Gas Stations and Domain Names. They Both have Something in Common!

Morning Folks!!

There are so many real world parallels with domain names I never know where to start and it never really ends. That's why great domains have great value. A great location is a great location. Maybe one business fails but another comes in and flourishes. Can't blame the location, the location was the same.

Domains with value are like Gas stations. Gas Stations go on intersections and crossroads. Intersections with traffic. They don't put many gas stations where there are no people or cars like in the middle of a swamp of an unknown town with no population. They pick great locations. Simple!

Give me a corner in Manhattan. It won't matter what I sell, I will make $$$.

Have a GREAT Day!

Rick Schwartz

3 thoughts on “Gas Stations and Domain Names. They Both have Something in Common!


    That’s exactly right. A great domain is a great address and when you have a great address, you’ll benefit from a great number of visitors and a great number of eyeballs. Having a super-premium .com domain name is like building your business across the street from the Empire State Building, open the door and people are flooding in, end of story.

  2. Jose

    I like to read your posts you are so direct that you never hide in giving your location, that if ever in a negotiation.

    I am like a “Rambo” Cornered (Movie) that lights a gas station, so that they know that I am here, since the death of my brother (RIP) and in the life of our parents (RIP) I can not really take a step towards Forward and many roads to lose in these years, but never lose hope that one day be known in this market and in another Internet.

    Happy day, Jose.


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