What Does the Domain Industry Stand For? A Rebel Without a Cause!?

Morning Folks!!

Nearly 2 decades has passed and I started to think isn't it time to ask what the Domain Industry stands for? Can anyone answer that? Does the Industry have a message? Has the Industry done anything of import? Is there an industry?

I look back and thru all the noise have we left any legacy? I don't know that we have been good stewards of the Golden Goose that has fed many families for many years and will do so for many more.

Rick Schwartz

5 thoughts on “What Does the Domain Industry Stand For? A Rebel Without a Cause!?

  1. Mark Thorpe

    The Domain Industry is alive, but it is very fragmented and relatively unknown.
    I am trying to make people realize that the Domain Industry actually exists.
    Hard to believe the Domain Industry is still not recognized.
    Domains should be talked about at the kitchen table like stocks and Bitcoin are.

    Whether people like it or not, it is a good thing you started blogging about domains again, Rick.
    It’s hard to find domain articles worth reading lately.
    I find some domain blogs don’t know what to write unless they are promoting something or it’s a sponsored article.

  2. Sigma

    I wouldn’t call domain speculation an industry. Its a nice hustle, that can be very profitable. Yet, even now, the business community labels speculators to be trademark/cyber-squatters. The domain speculation means different things to different speculators; which is fine.

  3. Larry Scott

    Im still curious of what Wall Street investors think of the domain industry and weather they have any assets in the industry. It seems profitable enough to warrant investing.

  4. emma

    Domain names is a very small industry, just look at daily market report. It is about $100K daily, this is too little money for tens of millions of domain speculators. In fact, companies like Amazon or Facebook can make this kind of money in less than 1 minute


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