Penetrating the Psyche of the”End User”

Morning Folks!!

As I stated in my last blog post the focus is finally starting to be sales and profit as opposed to how many folks come to your website. Would you rather have 500,000 visitors or 5 sales? In MY world it is not even close. Give me the 5 sales. Y'all can waste your time with the other 499,995.

The simple fact that we are even having a discussion about this and MANY won't even agree with me show just how messed up the web is and how far we have to go.

We always talk about the 'End User' as if we can wave a wand and have them show up and 'Get it'. They will show up, but it will be on their timetable. One that will take 20 years! That's the point of a 20 year plan. It takes a generation for the world to evolve. So if you think it is sooner and expect things to happen faster and on your timetable, you live in a world of anxiety, frustration and disapointment and that is the recipe for a disaster because the decisions you make are made out of emotions that skew things.

As we move forward, the sharp folks KNOW it is all about sales. All about profit. All about steady growth. So I beleive they are ready. They are ripe. They are receptive.

So how do you reach these end users? Well one way is to actually talk to the end user. In or newest version of the webiste I state the following:

'Our Domain Names create in excess of 20 Million visitors every single day of the year, almost all by 'Direct Navigation' or 'Type Ins' to the browser bar. It is the most potent traffic you can get. It is real eyeballs with an intent for something specific. Today they go to Yahoo! and Google for PENNIES only to be sold back to you for DOLLARS!'

There is a sleeping giant out there and it is time to wake him/her up and educate them so they see what WE see! When they see, the game changes.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz