6 Months off of Twitter, 3 months off Facebook.

Morning Folks!!

I believe the last comment I left on Twitter before I deleted my account was on December 31st last year. Not easy to break a habit but this was not hard. Later on when the privacy issue hit Facebook, I did the same thing there.

Trust is a big issue no matter who you deal with. When you lose trust you have 2 choices. Continue to swallow SHIT, or just walk away. I am the walking away type. Period, the end!

I don't miss it and I enjoy my new found time. Is what I am doing a trend? Maybe. I doubt most are disciplined enough to just walk away. But some have and others will.

Changing habits in the general population is one of the things I study most. That's why I had a 20 year plan. It was about the general population adapting to a new medium that so many were calling a "Fad" back then because Brick and Mortar was SCARED TO DEATH!

Sears was a top 3 retailer and my advice to Sears back then: Close ALL your stores and work from the Internet at Sears.com. I think they might be in a better place today had they done that. Instead they will soon be joining ToysRus and many others in liquidation. Talk about a fall from grace. They should have a college course just to study the rise and fall of Sears. And I know most domainers eyes glaze over every time I bring them up. Not sure how you ignore something like this if you are a businessman.

In business and as a businessman you must adapt. We need to recalibrate. I do that on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. I watch my young peers that should be much more adaptable, limber and able to take in vast amounts of new information actually rejecting things before even considering them. They should be the most open to change. In general, they are not.

My dad lived until 88 years old. But he was writing computer programs via a Radio Shack cassette recorder. I have no idea what the hell he was doing. But he remained on the cutting edge until the very end. He was not too good at it but he never got old mentally. I see way too many 25 yer olds that are. They are rigid, inexperienced, close minded, wishful thinkers with no understanding of human nature, sales, budgets, recurring bills, customer service, advertising and how to successfully run a business for the long term.

When we work for others we mortgage our souls because THEY own OUR time. In my view of things, I worked hard to own that mortgage. To own my time. To be master of my destiny without interruption.

Twitter can be a dangerous place. A few words can destroy you, your family and your career. The power of the written word is back! But you have to be careful with words. Very careful.

Rick Schwartz

2 thoughts on “6 Months off of Twitter, 3 months off Facebook.

  1. Larry Scott

    I cut Facebook off amidst the Cambridge Analytica scandal, around the same time Elon Musk deleted his page. I never really used Twitter but am trying to get rid of Instagram now. I use all the platforms for business purposes however. Most businesses must have a social media presence to be relevant.


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