everything in life seems to circle back to human nature. We spend a lifetime trying to control our emotions. A lifetime learning how to react. How to behave. How to adjust. How to get along with others. How to win and how to lose. Harnessing our emotions and our energy and having them work together is not an easy thing.

The Worst Enemy of the Domain Industry is not understanding cycles and history and sales and human nature and that all boils down to inexperience. There are many seasoned veterans of business in domaining. Most are doing just fine. They ain't sweating at all. But there is also the 'First Timers' that have built great businesses when things were going well but have yet to learn how to handle adversity.

Sorry, it shows. Large organizations struggle because of short term thinking, limited budgets, dwindling income streams, high overheads and that translates into fear and fear leads to paralysis which is the very last thing you would do in an emergency. But that is inexperience showing.

History repeats itself. There are patterns and waves and when it rains folks think it will never stop and things will never dry off.

I recalibrate things every day. But if I did not factor in the history and cycles to look back upon I could never calibrate effectively. Adversity is really forced opportunity. It's so damn simple and so hard for so many to get their heads around.

Progress is forced! You have to force progress. Progress happens when your back is up against the wall not while you are sitting in comfort. Adversity is the CORE of success and that progress!!! It's not the enemy! It's the window of opportunity that few see or understand or take advantage of. Why? Because it has never been presented to them in the way I just did.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz