My Blog Posts are Less than 20% Perishable and over 80% Timeless.

Morning Folks!!

I don't write this blog to report news tho at times I do. I don't use it for press releases fed to me by others in the industry for their benefit or mine. I don't take advertisements. I am beholden to no one but my thoughts, opinions and truly strong beliefs. It's truly "Rick's" Blog.

So I wrote the majority of the posts to be timeless. Even when I was promoting TRAFFIC I would make sure to include some pearls that had value.

I started in 2007. I can go year after year after year and find relevant posts that may have been written a decade ago but still are relevant and current and beneficial. I wrote it to stand the test of time and also be able to look back thru our history.

My blog is my life's book. I have touched on about everything I can think of. I wish I could include the posts I made for the 11 years before I had my blog. One of these days I may fire up my Gateway 2000 Pentium Tower from the 1990's and see what I can find.

Lots of things have been said about domain investing. I have the time stamps to prove I said it first. ;- ) That's one of the things I really love about the Internet from the very first days. It's in ink and it has a timestamp.

Point is I wrote this blog to be read from the beginning for it all to make sense. Hundreds and hundreds of different chapters addressing anything and everything concerning Domains, Business, History and Life itself. And that is what it is all about. LIFE!

Is your soul mortgaged by working for others and having them own your time or do you own your time outright? My last job was 34 years ago when I got fired for making too much money. Working for other people is fine on the way up, but hopefully today people have 2 tracks. A job and a business that can grow and allow you to quit that job and own your time. Own your life!

Why is life important to domaining? Because there is only a short period you can enjoy the fruits of your labors. It will take hundreds of years for the Internet to fully develop. We will all be dead much sooner than that. The key to it all is working smarter. You work smarter by learning from other people's mistakes and history.

And just as important than all of that: My blog is my diary and maybe my legacy. A public diary that I hope proves to be timeless and helps countless people from every walk of life to look at things in different ways and learn to dig deep to find true answers.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

8 thoughts on “My Blog Posts are Less than 20% Perishable and over 80% Timeless.

  1. Uknowledge

    Thank you Rick.Everytime I read your messages ,it helps to remind me not to accept any offer I see not worth my time and to see the value in time with my investment.Hope to report back when I quit my job and own my time doing my own thing and to have the freedom and enjoyment if running my online real estate.

    “A job and a business that can grow and allow you to quit that job and own your time”-Rick Schwartz.

    Thank you once again Rick.

  2. Dave Tyrer

    I was inspired by the recent history related post called:

    “It was the Internet I was Studying from 1985-1995, Not Domain Names!” (June 5).

    So I was doing some search into the earliest domain registrations in 1985 (when a grand total of about 5 or 6 domains were regged) when by “accident” I came across a RicksBlog post from five years ago in the results:

    “My FIRST few days in Domains 1995-1996. Alone! Then the Domain Gold Rush of 1998” (1 September 2013).

    It’s really fascinating how the industry of domain investing began and here is a very abbreviated summary of just the intro to Rick’s post:


    “My FIRST few days in Domains 1995-1996. It sure looked different back then. First of all NONE of you were there then. Well maybe 5 or 6 of you. Ari Goldberger was one. Chad Folkening to name another. Ted Lebowitz who got some great adult terms just weeks before me. Eli from Montreal. I would be hard pressed to name anyone else tho surely many were around…

    “…And I had yet to meet somebody investing in domains at that point…

    “…But what kept me going was knowing I was not alone even tho I was alone. I had one other person with me, whoever might own the domain I was looking for. Some registered YEARS before. But some registered MINUTES before. MINUTES!!!…

    “…Then something even more interesting happened. I started to see the same names over and over and over again. I was still alone. But there was a kindred spirit there and I knew it! We DO have a kindred spirit in this industry because there are still relatively few of us…

    “…But those FEW kept me going. I would guess there were a few dozen at that point.”


    Then someone called “1995” commented:


    “I started in August 1995, when they were still free.

    “By September they started charging. I had hundreds of domains before 1996 started.

    “Yes, if you even waited a few minutes you could lose domains from someone else sniping them. By the end of 1995 most of the category killer domains were snagged up. From August to December there was a mad rush. I’d guess there were 50-75 people total going after domains based on how they were being bought up, but we will never really know.”


    It’s an amazing story how the seeds of the domain gold rush began in 1995. History is important and it sounds like a small group of pioneering and independent investors had grown to over 50 by year’s end. Presumably people like Yun Ye and Kevin Ham began around that time too? Thanks to Rick for publishing a record of much of this.

  3. Jose

    Hello, Rick last night after writing my comment on the loss of 8 years, I must make it clear that one of the main problems I have with this market is that I have not been able to life a season during these years and know you in its own US market.

    The not being able to travel long trips by plane due to the prohibition of my Doctor specialized in cardiovascular, the other being that 6 years to be in the care of my mother dedicated many things that in a family occur disasters, death of the youngest son and that was my brother (RIP), 6 years after our father and husband (RIP) of our mother for 59 years together, my divorce from my wife the year after our father died, (RIP) then a time of peace, and our mother’s illness (RIP) will be 2 years.
    A set of unpredictable misfortunes in the life of our family.

    Time to move quickly and I work more in sales strategy and advertising omline as an advisor and small business (not do full time domainer) more in person than online, after the crisis these, wish the first well as well for me since cash in my work.

    In what you read yesterday of you already have three business to contact for if you are interested in domains (.com) also others in and 60 in domain parking and some with Broker

    I want to sell some to invest in expired domains and flipping etc.

    I in July do a personal blog with a professional designer in WordPress.

    Happy day.


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