WOW! Reverse Domain Name Hijacking Season is FAR From Over. But Listen”Thieves” We Are WINNING!

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There is a reason there has been a rash of 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacking' decisions in our favor lately. Since there is no 'Criminal Penalty' YET, we have to institute a 'Social Penalty' by circulating their actions to folks that would think it not socially acceptable to be a thief. Eventually there WILL be a criminal penalty and we are going to accelerate that eventuality. NOBODY likes a THIEF! The way to stop a THIEF is to identify them FIRST and EXPOSE them FIRST.

I have reason to believe that there are a number of folks that have targeted a number of my .com domain names by building on other extensions and then thinking that their success would have an impact on gaining the .com. The same flawed thinking that got my buddy found GUILTY of being a 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacker' and I will use at every opportunity to show what I will do with the next guy. It's a promise.

Now let me discuss the 'Premeditation' these others have been using and has gone on for YEARS. Yes years and the dates of course prove it. In each and every case they made the fatal mistake of building their success on a NON .com and are now paying the price. Or they found a .com with words in front of it and trying the same method. They believe their success gives them more leverage to STEAL your/my domain name. They believe their belated trademarks give them some sort of special rights when in FACT it just PROVES the premeditation of their hijacking attempt. Proves Bad Faith.

I may even begin to list those GENERIC domains I own here as a way of letting these PRICKS know what they are in for. A preemptive shot.

So this is a public warning to those would-be hijackers. Anyone going down this road with ME, will regret that decision for the rest of their lives. PERIOD! I will use the FACTS to make sure their deeds follow them for the rest of their lives. PERIOD! I will do everything legally to disrupt their business if they try and disrupt mine and in EVERY case, they have much more to lose.

It's definitely not a threat. It is just a warning that should have already been heeded by others after the decision. Poke this lion again and see what I learned from the last episode. Let's just say it is the difference between peeing on an electric fence and peeing on a bolt of lightning! Neither are pleasant, but even a total idiot knows one is worse. case was a gift. A gift that allowed me to demonstrate what could and would happen. A gift that will protect you and me from these potential predators in the future by making them aware of the 'Social Penalty' that they WILL pay until a criminal penalty is in place. I am gathering together a list of EVERY case of 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacking' and I am going to start to circulate that list the best I can and there will be fallout. NMPD. (NOT MY PROBLEM DUDE)

Many would think I would be satisfied with a big win. I just see it as the FIRST in a series of stepping stones that will lead to an understanding of what 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacking' is and an eventual Criminal Penalty. A felony. Grand Theft!

I have actually been advised by multiple attorneys going back YEARS saying that I have a basis to preemptively file suit against these companies because I can show their infringement when they knowingly registered the .whatever to impede on my .com with rights they never had. I am a live and let live type of guy. But if that is what it takes to keep a predator away, then that is what I am PREPARING to do! They can go after my domain, but in return I am going for their entire business and their futures just for starters.

.Com domains are a TARGET because when somebody builds their empire on the wrong extension, they eventually regret it and get mad and when they get mad they lash out at the .com owner. Why? Because .com extension has GREAT VALUE to them and they made a POOR business decision and they REFUSE to take RESPONSIBILITY for that POOR decision. Well when they make the second bad decision by trying to HIJACK property that does not belong to them, that will be a decision they can never fix and that gives ME control of their 'Good' name.

I can't help the FACT that I look at a 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacker' in the same way I look at a child molester. It may not be what most would agree with, but it does not change how I see things. That's what brings out the passion in me to stop this practice because it affects folks that can not defend themselves, that can not go after them for 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacking' and have to lay down and let folks STEAL their assets. Their family business. Their livelihood. That's BULLSHIT!

The only way to protect our assets is shining a spotlight on these people, cockroaches and companies and let their own customers decide their fate. Their own business associates. Their own friends and family. They are some of the most despicable people on earth!

Here are a few since my last post LISTING THESE

2 Decisions here of REVERSE DOMAIN NAME HIJACKING: and

Here is another case. All these just within the last 30 days:

And here is the decision and a host of other folks found GUILTY of 'Reverse Domain Name Hijacking'árcio-mello-chaves-labled-a-reverse-domain-hijacker-in-savemecom-case-.html

None of these cases are black and white when compared to the hijacking and they still came away with a RDNH decision.

In my next post I will tell you how I really feel. :-)

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Rick Schwartz