It was the Internet I was Studying from 1985-1995, Not Domain Names!

Morning Folks!!

So, I was not looking at domains at the beginning. I was looking at the Internet. The Internet. I was looking for an understanding of this new "Information Superhighway" that I knew little of and did not understand. I could barely navigate to a website. There was a lot of nothingness. Every once in a while you would get lucky and find something. Usually back then I used mozilla's roulette wheel in which you never knew what site you would end up on. It was so stupid back then. Before the time of enlightenment.

Before that I was using Prodigy by Sears to go along with my Headstart 8088 computer. It was like training wheels for the Internet. It held your hand. Now the Headstart computer was back in the mid 1980's. But it was BACK THEN that I started this journey into darkness. Back then it was commands and I sucked at commands so I had a black screen most of the time. That was on my brothers "Franklin" which was an Apple Clone that eventually got shut down. 300 baud modem. It was scary!! I was clueless and confused and frustrated. But the early 1980's is when this journey began.

So domains came out in 1985 but I did not wise up for another DECADE!! When I saw the techies dismiss domain names in favor of 182.993.198, I knew they were clueless on what was coming. They simply did not understand business and consumers and sales or marketing or even people in general. They are techies. Blind to much of that stuff. So if you are a techie and that's the world you see, gonna be much harder to make it with domains.

Thru the eyes of a businessman, salesman and knowing the history of business, of how products evolve and hit critical mass, this was a jaw dropping moment.

It was not until May of 1996 that I really started to put it together. Then I would type until my fingers could type any more from the pain. My wrists would be too enflamed to go on. I would fall asleep at the keyboard. Wake up and start again. I learned to use different finger. Matter of fact, I no longer use my index finger of my right hand to type. I use my middle finger. How convenient. But the truth is, that finger is the strongest and can take the most punishment.

The road was long and it made little sense at the start. But oh my have we come a long way since then!

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz


4 thoughts on “It was the Internet I was Studying from 1985-1995, Not Domain Names!

  1. Mark Thorpe

    The Internet has definitely come along way since 1985. Kind of scary actually when you think about it.

    Tv runs on the Internet now, so does radio, phones etc. Even our appliances are online.

    Everything is digital now, which means it is on the Internet.

  2. Tyger Gilbert

    Way back even before the Internet, someone who typed using just one finger of each hand was known as an Old Maid typist: A Hunt ‘n Pecker

    Strangely, some people got really fast at it, too.

    When I was a Freshman in high school, I had to select an elective class to take. My mom suggested Typing. “Aw, Mom, that’s a girls’ class!” I wailed. “No, typing is a valuable skill that you will use the rest of your life.” she replied. I took Typing that year and have been glad I did ever since. Mom was wise, but even she did not know how prophetic she was about that subject, or how many people would use keyboards to do their work every day.

    Sadly, I didn’t learn about domains until 1998, and then they were priced too high for me to buy any more than just a few. It was 2002 before I found a registrar who charged only 1/3 of what the evil NetSol did, but by then a lot of the domains I wanted were already taken. Such is Life, and it goes on.

  3. Jose

    Rick, to be able to meet you in the place and at the appropriate time, you had to spend 11 years to get Internet in Spain and I remember that for my internet I saw it as the business of the XXI Century, as it has happened.

    In the year 1996 with my internet desktop computer to get with other friends to see through a satellite dish by satellite go much faster and it was the madness and silence of something incredible I do 4 hours during the day after working in the town of Palafrugell see this image I get year 1991 a company of Scuba Diving offer me the same position that I do in Barcelona that of Director of Strategy of Sales and Advertising better in everything ,.

    In the year 2000 I went to the town of Llansa (Where still live) in Spanish, or Llança see this image (In Catalan Language) after the death of my brother Carles Sabater (RIP) minor of 36 years in the year 1999 to take care of our parents that the death of his son, to upset the life and I go to take advantage of them.

    When I think of domains in 1998 with Network Solutions, I registered one, and I believe that it could be the name of my Startup Global Trade Network, it was not possible in Spain, it is not the same as in your country. Leaving this aside domains to look for in this register without buying in five minutes and be unavailable, until not really know this market was an odyssey to find correct registrars.

    Happy Day. Jose

  4. domain guy

    Interesting? I just thought you were lucky and ur timing impeccable!You found domains in 1996! I did not realized you trial and error for the previous decade! A full decade of trial and error and then applying biz acumen. Therefore all domainers comments are wrong! You did not just hit the sweet spot and register domain gems. There was a lifetime of business learning curve.All domainers seem to forget this missing link! Then you applied what you learned in the 1-800 adult industry.As adult is the first industry to adapt to new technology. This can be learned by the vcr market in the 1980’s There was an evolving strategy to your approach to registering domain names.Your blog far exceeds the domain name industry!
    Also on sold for 3 million, however on price you reduced the price and you royalty position increased…creating passive income structure. What 12% of 15 million in sales? qtr payouts. That is equivalent to a multi million dollar annuity policy? I have yet to read one comment who understands this structure.
    There as you sell domains it far exceeds a simple sale. Each domain has a unique financing structure to complement the unique domain!


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